Jeremy Clarkson Needed A Team Of Lawyers To Review Tesla’s Model X

If you’re familiar with the issues Jeremy Clarkson had after reviewing a Tesla Roadster many years ago on his previous show, you will probably appreciate the hilarious lengths at which he went to make sure everything he said about the Model X was accurate.

This might have been his funniest ever moment on The Grand Tour, ever since the Amazon Prime started streaming in November of 2016. And while this clip will give you a strong sense of that, you’re better off watching the whole episode in order to gauge his full reactions with regards to Tesla’s all-electric SUV.

To recap though, Clarkson was properly bewildered by what the Model X could do, both technically as well as on the software side of things, with all the modes and cool features. Naturally, he was shocked at how quick it was, which he proved by racing it in a straight line against an Audi R8 supercar.

In the end, the only thing that put him off about the Model X was its price tag, but that’s hardly Tesla’s fault since this car truly was (and still is) the first of its kind.

Last week’s episode also featured a comparison test between a Porsche Macan, Alfa Romeo Stelvio and a Range Rover Velar, and a head to head celebrity shoot-out between Rory Mcilroy and Paris Hilton.


  • Six_Tymes

    LMAO. that show is still great fun.

    • Vassilis

      You’re falling behind sir!

  • AxlRock

    But why review a two year old car anyway? Whats the point? We all probably know every good and bad thing about the model X. Shouldn’t he be reviewing a new electric vehicle, model 3 perhaps?

    • LeStori

      I was a show that had a lot of SUVs in it so presumably the Tesla X fitted the SUV category better than the extremely rare Tesla 3. He also had 7 in the X. 6 legal eagles and himself. When you are lawyered up, the more the “merrier. And the lawyers were a “merry” lot!

      People forget The Grand Tour is a comedy show with cars as props. Just like its predecessor, Top Gear. I am surprised they did not do a “how quick does your Tesla sink if you drive it into a river compared to a normal” car. And will you survive. A Hammond special. Maybe next series…

  • ErnieB

    He drew a penis on the screen..lmao

  • Tesla to pay? They never pay for marketing. Grand Tour had to test one Tesla ultimately, because everyone does around them, and it would be a fail not to test the world’s quickest production SUV, just because Clarkson doesn’t like Elon.

    • mas921

      they NEVER pay for marketing? .. O-M-G!
      quickest? that’s what their marketing say right, let it take, something called a “turn” and they we can decide which’s fastest ….oh wait, it might flip over and burn while electrocuting the passengers at the same time! LMAO!

  • Major miss with not opening the falcon doors in the tight parking spot. I thought the joke will be when he looks back and the lawyers already ran away.

    • Vassilis

      If I remember right it was very tight and the doors wouldn’t have opened.

  • jsz00

    What is so funny about that?