Porsche Denies Diesels Are Dead, Cayenne And 2019 Macan Will Get One

Porsche was supposed to ditch diesel engines completely, according to a report published earlier this month.

However, according to AutoNews, the new Cayenne will gain an oil burner that will eventually find its way into the revamped Macan as well.

“We’re not saying that we are exiting [diesel]”, the brand’s sales chief, Detlev von Platen, told the publication. “Presently, the planning process foresees one for the Cayenne, and probably for the Macan, too. For the SUV models, it [diesel engine] makes sense, where customers want torque and range”.

The diesel variant of the new-gen Cayenne, which was shown in Frankfurt last year, is expected to debut “in the course of this year”, von Platen said. Such engines aren’t that important to the brand, added the Porsche official, stating that “only about 14 percent of the 246,000 cars we sell worldwide are a diesel”, whereas “demand for PHEVs” is “big”.

In addition to the Macan diesel, the premium compact SUV is also expected to gain a hybrid variant, probably next year.

The vehicle is currently in testing phase and will sport a few styling tweaks on the outside, along with a few changes made in the cabin, such as the relocation of the air vents and the introduction of a larger infotainment screen.

No official release date has been announced yet for the 2019 Macan, but it could arrive in the first half of the year.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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  • The problem is the customer in Europe are particularly demanding for Diesel, it would be too early for them to phased it out. Beside since the dieselgate, Diesel has been treated unfairly for what I see is a good bridging te chnology to hybrid and electric car.

    • LeStori

      Diesel is totally inaproppriate for short journeys including stop-start city driving. If it wasn’t for the save-the-world-now crowd (the world will live on without the human plague) they would never have reached the current numbers on the road. It took legislation and subsidies to get to the polluting mess we are in now.

      • I used to drive Polo Bluemotion when I was in UK and I found them acceptable, but again everyone had different opinion and backgrounds. But the way I see it, modern diesels are capable as a mode of transportation.

  • Serhii Kniaziuk

    For now if I buy macan, I’d take diesel, but in one case only if it is 3.0 313hp or so. 258hp is not interesting.

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