Enterprise, Hertz, And Avis Cut Ties With NRA


Rental car giants, including Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis have all cut ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA) as part of the ongoing #BoycottNRA movement on social media.

In the wake of the recent school shooting in Florida, many people, particularly students and families, have been pushing companies to end their associations with the NRA.

These rental car companies, alongside roughly a dozen other brands, had previously offered NRA members discounts. Facing the increasing public outcry regarding gun reforms, however, many of these discounts will end.

For example, Enterprise Holdings, which operates Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent a Car, and National Car Rental announced that from March 26, it will stop offering discounts to NRA members.

Other major companies to sever ties with the NRA in recent days include Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Allied Van Lines, MetLife, First National Bank of Omaha, Best Western, and Republic Bank.

Pressured to introduce some form of gun control after yet another mass shooting in the States, Donald Trump has made modest proposals to change U.S. gun laws. The president has suggested raising the age limit for buying rifles from 18 to 21 years old. Additionally, Trump has asked the Justice Department to create a regulation effectively banning the sale of bump stocks.

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    Ok, they are car rental companies but I really don’t see how this is car news. You know what? I’m just going to shut up and get out of here before the flame war starts.

    • Shahul Usman

      haha, they are coming… but good… lol

  • Guest

    The free market has spoken and the corporations have listened.

  • LJ

    They should also probably cut ties with car companies whose cars are involved in drunk driving fatalities.

    • Matt

      False equavilancy, but ok.

      • LJ

        How so?

        • Cars main purpose – transportation. Guns main purpose – killing.

          • LJ

            A gun’s main purpose is to fire a projectile at a target. No more, no less.
            A car’s main purpose is to move people/things from point A to point B. No more, no less.

            However, we know they’re both used for purposes other than that.

            Is my original point ridiculous? Of course.

            Just like blaming the NRA for psycho’s killing people is ridiculous. But we live in an age of emotional mob rule, and if the mob tells you to cut ties with someone or something, you do it, even if it makes no logical sense.

          • KenjiK

            Guns were not made to “to fire a projectile at a target”, they were made to kill.
            Cars were made for transportation.

            So yes, i agree with Matt and Kurt.

          • LJ

            Well then guns should’ve been designed more like cars, since drunk drivers kill far more people than guns do.

          • KenjiK

            Since you’re insisting on playing that game : please show me a drunk driver killing 17 people. Or 58…
            I’m waiting.

          • LJ

            From Jan 1, 2018 to today there have been 5,300 drunk driving deaths vs. 1,800 homicides by gun.

            My turn: How is the NRA responsible for mass shootings? Show me the direct evidence that made someone kill people.

          • KenjiK

            I didn’t ask you to show me some random statistics, but thank you for the effort.
            I asked for the name of a drunk driver killing 17 people in one shot (pun intended).
            Can’t find any?

          • LJ

            Don’t like statistics, huh? Not surprising. Most people like you prefer symbolic nonsense over substantive ideas. Let’s blame the NRA because they support the big bad scary guns (that do nothing without someone pulling the trigger).

            And the nut job who killed the 17 poor kids in Florida didn’t do it in one shot.

            How about this, 80 people were killed in France by a terrorist in a truck.

          • KenjiK

            “Don’t like statistics, huh?”
            Actually, i do.

            “Most people like you prefer symbolic nonsense over substantive ideas.”
            “People like me”? Poor thing… Did I hurt your feelings or something? Please don’t go shooting randoms in a mall or school.

            “Let’s blame the NRA”
            And when exactly did i blame anything on the NRA?

            “And the nut job who killed the 17 poor kids in Florida didn’t do it in one shot.”
            That “nut job” was probably a “responsible gun owner” a couple of days before the shooting.
            Just like the “nut job” at vegas…
            Just like “people like you”, right?

            “How about this, 80 people were killed in France by a terrorist in a truck.”
            Was he drunk?

            PS Why is he a terrorist and not a “nut job” too?

          • LJ

            I’ll give you a chance to delete your comment, since it makes you appear incredibly immature.

            In the meantime, no the Florida shooter was not a responsible gun owner. In fact, he was an extremely troubled individual who numerous people reported to the cops and FBI, which did nothing. That kid should’ve been stopped, but countless beauracricies dropped the ball.

            And the driver in France is a terrorist by definition. And no, he was not drunk, he was stone cold sober.

          • KenjiK

            “I’ll give you a chance to delete your comment, since it paints you in a terrible light.”

            I laughed.
            Are you going to shoot me with you big bad scary gun or something?
            If you seriously think that i care about sounding or looking any “good” to you or anyone on here, you have issues.

            “In the meantime, no the Florida shooter was not a responsible gun owner… blablabla”
            That kid was a responsible gun owner to everyone who didn’t know him personnaly.
            But how about the vegas shooter?

            “And the driver in France is a terrorist by definition. And no, he was not drunk, he was stone cold sober.”
            So was the florida shooter. I’ll let you find the definition of terrorism, if you can read properly.

            Edit : I’m not going to waste more time going back and forth with you. Enjoy

          • smartacus

            “That kid was a responsible gun owner to everyone who didn’t know him personnaly. ”
            *good spelling skills BTW
            The Sheriff didn’t know him personally, but knew he was a prohibited person, not a responsible gun owner. They were called to his house 39 times and got 19 tip offs. They ignored it all.

            Sheriff Israel is like you; disarm the people by any means possible,
            even if it means allowing a crazy armed person to take innocent lives.

            Unfortunately; this will have the opposite effect. Gun Show sales are breaking astronomical records right now. Those people are now fully armed thanks to the threats of taking away guns.

          • Mr Hahn

            We need a Civil War badly in this country,these deranged leftists need to be taken out before any more damage can be done.

          • Enter Ranting

            So, keep the gun policies the same – sell bump stocks and AR-15s to 18 year-olds, and make the bureaucracies more efficient? Sure! No Problem. So easy! Why didn’t you say so sooner? You could have saved 17 lives!

          • LJ

            While I blame the shooter 100% for what he did, it’s been well documented by this point that there were bureaucratic failures on multiple levels that should’ve prevented the shooting, which makes it all the more tragic.

            Laws don’t enforce themselves.

          • smartacus

            We all see how you are not interested
            in solving any problems. since you are
            ignoring Sheriff Israel’s office ordering
            not one, but 4 deputies to stand down.

            If you were a real social justice warrior
            you would be hammering the Sheriff.
            Instead; you are embarrassing your
            side. That’s why there is no horde of
            supporters backing you up right now.
            (hint: they are hoping you go away)

          • KenjiK

            “you are embarrassing your

            You have issues.

          • smartacus

            you are saying PRECISELY
            what is expected from
            the side that is losing

            thanks for the confidence
            but i had it anyway 😉

          • Enter Ranting

            And the car doesn’t start itself, drink a twelve pack and slaughter 58 people at a country music festival. Your argument doesn’t hold water.

            Look, the problem with gun-humpers like you is you want to split hairs about how many people a truck bomb can kill, or how long it takes for someone to slaughter grade school kids, or how it’s society’s social problems that are to blame, not the hundreds of millions of guns in the country. You never have any solutions, because you’re too occupied with excuses for why bump stocks and AR-15s should be easily available.

          • LJ

            Wait… are you saying that guns DO drink twelve packs, rent hotel rooms and then start killing people? Your argument doesn’t even make sense.

            Also, I’ve stated that A. I’m not at gun owner, and B. I believe bump stocks should’ve never been legal in the first place (approved for sale by the Obama administration). Reading comprehension is fun, right?

            Question: you say that the problem is the hundreds of millions of guns in the country. If the problem is the guns, why do we arrest the people?

          • Enter Ranting

            While you and your ilk continue to deflect, real Americans are finally doing something about guns. Many companies have dropped the NRA like a hot potato, and more are on the way.

            If you people had been rational about gun violence, or had offered sensible solutions to the slaughters that have become a national disgrace, you wouldn’t be in this position.

            Clearly, you’re more interested in dogma and profit than innocent people’s lives. Too bad for you. You can’t make a credible argument defending the current situation of guns in this country, but of course you’ll try. I’m done wasting time with you, however. Have the last word. I know how much you need it.

          • LJ

            I’m only taking the last word to say that I respect your point of view, and wish you nothing but the best.

          • smartacus

            oh i can find several cases of vehicles used in mass killings.
            England, France, and Germany have terrorists mowing down the disarmed and disvehicled citizens; aaaand some of them specifically targeted children.

          • smartacus

            you don’t have to wait for long
            i’ll show you a muslim driver killing 17 people with a vehicle, not a gun.

          • KenjiK

            Was he drunk?

          • smartacus

            he was WORSE than drunk
            he was a crazy insane muslim terrorist

          • Mr Hahn

            Stop blaming the gun you ignorant idiot and blame the shooter. Typical dumb libtroll.

          • Mr Hahn

            I don’t think anybody should leave a bar if they’re still drunk because the bar is responsible for the patron but where is the blame on the alcohol for causing the person to get drunk in the first place also? What about pharmaceutical drug companies causing peoples brains to go haywire? Which causes them to go on a massacre?

          • Nick099

            The issue is mass shootings…in this case the Florida massacre just a week ago. The NRA had nothing to do with it but the US government did…and it failed to protect on a massive scale at several levels….that got 17 kids killed.

            In fact, the blame can be placed squarely at the feet of Barack Obama. The man signed an EO that rewards police and schools districts for not arresting students who commit crimes. It’s called the Promise Program and Broward County was a big, enthusiastic district for the program. Which explains why this murderer was never in the system.
            But let’s blame the NRA…not dumb politicians and their idiot supporters. Nahhh.

            Got that Skippy?

            Incidentally, if you want to crow about mass shootings look to Europe…they lead the world with Norway at number one. But hey, don’t let little things like facts and reality dissuade you from idiotic comments. It is very entertaining.

          • Enter Ranting

            Nice try, Russia.

          • smartacus

            guns were made to kill?
            Then start by disarming the cops.

            cars were made for transportation?
            Cars kill far far more than guns.
            Only police should have cars.

            Even 5 gallon buckets kill more kids than guns.
            (btw that is an actual statistic)

          • Nick099

            As the comments here clearly show; a juvenile mob of cattle arrogantly trumpeting the false notions promulgated by a few and trumpeted by the Media. Doesn’t matter that history and reality prove them wrong consistently….it just sounds soooo cool.

          • Richard Wakem

            please explain the purpose of a semi automatic Rifle ?

          • LJ

            I guess that depends on the user of said rifle. While not a gun owner myself, the 99.9% of law abiding gun owners either use them for collecting or target practice.

            I guarantee the purpose isn’t to kill school children.

          • Richard Wakem

            ? – an Assault Rifle (Semi Automatic) is to Kill, not targets, not collecting to Kill plain and simple,

            also the Right to bear Arms, whats that all about ? this is 2018 not 1776 you know

            well in the UK we Males are supposed to do long Bow practice, but you know we gave that up.

            in a Modern World there is no sensible reason for anyone to Bear Arms ! Grow up compare yourself to the rest of the World

          • LJ

            The Right to Bear Arms is a constitutionally mandated right for all Americans. We can debate about how far that should be taken. For instance, it doesn’t give us the right to own automatic weapons (those are banned). Bump stocks, which essentially turn a semi-auto into an auto, are going to be banned very soon as well (and should’ve been banned all along, in my opinion).

            You are right about bow practice, that doesn’t make sense in a world where guns exist, unless it’s a tradition, or perhaps used for hunting. We do a lot of bow hunting here in the states.

            However, being able to responsibly own a gun, which applies to 99.9% of gun owners here in the ‘States, is relevant to the year 2018. The bad guys certainly have them, so a law abiding individual has every right to level the playing field and protect themselves.

            And I’ll ignore your arrogant “Grow up” statement. Grow up like who? Like a country who still honors a monarchy and treats their citizens like children? Like the middle east where they stone women and gays to death? Like communist China? How about corrupt South and Central America? So modern.

            No thanks. We’re doing just fine, even though we’ve existed for a fraction of the time your country has.

            All of this comes from a non-gun owner, by the way.

          • Richard Wakem

            Just Remember your comments when the “Next ” event happens,

            enough said

          • LJ

            I’ll think about my comments every time a homeowner stops an intruder, or a woman fends off a potential rapist, or a parent scares off a kidnapper, because they were allowed to own a gun.

          • Enter Ranting

            Yes, so many unspeakable dangers every single day to be diffused with a gun, and yet you don’t own one…

          • LJ

            I don’t own one, but that’s my choice. Perhaps one day I’ll feel the need to own one, and then I will. At least I have the option.

            And no one said there’s “so many unspeakable dangers every single day to be diffused with a gun”. Nice straw man.

          • Enter Ranting

            The count-down clock has already begun…

          • Emoto

            No sensible reason for anyone to bear arms? How about the millions of people killed by their governments in the 20th century?

          • Enter Ranting

            Use them for collecting?! Maybe try some Hummel figurines. They tend to kill fewer people when they fall into the wrong hands.

            Seriously, how selfish can a person be? I like shooting a semi automatic rifle at a target, and even though I know they’re the slaughter weapon of choice among mass shooters, I don’t want to give them up.

            To people who shoot innocent school children, i GUARANTEE the semi automatic was chosen for the purpose of killing as many as possible.

          • LJ

            People collect all types of things. Coins, stamps, figurines, knives, cars. You name it, people collect it. Guns are no different.

            And what does a gun collector have to do with nut job mass shooters?

          • Projectile at a target? Then use rubber bullets are any other non-lethal ammunition. Guns are there to kill, otherwise we would just have fun with Turfs and what a better world that would be.

          • LJ

            Some people do use rubber bullets.

            And I agree that a world without bad people would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

          • Enter Ranting

            Ah, the old “other things kill people too, so do nothing about gun violence” argument. You know why people are blaming the NRA. Don’t be dense.

          • Nick099

            Blah, blah, blah.

            The superficial explanation for the simpleton.

            Grow up, Skippy.

          • Matt


          • smartacus

            false statement, but OK
            Guns in the hands of citizens (specifically the ones you want Unconstitutionally limited)
            are for defense and deterrence, not killing.

            guns in the hands of government and police has a main purpose of killing.
            guns in the hands of government-enabled prohibited persons has a main purpose of killing.

          • Mr Hahn

            No it’s liberalism that is warping minds and killing people.

      • lagunas3ca

        No different than the Dodge Challenger used to ram protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia. Would you say it’s Home Depot’s fault for allowing one of its rented trucks to kill 8 people on the bike path in lower Manhattan last October? I didn’t think so.

        • Matt

          So if there was a long history spanning decades of mentally disturbed people hiring trucks and using them to kill hundreds of innocent people, particularly children, and Home Depot spent millions of dollars and ‘donated’ to politicians ensuring that policies that could prevent some of these tragedies never got enough support to get passed, then then every time it happened again Home Depot just said ‘what a tragedy’ while continuing to spend on spin doctors and political leverage to ensure nothing ever changed, you’d think that was ok?

          • LJ

            What if the laws in place work just fine, the problem is that people don’t apply them?

          • Enter Ranting

            Uh, CLEARLY the laws don’t “work just fine.”

          • LJ

            Hard to know when they’re not applied properly. What we need is even more laws for people not to follow.

            I mean, schools are already gun free zones, so how could someone with a gun possibly get in there in the first place?

        • Enter Ranting

          No, because that’s a stupid argument, and you know it.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I like how less familiar people on this website all of a sudden show up when it comes to politics-related articles lol

    • Status

      Mine came up as ‘guest’ for some reason. :/

      • smartacus

        oh that’s easy;
        because you
        ARE a guest
        *uninvited one

        • Status

          And you’re going to do anything about it, or are you powerless?

    • LWOAP

      Politics is the gladiator arena of the 21st century. A lot of people enjoy the clashing of different ideologies and viewpoints. Now let the games begin!

    • smartacus

      They are actually being paid a paycheck to
      go on all types of forums and social media to
      make it look like they are not a Tiny Minority.

      • Matt

        Actually most of these new users appear to be NRA-supporting conservatives. Surely they’re not a minority?

        • smartacus

          Actually most of these new users appear to be low post count trolls posting the failed leftist agenda that handed the dumbocrats loss after loss continually since they lost Congress.

          But that is a good point about NRA not being a minority, considering how liberal
          strongholds like Pennsylvania and even Wisconsin went the NRA’s way in 2016.

      • Honda NSX-R


  • GobbleUp

    F nra

    • smartacus


  • smartacus

    Nooo problem;
    i never use these companies anyway.

    They rent vehicles and vehicles kill more people than guns.

  • Vassilis

    I hope this doesn’t last a month and is actually applied. Also, why the hell were NRA members offered discounts in the first place?

  • Enter Ranting

    I’m sure Avis will be just fine without you. You poor conservative victims. Always so crippled by mean liberals using their words!

  • Mr Hahn

    🖕 YOU leftist scumbag.

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