All-new 2020 Mercedes S-Class Says Cheese For Very First Time

Meet the first ever 2020 Mercedes S-Class prototype to be captured on camera, seemingly hiding a sleeker design underneath its heavy body cladding.

The prototype was spotted by our spy photographers after a convoy of current S-Class models drove by, alongside an Audi A8 and a BMW 7-Series. If that’s not enough to raise suspicions, we don’t know what is.

Despite the fact that there is very little information regarding the next-generation S-Class, we’ll take it step by step and tell you everything we know.

For starters, it’s likely that it will feature the German automaker’s brand new design language, which was debuted on the all-new CLS and more recently, the all-new A-Class. If you look closely at the body cladding, you will notice how the bonnet will actually taper off more towards the grille, but also how there don’t appear to be any significant creases along the profile of the vehicle.

The current S-Class has three, one running alongside the shoulder line, another just underneath the door handles, and a third one slowly bending upwards starting from just behind the front wheel arch, near the sills. Meanwhile, the headlights seem to be positioned lower than on the current car, flanking a possibly wider grille, while the taillights could very well be horizontal in nature instead of the chunky teardrop ones that we see nowadays.

Not much, if anything is known regarding the 2020 S-Class’ engine range, but we can expect a multitude of petrol and diesel units, joined by plug-in hybrid and fully electric versions either at launch, or later on at some point.

What we do know is that Mercedes now holds “the ball” when it comes to safety and connectivity tech in this sector, since the new-generation A8 is already here and BMW will only be facelifting their 7-Series in the near future. According to Mercedes R&D boss Ola Källenius, the 2020 S-Class will be the automaker’s “first Level 3 car where you can obviously have some parts of the driving experience autonomous.” Level 4 and 5 features are still a long ways away.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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  • Craig

    “All-new S-Class.” Really? I could have sworn MB just introduced an ‘All-new’ one.

  • SteersUright

    MB’s design language now seems largely devoid of hard edges and to me looks way to soft and lacking in confidence. MB’s (and most of the German cars actually) were beautiful when they were bold and boxy, particularly the S-class which once had the presence of a tank. Now, from the C-class to the S-class, they look like 1 bean, different sizes.

    • Silimarina

      well, at least they change the designe with every new generation

      • rover10

        The ‘well sucked cough sweet’ style that Mercedes is currently rolling out is a concern to me. The new A Class has lost too much of the current car’s crisp in your face styling, to the point it might lose them sales? This new ‘S’ Class looks in some views to be very slippery, and will no doubt be an exquisite vehicle full of advanced driver aids. I do think Mercedes would be wise to ease off the need to round off too many exterior body feature lines?

        • Adi

          Build a time machine and go back to 80s if you like boxy design.

          • rover10

            It’s not boxy we are talking about it’s nubbing off the razor edges we don’t like.

          • Six Thousand Times

            Or do the right thing and buy a good W126.

  • roy

    How are they going to top the current s class because it is pretty darn good

  • AMG_Power

    I don’t really like the new design language, specially the front end. Hopefully this S-Class keeps the good looks of the current one.

  • nastinupe

    Anyone else afraid of this redesign? It’s going to be hard to beat the current one. It still looks amazing. That car is going to be a classic and a real hit in developing countries where they import a lot of older luxury sedans. All they need are those two flags to fly at the front nose of the car and viola… you have a dictator special.

  • Elmediterraneo

    Unlike some rumours in the past I hope they’ll keep the S-class coupe and convertible because I think they can’t be fully replaced by a SL as true luxury 4 seater GT and Bentley Continental’s competitor. But the same rumours also said that Mercedes will stop the SLC but recently Mercedes bought the rights for some AMG models and the names SLC 40 and SLC 50 were here. S73 was also there but not the SL 73 so if the SLC will be replaced the S-class Coupe and Convertible might be kept as well.

  • Kagan

    I hope they won’t copy the CLS mouth or it will be by by.

  • Elmediterraneo

    For the engine line up we can expect
    S450 : 6 cylinder 3.0 liter Biturbo 367 hp
    S560 : V8 4.0 liter Biturbo 476 hp
    S560 EQPower : 6 cylinder 3.0 liter Biturbo 476 hp
    AMG S63 : V8 4.0 liter Biturbo 612 hp
    AMG S73 EQPower+ : V8 4.0 liter Biturbo Plug-in Hybrid 816 hp

    I think for the Maybach line-up they should completely ditch the V12. Any 4 cylinder A-class has a more advanced engine than that. It has 20 year old and is completely obsolete compared to their own V8 or the other 12 cylinders from the competition. No direct fuel injection, no twin-scroll turbochargers, 3 valve per cylinder, 2 spark plugs per cylinder and an enormous turbo-lag. A hybrid version of the 560 V8 will be the best solution to replace defintely the V12 just like the 73 will replace the 65 at AMG.


    • nastinupe

      Ha ha ha, good one. I will never look at a MB again for the rest of my life until they change that. You have ruined me.

  • CBV2020

    I have no fear of a new design language though the current is beautiful. MB is innovative enough in design and tech capability that change will be shockingly good. If I see the IAA boldly present in the nose, cabin and c-pillar I’d be very satisfied. Even taillight inspiration would be interesting if applied tastefully. The S-class should borrow from the IAA or the Vision 6 in committed fashion.

    MB definitely needs to explore with wheel design and the paint tech studio! Those departments seem for the S-class to be dated and limited respectively for the scale they claim. I’m not sold. If I’m to consider a $265,000 S65, you can miss me with the basic crayon box-like color options and wheels I can get on a model for $165,000 less-they better stop playing and come with that fire already!

  • CBV2020

    If you mean taking the S in the new CLS design direction is wrong, I have to disagree. Such bold features on a full scale luxury sedan with the legendary S-class aesthetic applied will more than likely deliver IMO.

    My issue is this continuing practice of presenting flagships clad in the same bodies as released models-this is not flagship by definition. I honestly believe the new S will be a great car though heritage and exclusivity are maintenance of true luxury.

    Nothing exclusive about their recent moves imo, but perhaps I’m expecting too much.

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