Consumer Reports Says To Stay Away From These 2018 Models

Even though people tend to consider a great number of factors when deciding on buying either a new or used car, some still prefer to rely on good old fashion road tests.

With that in mind, Consumer Reports put together a list of cars that you should avoid, unless you’d like to experience a strong case of buyer’s remorse that is.

All these nameplates were dubbed as being the lowest rated vehicles during road tests for 2018, although it’s possible not everybody will agree with these findings

Jeep Compass – Small SUV

If you’re in the market for a small, trendy and modern SUV, the 2018 Jeep Compass should, in theory tick all those boxes. And yet, CR says that you pretty much can’t do worse in this class than the Compass. It’s a good thing this is one of the most crowded automotive segments, leaving you spoiled for choice.

Jeep Wrangler – Midsize SUV

Need more size than you get in a compact crossover? Try something midsize, like the old Jeep Wrangler (not the redesigned one). Or better yet, don’t try it – is what CR would have you do. They say that it was by far the lowest rated midsize SUV they tested.

Cadillac Escalade – Luxury Large SUV

More of the same for the hip hop artist’s car of choice, the Cadillac Escalade. It too was at the very bottom of CR’s rankings with regards to its particular segment. During one of their reviews, the Escalade was bombarded for not being as comfortable as its full-size rivals, as well as for its cramped third row, poor reliability and more. Apparently, a Chevy Suburban might be the wiser choice.

Lexus IS300 – Luxury Compact Car

You know what? This one we sort of get. It’s not because the IS is a bad car, but more to do with how it’s not as comfortable, efficient, modern or as dynamic as its peers. That list would include the BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Jaguar XE, among others.

Toyota Tacoma – Compact Pickup

During their review of the 2018 Toyota Tacoma, CR deemed it to be, and we quote, “primitive”. They also said that it had a stiff ride, poor handling, loud cabin and an awkwardly low driving position. Because of those reasons, the Tacoma became their lowest rated compact pickup.

Fiat 500L – Compact Car

A stiff ride, flat seats, upright driving position and a poor score in the IIHS small-overlap frontal test drove the Fiat 500L to the very bottom of CR’s rankings as far as this segment is concerned. They even went as far as to call it “undeveloped.”

Nissan Altima – Midsize Car

This is a tricky one. In their review of the Altima, CR pretty much mentions both positives as well as negatives, and yet it’s their lowest rated car for this segment. Reasons for its poor score include the overly light steering, fussy infotainment system and a CVT that “dilutes the driving experience in more demanding situations”.


  • S3XY

    There’s a lot more to stay away from on top of that. Basically all 100% gas cars.

    • LWOAP

      Great idea, I’ll stay away from you and other Tesla fanboys in addition to the Model 3. I’d prefer if my clothing didn’t get caught up in any of the panel gaps. 🙂

      • Bash

        That actually made my day bro!

    • TrevP

      I think its time we provide you a fanboy award.

    • Harry_Wild

      Where are they going get the electricity when all the cars are EVs and most are going be charged at night too? From the carbon, nuclear and gas power plants, that is where! California imports about 25% of it power from other states. It will be fun to watch how much of the electricity demand is going be imported when their EV reach 5% project by 2030!

      • emjayay

        Also, no money for roads. Obviously we need a different system for taxing cars.

    • Plutonium

      Lets see Tesla X go 4 wheeling in Death Valley or Rubicon.

    • Mr Hahn

      Teslas are gay and so are you.

    • Bash

      Oh boy! I just felt a gas-rush in my body, I’m gonna go out and burn some rubber and drift a bit in my drive way in my SRT just to cool my self.

    • Mr Hahn

      🖕👉Off TeslaBoy.

  • Stephen G

    I think the thing to stay away from is Consumer Reports. I don’t understand their test criteria. How can 4 of the most popular cars in their class be deemed unsatisfactory?

    • khc

      If you don’t understand their test criteria, you should maybe read about it. Being “popular” regarding sales numbers isn’t necessarily a decisive factor in their ratings (thankfully).

      • Stephen G

        Rhetorical statement. People that purchase a vehicle purchase it for the positives, not the negatives. The Wrangler is a good example. If anybody buys a vehicle for it’s looks/image then they are going to be sorely disappointed. If you are a 300 lb woman with 3 kids and a dog then I can understand why you may be disappointed with your Miata no matter what you would like your “image” to be. Is there a Consumer Reports recommendation to what vehicle one should purchase over a Wrangler?

    • brn

      Consumer Reports’ recommendations appear to be based on subjective criteria. If it’s going to be subjective, why not let people do their own test drives and make their own choices?

      The Wrangler is a good example. It has never done well with CR. The last time I looked, it was a CR “don’t buy” because it wasn’t a good family vehicle, like other SUVs. Um, that was never their target market.

      • emjayay

        You are distorting their reports. Their recommended/not labels are from a combination of reliability and test results. Do non-family buyers not care about noise/vibration/harshness, handling, ride, acceleration, braking, seat comfort, crash test results, roominess and cargo capacity? I haven’t read their test of the new Compass, but the old one was worse than the competition in pretty much every category, and all Chrysler-Fiat vehicles are worse on average reliability than almost all the competition.

      • Stephen G

        Exactly! Why would you lump the Wrangler in with a bunch of station wagons? I know Wrangler and Tacoma owners that would not drive anything else.

    • Maricaibo

      Is the ranking relative or absolute? Are the Jeeps dramatically worse than peers or only marginally worse and get the poor ranking? I’d couple this with a JD Power report before making a decision as well.


    Yeah, not listening. I’d take the Wrangler, throw some nice mods on it and then go play around in the mud.

    • Guy shun


      • LWOAP


  • Question. Just because they’re the “lowest rated” in their category, does it actually mean they’re bad cars?

    • Craig

      No. It doesn’t.

    • brn

      Craig’s answer is correct. If you pressed CR, they’d probably agree. Unfortunately, the general public will only see the list and assume they are bad cars. CR knows this and doesn’t care. It gets them attention and that’s what they care about.

      • Stephen G

        Of course we assume they are bad cars…the article is titled “Consumer Reports Says To Stay Away From These 2018 Models”!


    i Stay Away From Consumer Reports

    • alexxx

      Hahahaha… Best comment

    • Bo Hanan

      Someone needs to rate CR against the reliability of their information.

      • emjayay

        You mean their reliability ratings on a number of factors going back years, based on results of over a million subscriber surveys, or their test results which are determined in an indoor shop and their own outdoor test facility, on cars they bought at dealers anonymously? What is there to “rate” and how?

        • Bo Hanan

          So thirsty for attention you had to respond to my comment because it was higher up. Bitch please & Bye gurl!

  • Bo Hanan

    I one disagree with the Wrangler. It is a different animal in the SUV market and you really have to rate it on its merits. It doesn’t have a competitor.

  • james.

    You’ve got to love CR. Rating a Wrangler the ‘lowest rated mid-size SUV’, except it’s NOT an SUV. It’s a proper off-roading machine. It wasn’t designed for school runs or shopping. It’s probably the most capable off-road vehicle on the market and should not be compared with vehicles in the mid-size SUV segment. You can’t have it all in one car, which is why the Wrangler keeps going when the others get stuck, but it’s uncomfortable, slow, not efficient, noisy, etc.

  • Plutonium

    Jeep Rangler is more like rugged specialty 4×4 vehicle for person who knows what they’re buying and who can do their own maintenance and repairs. Where dents and scratches are normal. There’s nothing like it available except $100 G wagon. It’s most versatile and affordable to modify. It’s not made for mall hopping highway cruising.

  • Christian Wimmer

    Stay away from Consumer Reports and their weird rating system.

    • emjayay

      What’s weird about it? Is it Fake News?

  • MTMT123

    lexus cars are overdone, overhyped, overpriced and overrated.

  • Ron

    The Escalade has come in first place in almost every single comparison test its ever been in, such as Motor Trends most recent. And I believe it was a Cadillac that won the car of the year recently and the V has many times beat the BMW and Merc in comparison test. So yeah, “its a Cadillac” and Cadillac builds great cars even if some people are too stuck in the 1980s to realize it.

    • Bullitt2605

      If by an extremely overstyled box that is outdated and very expensive to repair then yes the Escalade is great.

  • Kagan

    And should we rate cr!

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