Polestar Establishes New Headquarters In Sweden

Polestar is in the process of spinning off from Volvo as the Scandinavian automaker’s dedicated electric performance brand. And that includes setting up new headquarters in Sweden.

The new facility will be located in Torslanda, on the same campus as the Volvo factory and head office. That’s far away, however, from the factory in China where Polestar will be producing its vehicles.

“The new Polestar headquarters will be the heart and home of our growing team,” said Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. “It is an architectural translation of what our brand stands for – it is pure and uncompromised.”

Slated for completion in September, the office building will encompass over 40,000 square feet of floorspace across three levels. Some 200 employees will work there, between the offices and development area. That’s up from the 110 that Polestar currently employs in facilities across the country.

The building will feature an open layout, with a rather imposing-looking white facade. There’ll be a showroom incorporated into the facility as well to showcase the electrified vehicles the brand is preparing to produce.

“We have created an uncompromising and minimalistic ‘cube’ as the main feature of the building that, with its technical solutions and details, creates a clear link between architecture and modern product design,” said Per Bornstein of Bornstein & Lyckefors, the renowned Swedish architecture firm tasked with the job. “One of its unique design features is a white facade made entirely in glass that lets around 60% of the light through, a first in Sweden and a challenge both in terms of design and engineering, but completely in line with Polestar’s progressive approach.”

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  • AxlRock

    Ready to assemble office from IKEA

  • TheBelltower

    Sooo, an Apple store.

  • KareKakk

    200 employees responsible for the making of some 500 cars the first year… not counting the chinese workers. I’m not quit sure how much profit Polestar will show that year…

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