Launching A Tesla Model X Toy Car Into Space Is Insanely Difficult, Incredibly Hilarious

Donut Media Tesla Model X Hot Wheels

When Tesla and SpaceX’s CEO Elon Musk stated that he would be sending a Tesla Roadster into space, we didn’t believe him. But then he actually went and did it and we were flabbergasted. Equally as impressed, Donut Media set out on a mission to launch a car of their own into space.

The YouTube account is known for making flamboyant and hilarious videos on the automotive industry. Their latest venture was to launch a car, just like SpaceX, into space. Donut Media’s car, though, is a Tesla Model X Hot Wheels. That should be easy to launch into the stratosphere, right?

Instead of going with a rocket, they decided to go with a balloon. From the looks of it, they strapped the Hot Wheels’ Model X and a GoPro onto a stick and tied it to the bottom of a balloon. As one would expect, they didn’t get close to entering space. But they did get pretty high into the air and the contraption managed to cross into a different state.

After retrieving their home-made vessel, the car was missing – it came off when the machine crashed into a mountain – but the footage the camera took was pretty epic. Covering over 250 miles is also something to be proud of, especially as the device looked like it wouldn’t be able to travel one mile.

The outlet claims that they’re going to attempt to launch the toy car into space again in the near future. But the Hot Wheels Model X is still out there somewhere, withering away thanks to the elements. For anyone that’s interested in tracking that vehicle down, Donut Media put links to the video footage and coordinates in the description (or just click here and here). So you could theoretically track it down if that’s your kind of thing.


  • UGH! Another Tesla Story


    I’ve seen legos, cans of soda and even a iPhone launched into the stratosphere. This isn’t special.

    • Jesse Wood

      yes, but were they hilarious?

  • Mind Synthetic

    this was a waste of my time, thanks to me for clicking


  • LJ

    That toy has better build quality than the real thing.

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