Petrolheads, Rejoice! New Lancia Stratos Coming To Geneva With 550+HP

It’s time to check that balance and see if you can take out another mortgage on your house, because the legendary Lancia Stratos is making a comeback, in a modern form.

However, the car won’t actually be built by Lancia themselves, but by Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT) and New Stratos Gbr, both aiming to bring it to the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Production will be limited to 25 units, unlike its iconic predecessor, which was made in 492 examples from 1973 to 1978. Still, it will stay true to the classic model in terms of exterior and interior design, and it will have a similar footprint.

Powering it will be a new engine that can generate in excess of 550 horsepower, which will probably be mated to an automatic gearbox, but that’s all MAT was willing to divulge about it so far.

Its estimated starting price will reportedly stand at around £600,000 ($835,000), in the United Kingdom, which is some $300,000 more than what the original Lancia Stratos usually sells for.

The new car was actually previewed by a concept, back in 2010, designed by Pininfarina, and based on a modified platform of the Ferrari F430 Scuderia. It was powered by the same engine as the Italian supercar, making 532hp, but one year later, the Prancing Horse banned the coachbuilder from putting it into production with these underpinnings and powertrain, and since Pininfarina didn’t want to do it without Ferrari’s blessing, the project was shelved.

This means that the new Stratos will use a different architecture and engine, with the former to be used in other vehicles as well, according to the official announcement: “The base platform that MAT will use will allow the creation of a GT racer, a Safari version, and a competent supercar for the daily use.”

While this new Stratos won’t use the ‘Lancia‘ name, it still promises to “deliver an experience that no other supercar can assure on tight and twisty roads”.

Note: 2010 Lancia Stratos Concept pictured

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  • Lancia Fan

    Awesome! but FCA should be the ones doing this. This just shows the brand is still worth something

    • LeStori

      The brand is definitely worth a lot. Just as Alfa Romeo was always worth a lot in the right hands. Unfortunately both fell under the steam roller owned by the Agnelli family. Only one “survived” in a state that it could be resurrected in the short term. Unless Lancia is returned as an EV brand, I cannot see the money being spent on it’s revival.

      • Lancia Fan

        If they can only survive as electric and they redo the Fulvia then I’d take that. They could be unique in the FCA lineup

  • TheHake

    I always LOVED that concept!

  • Bob

    And FCA can’t do this themselves? For shame!

    • Bo Hanan

      Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn! Bob is throwing down. I agree with you 100% here.
      Also, it would appear FCA is waiting for Lancia (with it’s pathetic rebadged Chrysler products) to die off.

      • A bit incorrect there, Lancia has stopped selling rebadged Chrysler long time ago, now the only product left is Ypsilon which is based on 500… which in turn is based on Panda.

        • Bo Hanan

          Oh that’s better…

        • 500 isn’t based on a Panda…

  • ME

    Interior looks hideous for that price. Save yourself money and just get a reliable Mazda MX-5 RF.

    • anonymous

      It’s a 430 Scuderia underneath. I hope you’re just being sarcastic.

      • Ben

        Re-read the article — it will not have a Ferrari engine or chassis.

        • They haven’t update the info yet. It will featured F430 underpinnings. Except the original concept using Scudded. This time they use regular F430.

    • Dennis James

      Or a reliable Toyota Camry.

      • ira j.

        that’s the lotus evora!

    • Maricaibo

      I wouldn’t kick it out of my garage.

  • fabri99

    Killing Lancia wasn’t that smart of an idea for FCA. Anyway, I hope they’ll bring it back one day, once Alfa and Maserati are up and running with competitive cars.

    • Classic Bob

      Lancia can’t afford to wait that long..

    • I think the positioning within FCA though, Maserati has sort of taken market that modern Lancia meant to (entry level luxury).

      And they can’t play sports because Fiat is already in it.

      • fabri99

        They should definitely move Maserati upmarket and make Lancia entry-level luxury. Maserati can be luxury/sports at a higher level, much like Porsche. Meanwhile, Lancia and Alfa could be the elegant and sporty sides respectively of FCA, to compete against the big names from Germany.

        • That’s the problem really, Maserati occupied Lancia place in your ideas, and now they are struggling to market themselves as mass market brand. But yeah Lancia/Alfa playing luxury/sporty isn’t such a bad idea.

  • Honda NSX-R


  • Randy Terpstra

    Why can’t FCA build a modern day ‘Stratos’ on Alfa-Romeo’s 4C platform? It would help resurrect the Lancia brand and spread the costs of the platform development.

    • 4C Platform is a kind of double edged swords, it is unique but that means they can’t do much in terms of expanding it.

      For example the engine, I doubt that they want to put the same 4 cylinder engine, but they can’t fit bigger engine either because of the chassis limitation.

      • Randy Terpstra

        Regarding the engine, whether branded Alfa, Lancia, etc, engine can only be a variation on the current FCA offerings. Unless, they slice a Ferrari V8 in half :D.

  • Brian Regan

    I was really excited after reading the headline thinking FCA was FINALLY doing something with Lancia.

    FCA should, in my opinion, be building Lancia as their own version of Subaru with a Stratos up top as a halo car.

    • Bo Hanan

      An $800,000 supercar with 25 units and limited appeal is not what Lancia needs.
      But I agree they could be an Italian Subaru. I also think Sergio needs to start marketing his brands as Italian competitors to other brands-
      Lancia-Subaru, ALFA-BMW, Maserati-JAG &Merc, Jeep-Land Rover, Chrysler-Hotwheels. LOL.

      • Brian Regan

        Oh, yeah – I by no means think Lancia (really, all of FCA) need an $800k car. A Stratos halo car priced similarly to the Alfa 4C could do some good, though.

      • FCA missed almost free publicity, I mean they don’t need to spend money and it’s not exactly a custom LA garage car quality either. They could easily milked the publicity of New Stratos.

        I remember that years ago when FCA announced that Lancia name would be retired. Some senior higher ups were trying to let FCA let them do a send off models, and one of the mooted idea was new Delta Integrale, not sure about the platform, but they want to make limited production of it.

        By this point however, that idea it seems to be dead.

    • ira j.

      great idea! rally cars and racers!

  • Bash

    Love it,,, inside out!

  • JBsC6

    AS a long time owner of a turbocharged 1976 Lancia scorpion…I always admired the original stratos and updated version shown here. Personally the price is far above my means so it’s just a vehicle to admire ..

    Would be nice if alFa could create such a vehicle using the 505 hp twin turbo v6 priced under six figures…

    Hell I’d be up for a ls3 powered car priced at sixty grand….but it looks like the c8 corvette will be the spiritual successor to a 500 hp rear mid engine sports car with a new dct or manual transmission starting at sixty grand…

  • seriously

    Honestly without it being a Ferrari underneath I dont really care about it; its cool because it was a custom one off coach built ferrari as just another neoclassic it just seems pointless. Its not that great looking of a car, its interior isnt nice, and without ties to the original in size its just a caricature……

  • sidewaysspin

    I don’t understand why they only make these beautiful cars accessible to the elites while we the people have to make do with weird contraptions like 3 door assymetric hyundai veloster’s and things like that.

  • Bob White

    800 grand for this? Who is stupid enough to do that?

    • Same people who pays millions for Ferrari to rebody their cars?

  • Classic Bob

    Marchionne really dropped the ball with Lancia. I don’t understand why Fiat and Ferrari refused to cooperate with the original recreation. Just wait until someone makes a Delta Integrale without the Lancia name attached.. Shame on FCA.

    • Yeah the management is really weird on these, at one hand they allow Alfa Romeo based creations (TZ3, Disco Volante)

      But they change their mind at last minute when these cars start to be popular. Like Touring’s A8 GCS, at first the management is excited but then when customer demands it they suddenly stop supporting the projects and even as so far to forbade supplier to help them (like in New Stratos case).

      I mean, a lot of this creations is using platform that they don’t produce anymore, and they can get free publicity by this.

  • Matthew Raworth

    This is so frustrating. Do you think marchionne knows he still owns Lancia? He needs to do something with it, or sell it to someone who will.

    • Sell it to who? Chinese? There aren’t much of Lancia remains in terms of product and facility, many has been re purposed for FCA group. Beside the name alone still worth for licensing and the new FCA Heritage.


  • “This means that the new Stratos will use a different architecture and engine, with the former to be used in other vehicles as well”

    This is actually incorrect, the New Stratos will still used 430 platform, only this time the car is pre registered (in another way, used). This way the manufacturer can’t do much and it seems they aren’t gonna wear any Lancia badges.

  • Ben

    Nice car. $800,000 nice? Ha ha. Nope.

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