At $81,590, Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Will Cost You A Bit More Than A Macan Turbo

Alfa Romeo announced U.S. pricing details for the new 2018 Stelvio Quadrifoglio, the range-topping twin-turbo V6 version of the Italian Porsche Macan rival.

The 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio starts at $81,590 MSRP, including a $1,595 destination fee. That’s more than the starting price of Porsche’s 400 horsepower Macan Turbo ($77,200 excluding destination), but the Alfa gives you an additional 105 horses.

Under its shapely bonnet lies Alfa Romeo’s most powerful engine ever, a twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 with direct injection producing 505hp and 443lb-ft of peak torque. Paired to a standard eight-speed automatic transmission and an rear-biased all-wheel drive system, the Stelvio Quadrifoglio is capable of a 0-60mph (96km/h) in an estimated 3.9 seconds while flat out It’ll do 176mph.

“We specifically crafted the Stelvio Quadrifoglio to truly set itself apart among high-performance vehicles and it does not disappoint – whether being driven on the Nürburgring or on roads across North America,” said Tim Kuniskis, Head of Alfa Romeo. “Equipped with the most powerful Alfa Romeo engine ever and our advanced Q4 all-wheel-drive system, the Stelvio Quadrifoglio roars to life with an exhilarating driving experience.”

Alfa Romeo lapped the Nurburgring with the Stelvio Quadrifoglio in just 7 minutes 51.7 seconds, proving that their range-topping SUV is also really fast on the corners. The chassis features adaptive dampers, a torque vectoring differential, six-piston Brembo brakes and a set of 20-inch alloy wheels.

As an option, Alfa Romeo also offers a set of ultra-lightweight carbon fiber-shelled Sparco bucket seats instead of the standard 14-way adjustable Alcantara-leather seats, as well as carbon-ceramic brakes.

The new 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio will bring the heat on traditional high-performance SUV models like the Porsche Macan and the new Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 that will be offered in two guises, with 469hp and 503hp.

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  • Alter Ego

    It’s got a nicer face but that’s about it

  • seriously

    Cost a bit more????? lol yeah ok. A Macan Turbo Performance cost nearly $88,000 so the Alfa is far cheaper. Not to mention a Macan Turbo Performance (which still has less power by the way) outfitted like the alfa would run over $100,000 so not sure where carscoop is getting its information from.

  • fabri99

    I’d like to check it out. It’s definitely an interesting proposition.

  • SteersUright

    That interior couldn’t take on anything from Porsche. In fact, it could barely take on the best coming out of GM or Ford nowadays.

    • Thomas

      Except it was designed for humans on planet earth and you do not feel stuck in a lunar module inside a rocket – like in the Porsches.

      • SteersUright

        Creatively stated, I must say, and quite funny. lol.
        Buuuut, you are flatly wrong. The Alfa does NOT have much more room than any Cayenne or Macan. Are you sure you weren’t visiting Cape Canaveral rather than the Porsche dealer?

        That said, these are in the category of quite expensive “luxury performance” CUV’s. Thus, power, performance AND design takes precedence over having perfect practicality. And, with regards to the interior, I’ll re-state, the Alfa looks built to the standard of a Ford, GM, Kia, or Corolla more than it does any Porsche, Audi, BMW, MB or even Lexus and Infiniti.

  • seriously

    …reposting…the Macan Turbo Performance cost nearly $88,000 that makes it MORE expensive than the more powerful Alfa Romeo a Macan Turbo Performance kitted like the Alfa would cost over 100k. The Macan has an all plastic interior with tons of plastic buttons everywhere with upgrading to the full leather package it really is a very basic,drab, and unspecial interior with dated tech and infotainment graphics especially for a compact SUV based on the last gen Q5 for 100k…

    • JohnCarscoop

      The Macan Turbo starts from $77,200. That’s the starting price of the Turbo series.

      • seriously

        WRONG AGAIN CARSCOOPS!!!! Seriously here youre a carblog lets at least get our facts straight….

        • JohnCarscoop

          That’s with the Performance Package… Seriously, what don’t you understand? We listed the starting price of the Macan Turbo series. Next time I suggest posting a price with the Performance Package, 20-inch wheels, Premium Package and a custom Porsche paint-job…

          • seriously

            What dont you understand?????? Clearly Alot!. The 400hp Turbo CLEARLY wouldnt compete with a 500hp Alfa Romeo the more powerful 440hp Performance model would which cost “more” (guessing you dont understand math 88,000 is more than 81,000 just fyi)……So next time you want to post information thats not true by comparing a cheaper car that doesnt compete just to write up some smear article Ive said once and Ill say it again “AT LEAST GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT”

          • JohnCarscoop

            One last shot – the Macan Turbo with the Performance Package is just that; a Macan Turbo with a package, hence why Porsche does not list it as a separate model on its site. You have to select the Macan Turbo and then choose the base or with the Performance Package. We are not performing a review here only listing the starting price of a model that will be cross-shopped with the Alfa.


          • paulgdeaton

            I think he is trying to compare apples to apples, rather than apples to oranges… similarly equipped, the Alfa appears to be the “bargain” – if any SUV costing over $80,000.00 can be considered a “bargain”…

          • JohnCarscoop

            Perhaps if we were to actually compare the two, but we’re not. We just stated a fact, that it rivals the cost of the entry-level version of one of the Stelvio’s performance rivals. Nothing more, nothing less. Said reader is trying to make this something it’s not – we did not do a comparison or a review, nor did we arrive to any conclusions. Why is that so hard to understand?

          • WTF

            I agree comparing apples to apples the Macan is far more expensive anyone following Porsche knows they probably listed the Performance as a modelas a stop gate for the fact they didn’t want to produce a Turbo S just yet. I read the comments the original poster was right Porsche on their site lists it as a separate model not sure why you guys arguing that it’s on their site. The Mercedes and BMW competition will soon be out and out power the Porsche so the 40+hp of the Performance helps. I have to say this is like watching a manager at a fast food spot fist fight a customer for asking why the prices are wrong on the menu it just looks bad. Its just cars guys and were not always right but if you’re wrong you’re wrong admit and move on….just cars

  • EyalN

    are they sure that they can find someone so stupid that he will buy alfa romeo for so much money?
    Alfa romeo price drops so fast that on the way from the dealer home you lose $10000

  • Bash

    It has few things better than the Macan, but if it is meant to be about me; personally i would drive back home with the Macan.

    • TheHake

      I would much much much much much much much much much rather have the Macan.

      • Bash

        +1, Amen to that man!

  • Status

    Know your place, Alfa. You’re beneath Porsche.

    • Shahul Usman

      Personally I’d rather have the Alfa.. always been indifferent to the Macan since it was on the old Audi Q5 platform

      • TheHake

        …which was a fantastic car!

  • Bo Hanan

    Anyone still guessing why ALFA isn’t succeeding in America- again?

    • Bob

      A similarly outfitted Macan costs way more than the Stelvio Q, and is still slower.

      • Bo Hanan

        Yeah, but long term “anything” (quality-reliability-prestige-less headache-resale) I would bet on the Porsche. And I could tune it to match the ALFA.
        P.S. this coming from a past 3 GTV6’s & Miliano Verde owner.

        • Bob

          Well, I can’t say I would judge you for that. You’re clearly a thinking person.

  • JohnCarscoop

    Nothing was removed. You just want to make your own point and don’t care about the facts, being oblivious to what we wrote: we said the Porsche Macan Turbo starts from $77,200. We didn’t say the Porsche Macan Turbo Performance Package with such and such extras and packages starts from $77k… It’s not a bad idea to read an article before jumping into conclusions.

  • Six_Tymes

    Bring on a full video test review, please.

  • roy

    And I’ll still get a Porsche. Because, hell it is a Porsche.

  • Ed Ward

    The Jeep trackhawk GC is the safer better bet and it’s faster and better reliability. Alfa Romeo is definitely a bad gamble.

  • David Lee

    I feel realistically this won’t really sell well in the US. I mean the new non-QV Alfas are not doing so well at the moment. I understand that it is a bargain considering its performance, but I feel they need to bring it down to around $68,000. Maybe thats unrealistic but consumers will look right over this car and go for Porsches, Mercs and Bimmers.

  • roy

    The bags helps to sell dear. Porsche badge carries more bragging rights than ab alfa at any given time

  • Eric D

    If anyone is STUPID enough to pay $82k for Alfa suv you deserve what you get!!!

  • Benjamin B.

    It has more power than the Macan Turbo. Plus it’s an Alfa Romeo. Yes, it doesn’t even tow anything, but that isn’t the point. It’s actually a pretty good value. I would have one in a dream fleet that also includes a F-150 Raptor, which can tow.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    And be a bit faster.

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