Florida Man Frantically Calls 911 As BMW X5 Throttle Gets Stuck At 100 MPH

A man in Florida made a desperate call to 911 in Florida after the gas pedal of his BMW X5 became stuck on the I-95 highway earlier this week.

WSVN gained access to the 911 call and on it, Joseph Cooper can be heard pleading for help as his SUV reached speeds of 100 mph (160 km/h).

“I think my gas pedal is stuck on my car, and I’m on I-95. Get out of the way!” he can be heard screaming to other drivers.

During the call, the dispatcher asked if the 28-year-old could force the car into neutral. He couldn’t. When asked if he had tried the emergency brake, Cooper responded, “Ma’am, I’m not going to do that at 100 MPH, I’m sorry.”

As the drama unfolded, troopers from the Florida Highway Patrol were able to get ahead of the speeding BMW and clear traffic on the road.

Three stop sticks were then thrown onto the road to slow down the SUV. A PIT maneuver was performed to finally bring the vehicle to a halt.

The driver was taken to hospital with chest pains.


  • TrevP

    If it were me, i’d try everything, including the emergency brake. I don’t get why you wouldn’t try everything to stop the vehicle.

  • G82FS

    Apply the brake, put it in neutral, turn it off and apply the EMERGENCY brake… People like this should not be allowed to drive. More likely just a ploy so that he can sue bmw.

  • Bash

    what are the chances that he was already over speeding and this is his way of avoiding a ticket?

    • BlackPegasus

      One of the news stories said the ordeal lasted for over 50 miles. It’s possible this doofus really believed the peddle was stuck.

      • Brad Wooldridge

        HA! NOBODY on Earth is that stupid. Except, of course for Trump!

        • BlackPegasus

          Well, I’m no fan of Trump but he’s managed to grab (and hold) what most human beings chase until they die….. Money and Power…..that doesn’t come easy if you’re stupid.

          – no more politics please ?

  • smartacus

    just aim it for a toastla

  • smartacus

    i wouldn’t buy a bimmer anymore even if they paid me.
    Buddy of mine just had his VANOS break 21 miles out
    of warranty. Cost him thousands!!!

  • nastinupe

    Figures… it’s a BMW X5 M, which stands for will Break after Manufacturer Warranty Expires in 5 Miles.

  • Ermal Morina

    That’s interesting,and a bad publicity for BMW

  • gbmike25

    I actually had this happen many years ago, guess what, try turning off the effing engine and by some miracle the car has no power

    • YJ Chua

      In some cars, pushing the start/stop button does nothing while the car is in motion, because it’s not physically connected to the engine (rather, it’s connected to a computer).

      The computer will prevent accidental shifts of the transmission or pressing start/stop while the car is moving. Same thing with electronic parking brakes.

      • gbmike25

        Yeah realized after I posted that this was a manual with a key ignition…old school! Maybe automakers should have thought about that with all the safety measures they put in, sometimes technology is too clever.

      • dufonrafal .

        No the computer won’t prevent you from stopping the engine or shifting into Neutral. For safety, you can.

        Worst case scenario, you’ll have to press the button for a longer time or few times consecutively.

    • Brad Wooldridge

      NO SHIT!

  • 12333444333

    Most likely his foot was on the accelerator and he thought it was the brake

    • Brad Wooldridge

      No. He wasn’t 85!

  • GeoSnipes

    is it a electric gas pedal?

  • SmartAss??‍♂️

    He had cruise control engaged. ???

  • dufonrafal .

    You just have to put it in neutral. How does no one though about it? And even if you can’t, just press the brake really hard.

    • YJ Chua

      BMW, Audi and Mercedes gearshifts are all electronically controlled and aren’t physically connected to the transmission. So you can push the gearshift this way and that while driving and nothing would happen – it’d stay in D. The computer would only allow a shift to something else at extremely low speeds (maybe 5kph or less) or when stationary.

      • dufonrafal .

        No, you can go into Neutrl at any speed.

      • dufonrafal .

        Thanks but I know how a BMW gear shift work, and having tested it myself (on BMWs and other brands using the same system), I can confirm that the gearbox will go to Neutral.

        But it doesn’t even matter here, because apparently it’s a first gen X5 with the old school transmission.


    • LWOAP


  • Rick Rozycki

    Will a push button start let you even shut the car off while its moving? The e-brake would be useless at 100mph.


    I know it’s easy to judge without knowing the fine details but wouldn’t it make sense to try the brakes first and turn off the engine? Although, to be fair, when people are scared they don’t think the way they normally would in most circumstances.

  • Romanovich

    I guess, he is never driven the BMW, that why he start panic when has reach 100 Mph

  • nastinupe

    I just added M because I needed to use the word.

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