Guy On Moped Has No Respect For Railway Barriers

It seems that if you live in the Vietnamese city of Biên Hòa, stopping at this particular railway crossing is optional, as demonstrated by multiple individuals in this video.

Even before the guy on the moped ran into that barrier as if he had his eyes closed, another person riding a scooter performed a half dangerous, half cheeky maneuver to get around it and cross, before it was completely extended on both sides.

The rest of the video is comprised of people scrambling to clear the tracks, falling over themselves trying to yank all that metal out of the way, which included the damaged moped.

The good news is that nobody was seriously hurt, at least from what we can tell. The rider that crashed got up and walked around on his own two feet, and the train probably stopped in time – while we never get to see it, we do see a couple of guys waving it through towards the end of the video, indicating that it was safe to cross the intersection.

What surprises us most is the apparent speed at which moped guy hit the barrier. Why didn’t he at least slow down? The intersection appears fairly well lit, so visibility was probably not an issue. Either way, let’s hope he learned his lesson.

  • Chad L

    Moped scoops?


    Barrier: 1

    Moped Rider: 0

    I have no idea why the second guy didn’t hit the brakes.

  • Dennis Scipio

    ha ha.

  • TheBelltower

    Probably not the best marked crossing gate.

  • LeStori

    Looks like a comedy skit. Moped Mayhem. Coming to a low-class cinema near you…

    Might want to put some lights or reflective tape on these barriers.

  • thunder bolt

    The guy in the striped shirt got his adrenaline pumped so high he just couldn’t hold his feet together.

    • Dan

      I like his enthusiasm…

  • benT

    ……….and I proudly publish my view on this ::

    Railway Barriers Have No Respect For Guy On Moped.

  • salamOOn

    some reflective stuff on it would help…. just look at the white portions of that further barrier…. pure camo with the road….

  • KareKakk

    Gas wire from a Toyota.

  • Puddingpopper

    where the hell was the train???

  • Can’t stop stupid…possibly a suicide attempt…his timing is off though, since there was no train…

  • Sam Woolley

    Only in Vietnam!
    honestly wouldn’t be surprised that the guy was holding his phone and texting

  • Harry_Wild

    These drivers have no respect for driving laws concerning railroad stops. I think they need to make the gates out of heavier material like wielded iron 3″ solid diameter and see who will suffer, the gate or the moped driverbthisvsecond time around.