New Hyundai Santa Fe Would Make For An Interesting ‘N’ Performance Model

The Hyundai N family currently comprises of only two members: the i30 and Veloster.

Both of them are new and share the same underpinnings and engine, a 2.0-liter four-banger with 275hp and 260lb-ft (353Nm) of torque.

It’s very likely that the N sub-brand will welcome more derivatives in the future, but the new generation Santa Fe probably won’t be on that list.

Still, that hasn’t stopped XTomi from imagining what a 2020 Sante Fe N could look like, finished in the same color scheme as its two hot hatch siblings. The virtual changes include a lowered suspension for a more planted look, larger wheels with improved brakes behind them, and the ‘N’ logo on the grille.

Now, Hyundai may not be plotting a performance version of the new Santa Fe, but they will bring the regular models to the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, in early March, for their public premiere.

The new Santa Fe has a larger footprint than its predecessor, new design, and the company’s latest technologies. No details about the engine lineup of the European version have been announced yet, but it’s probably coming with several petrol and diesel units.

In South Korea, the new Santa Fe will go on sale with three different powertrains, including a 2.0-liter petrol, and 2.0-liter and 2.2-liter diesels, married to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Pricing should start at just over €31,000 ($38,400), in Germany, or about the same as the current entry-level model of the SUV.

  • TrevP

    I like the blue

  • Ray Filetti

    If this nonsense keeps up, we will soon see Maserati, Lamborghini, and Ferrari, making SUV’s!

    • salamOOn

      Levante? Urus?

      • Ray Filetti


        • Bo Hanan

          Some people need it s-p-e-l-l-e-d out.

          • salamOOn

            or maybe use it in context where its a-p-p-r-o-p-r-i-a-t-e?

        • salamOOn

          then you need to try harder next time…..

          • Ray Filetti

            OK then. What’s an Urus?

  • no25

    oh i like that!

  • john1168

    This is the direction Ford slapping ST badges on all it’s future suv’s so why not? I like this render by the way.

  • Brabusbus

    In fact I don’t like Kona, Juke or Cherokee faces.

    But for this case, i think it’s acceptable.

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