GMC Sierra Teased Three Days Ahead Of Its Big Debut

The Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra are peas in a big, working-grade pod if we’ve ever seen them. But General Motors is out to put a little daylight between them in their latest iterations.

That could be why it opted to keep the new Sierra away from the Detroit Auto Show last month, where it unveiled the new Silverado. But that won’t matter much once GMC takes to the stage in three days. That’s when it’ll finally take the wraps off the all-new Sierra, previewed in this here teaser image.

As dark as it is, the teaser clearly shows a very different headlight arrangement compared to the Silverado’s, but C-shaped LED accent lighting. The grille looks further separated from the rest of the fascia on the Sierra, and given the way the bodywork extend into the nose on the Chevy version, that’ll mean different front fenders, too.

More than that, we couldn’t really say at this point. But we’d wager there’ll be more visual differentiation between the Chevy and GMC models once the new Sierra is unveiled for all to see.

Sheetmetal aside, though, we can expect mostly the same specs. The new Silverado is some 450 pounds lighter than the version it replaces, and comes with six powertrain options – including both 5.3- snd 6.2-liter V8 gasoline engines and a new 3.0-liter turbodiesel.

The trim levels will likely be different, though. Chevy’s offering eight iterations of the new Silverado, ranging from the basic Work Truck spec all the way up to the luxed-out High Country. GMC will position its own, with the Denali expected to serve as the flagship model once again.

To see exactly what GMC has in store, we’ll have to wait. But it won’t be too much longer as the countdown clock keeps ticking.

  • Liam Paul

    so the fender is different, I guess in the same way the fender of a cavalier/sunfire is different but still would work on both models if switched around. GMC should had done this long ago to make its truck different