2018 Mercedes Sprinter: Here’s Your All-New Fully Connected Premium Van

Mercedes has revealed the all-new Sprinter, which enters its third generation with an impressive range of new technologies and the first model to embody the brand’s new adVANce philosophy.

The company takes great pride in the new PRO Connect services and the state-of-the-art connectivity hardware of the new Sprinter, which makes it essentially part of the Internet of Things.

The new connectivity services aim to make tasks like fleet controlling and communications much easier and efficient between fleet managers and drivers, opening a new chapter in fleet vehicle management.

But the new Mercedes Sprinter is not just about connectivity: to make sure that it will suit every possible requirement and professional need, the company has made it more adaptable than ever, with more than 1,700 different variants.

By combining body type, drive concept, cab design, body length, tonnage and load compartment, the new Mercedes Sprinter wants to become the perfect vehicle for almost every transport need and sector. From a construction site workhorse to a posh shuttle bus, the new Sprinter has you covered.

The new generation Sprinter will continue being offered in rear- and all-wheel drive but this time around Mercedes has added a new, entry-level front-wheel drive option as well. In fact, Mercedes claims that the front-wheel drive versions of the new Sprinter can carry 50kg more than the rear-drive ones, not to mention the 80mm-lower loading sill which makes loading/unloading much more convenient.

The new front-wheel drive versions also get two newly developed transmission options: a six-speed manual and -for the first time in the large van segment- a nine-speed torque-converter automatic.

Euro-spec Sprinters are available with a 2.1-liter diesel four-cylinder unit available with three outputs: 114hp, 143hp and 163hp in combination with rear-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive models are offered with the same first two outputs but the most powerful one makes 177hp and is exclusively reserved for camper vans. If you’re looking for even more power, the new Mercedes Sprinter continues to be offered with a 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel unit as well, making 190hp and 324lb-ft (440Nm) of peak torque.

The biggest news however is the upcoming all-electric eSprinter, which is expected for launch in 2019. No technical details have been announced yet, with Mercedes saying that it’s “primarily designed for inner-city operations, not only protect the environment but also offer customers tangible added value with their day-to-day suitability and flexibility”. The company has already opened the order books for the smaller eVito, which is expected in the second half of 2018.

As for the new Mercedes Sprinter, customers can place their orders now and get their new vans starting from June.

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  • The van of all vans…

    • Dr Strangefinger

      What’s it go 0 to 60?????

    • psiqtas

      Nope, You’re wrong – the van of all vans is the B.A. Barracus GMC Vandura!

  • MJack

    Is there a family version? Class up the whole minivan category 🙂

    • Andrewthecarguy

      Ermmm…what is mini about this van?
      The Vito/Viano is closer to what you are thinking.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    That large lump of plastic on the dashboard sure looks premium.

    • Christian Wimmer

      It’s a commercial van. Nobody buys them because of interior quality and attention to detail.

      Prospective buyers are more concerned about cargo capacity, durability and running costs than the quality of the interior.

      Also, a nicer interior would mean a higher purchasing price. The Sprinter would then become even more expensive than its rivals.

      • Obsequious Lickspittle

        Well, yes but as rover10 says below, other manufacturers do a far nicer interior and I don’t hear premium getting shouted about them. Oh, wait, they’re not a Mercedes.

        • Christian Wimmer

          Does Mercedes market them as premium vans? I think CarScoops added the “premium” description in the title. Or maybe these vans are “premium” compared to their competitors, but not premium in the sense that they are luxurious and have those attributes.

          In Germany where I live the Mercedes V-Class is marketed as a premium van. The stripper commercial version, the Vito, is not.

          • MinibusMan

            As a volunteer minibus driver I have to say: The sprinter is okay. Really shitty inside but not half as bad as it’s sister van, the VW Crafter.
            But the best van, beyond doubt, is the big Ford Transit… nicer to driver, better seats (the worst seats I found was the Peugeot Boxer – sister van of the Fiat Ducato / Citroen Relay).

            I am sure the Mercedes Badge will appeal to many (van) snobs out there. Mercedes used to build great vehicles when I was growing up… today not as great as they used to be…

      • Miknik

        It is a commercial vehicle, but with that standard setup stereo, the lump of plastic looks as cheap and bad as a mid 90ies ford Econoline interior; Not a single currnet crop of European competitors – or the copy cat Hyundai H350 – look near as bad inside…

  • rover10

    It was going so well until the basic instrument panel!!!! I know it’s a van to do a job of work but this looks like a plastic wonder, that you clean with a hose. Today, drivers who sit in a van for hours need some visual comforts and this new interior lacks warmth. The opposition are in some cases considerably ahead in terms of interior design. The exterior is pure Sprinter and pleasing to the eye, and will (of cause) sell in their thousands.


    I like the way the lines of the turn signal inside the front headlight is perfectly aligned with the line that gives birth to the bumper.

  • Christian Wimmer

    I was really hoping it would have looked like the sketch that was previewed months ago. It looks more like an in-depth facelift of the current model.

    Alas, this is a commercial van and what really matters is cargo capacity and running costs, not design.


    • PK

      u can’t expect anything from a render tbh.

      • Christian Wimmer

        I know. 🙁

      • Miknik

        Yes, but it seems so different in detailing, like it is previewing an alternative (and IMO better) design proposal; The real deal does look a bit like a sad facelift in comparison;


    Its just a facelift of current gen van, being here since 2006, shame MB….

    • Matt

      Is it though? All the panels are new. Could be based on the outgoing model, they do look similar – just with new sheet metal.

  • psiqtas

    Photo 13/69 – burn position bulb…Wow it’s starting really dependable & dumm – if they even need to have all lights on during cargo loading…

    • Matt

      Or the parking light bulb turns off when the headlights are on?

  • ediotsavant

    Mercedes should consider building a mini van version of it.

    • Matt

      They have, see the photos with the rear seating.


    Now I wait for the Brabus model and an armored limo conversion. What? They have nice interiors.


  • Six Thousand Times

    I have a thing for vans. I love it.

  • Karl

    All that teasing for this? Boring and unimaginative!

  • Hello Moto ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    It’ll make a decent ambulance I guess (they use Sprinters as ambulances in my city).

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