London Police Seizes Allegedly Uninsured Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta

London’s PD doesn’t joke around when it comes to uninsured vehicles that are being driven on public roads, so they didn’t let the driver of this Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta get away with it.

According to DailyMail, the Italian supercar caught the officers’ attention when it blocked traffic just off Berkeley Square, in England’s capital city, earlier this month. The man behind the wheel was apparently trying to park behind a Porsche 918, which was being driven by his father.

Police officers pulled him over, and couldn’t find his name on the insurance, said an unlooker, and the information was confirmed by a Scotland Yard spokesperson, not long after. “On Sunday 4 February, Westminster Safer Transport Team seized a vehicle on Davies Street, W1, at approximately 14:51 hours, for having no insurance.”

A tow truck immediately arrived at the scene and carefully loaded the Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta, before driving off, to the amazement of some bystanders, who captured the action on video.

What exactly is going to happen to the expensive limited edition supercar is a good question, but the local police department could list it for auction. After all, they already did that to other exotics, confiscated over a similar paper issue.

As for the driver, he may want to check out the fixed-roof successor of his former ride: the new Ferrari 488 Pista. It debuted this week, and uses a tuned 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that makes 711hp and 770Nm (568lb-ft) of torque, claiming it can reach 100km/h (62mph) from a standstill in just 2.85sec, and a top speed in excess of 340km/h (211mph).


  • Howstar

    Wonder how many donuts the tow truck driver did when he got it back to his yard.

    • Dennis James

      None. He just went to McDonald’s to get his lunch.

  • Christian

    So now! DON’T JUDGE THE PERSON YET! We DO not know if he is from the Middle east with a lot of money… Their is still a change that the owner was an old white guy!

    • Status
      • Christian

        So he was black? WHY are you such a white privileege lover?

        • Status

          Am I? I’m merely restating an established fact as seen in the video that we both watched. Unless you’re going to suggest that the person receiving the ticket in the video was actually an old white man wearing blackface, then I have no reason to entertain any more directionless braying from you.

          • Christian

            I don’t want anything with an KKK supporter…

          • Status

            Nobody does. I don’t want anything to do with anyone who subscribes to identity politics or anyone who deliberately misconstrues race with religion.

          • Christian

            Did you just ask about my race?

          • TheHake

            Well I DO prefer certain races to others. For instance, I find MotoGP much more exciting than F1, and WRC better than WTCC (in it’s preset guise)….

          • Lol and yet, we still can’t stop the topic.

        • Skydis

          You must be trolling

          • Christian


          • Skydis


          • Status

            Curses! That’s twice you got me.

          • ANNOYING ISN’T IT.

          • He is known trolls anyway.

  • Blanka Li

    That just seems like a much more humane method of towing.

    • Keys D

      I wonder why we don’t have these in the states?

      • Kash

        there’s a lot more risk of damage using these than flatbeds or regular tow trucks. Looking at the first few seconds and looking at the rear wheel, it looks like it’s being pulled away from the car from the bottom of the wheel. There’s also the risk of the car completely falling once it’s high enough to be moved over the side of the bed if it’s not secured well enough. The cranes also have a weight limit, there was a video some time ago of one of these trying to lift a Maybach 62, it couldn’t do and ended up leaving the car in the illegal parking spot. These are all things you don’t have to worry about while using a flatbed.

        These also take up much more room than regular ones. It requires 2 car widths instead of 2 car lengths. 2 car widths on a road could possibly mean blocking traffic all together or requiring both directions of traffic to use 1 lane. Not to mention the support leg you have to deploy to prevent the truck from falling on it’s side requires more room.

  • 12333444333

    No we don’t just auction vehicles here in the UK when they are seized for having no insurance.

  • Skydis

    Still don’t understand why car insurance is mandatory…

    • Status

      You operate a car negligently, you become liable for the damages you incur. Insurance is proof to the satisfaction of a governing authority that you are covered (fiscally) from the threats of others and from the negligent actions of yourself.

      It’s mandatory because it helps to weed out the dumb, high-risk drivers.

      • Skydis

        Problem is, dumb high risk drivers still drive among us. Insurance or not, they’ll always be around

        • gary4205

          With insurance, if the dumb driver tears up someone else’s property, that person will be compensated.

          This ain’t rocket surgery.

    • Vassilis

      In other words, because if you cause an accident you need to be able to pay the person you crashed into.


    Let this be a lesson that you shouldn’t drive without insurance. It’s not worth the risk.


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