BMW M760Li And Its V12 Engine Could Face The Guillotine

There aren’t a lot of companies still producing V12 engines. And it looks like there may soon be one less.

According to the BMW Blog, the Bavarian automaker is preparing to pull the plug on the 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 in the M760Li. The reason apparently comes down to restricting emissions regulations – the same development that’s causing the demise of the M550i.

BMW is reportedly working on installing diesel-style particulate filters on many of its higher-polluting engines. However the measure may not be enough to save the twelve-cylinder engine, which may not make it into the next-generation 7 Series.

We can only hope that the engineers in Bavaria will figure out a solution and give the V12 a new lease on life. But if they don’t, the M760Li is currently the only BMW to use the engine – and looks like it could be the last.

It may not be the end of the line for the engine altogether, though. Those in the know will point out that the same engine forms the basis for the powertrain in the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Wraith, and Dawn. Perhaps whatever solution is reached for Goodwood’s products will help BMW’s flagship sedan as well, but the M760Li’s position may prove hard to justify when Alpina gets the same level of output and performance out of a smaller V8 in the B7.

Currently BMW and Rolls-Royce rank among the few automakers still producing twelve-cylinder engines. Ferrari and Lamborghini have their own, while Bentley is the most prolific with its W12 engine. Mercedes also makes V12s, with its engines serving as the basis for motivation in the latest from Aston Martin and Pagani as well.

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    Well, it’s sad but its most likely going to happen just like with the old V10 powered S8s of yesteryear.. The trend is towards smaller more efficient engines in light of tougher emissions laws. On the plus side, at least we won’t have as many 7 series articles posted here from various dealerships. 😀

  • Christian

    But its not a Franch king!

    • LWOAP

      Ok, what are referencing this time?

      • Christian

        Okay, this you should know…Its knowledge you learn in public school world wide. Hint, the year 1848. Not long after the American Evolution happened.

        • Six Thousand Times

          1848? The American Evolution?

  • Charles Lane

    They could let it live on with a 48v system but alas BMW are incredibly far behind on implementing 48v. All I6 and I4 MB engines from 2019/20 models will be 48v followed up by their v8s. Surely they will do the same for their v12s.

    Audi is also rolling out 48v in a8/6/7 Q7 and will make it down the line soon enough. BMW…..well none yet.

  • Eduardo Palandi

    nothing unexpected here, but of course it will be sad to mourn the loss of a V12.

    some time ago, BMW and Jaguar teamed up for V8s. since Jaguar has a V12 engine in its history, it would be interesting if both manufacturers extend their partnership for a V12.


    stricter emissions for better future by killing massive engine displacement and glorifying turbochargers

    • Matt

      BMW’s V12 is turbo-charged.

      • antbee

        You knew what he meant, didn’t you? You surely could’ve put two + two together, to get the gist of his use of “killing massive engine displacement and glorifying turbochargers, right? It’s been happening, quite a lot, for the last decade or so. Look what BMW did with it’s M3. It dumbed it down to a straight six, with turbos, from that glorious-sounding V8, exactly why, unfortunately, BMW might be saying goodbye to its 760Li.

  • Christian Wimmer

    No to the V12 “because of emissions”, but yes to gas-guzzling “performance SUVs” which, let’s be honest, NOBODY needs.

    Potential diesel bans in some European cities, but the guy with the gas-guzzling 2.5-ton gasoline-powered SUV can freely come and go…

    Hypocrisy. It exists.

    • Cobrajet

      The SUVs use the same engines. There may not be a V12 SUV or 860i from BMW.

  • Six Thousand Times

    I’m honestly not sure whether you’re taking the piss or don’t know much about history…

    • Christian

      Beside my bad gamma, what did I say that was wrong? I mean, you’re one Google Search Away..

      • Six Thousand Times

        American Revolution: 1776 – 1783. French Revolution: 1789 -1799. The People’s Uprisings of 1848 were a different thing altogether.

        • Christian

          Ehrmmmm no! Next time try use Bing instead!
          Or wait! I said it took place “Nearly 100 yeas after the French Revolution, 1848 would be more than 100 years – what would dave chappelle say? GOTCHA B… 🙂

          • Six Thousand Times

            I didn’t look anything up. I read history at university.

  • Cobrajet

    There is lot’s of displacement they could cut down.

  • antbee

    That’s a damn shame!

  • antbee

    French Revolution took place in the 18th Century, late 18th century. But, you were right, it was almost 100 years after the American Revolution.
    Now, how ’bout the demise of the V12 BMW 760Li? Vous ȇtes triste, non?

    • Christian

      Ehm, Sure ehh SI, Berlingo bonschur

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