Is Chevy Going For A Nurburgring Lap Record With The Corvette ZR1?

2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Nurburgring

The 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is the baddest ‘Vette to come out of the automaker’s doors recently. With its 755-hp 6.2-liter supercharged V8, it’s an absolute animal on a track.

To help solidify it’s place as one of the crazier supercars on the road at the moment, it looks like Chevrolet may be gunning for a quick lap at the Nurburgring.

While the Nurburgring isn’t what it once was when it comes to automaker’s setting fast lap times there, it’s still a place for brands to get bragging rights. From the video below, it looks like Chevy will make do on its promise from last year when it claimed that the supercar would be able to complete a lap of the infamous track in under seven minutes.

EMS Nordschleife TV (via Motor1) is practically dedicated to catching cars at the Nurburgring and recently captured footage of the ZR1 going pretty quickly around the circuit. The automaker isn’t holding anything back either, as the supercar looks like it has the ZTK package.

2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Nurburgring

The latter brings a massive spoiler, a front splitter with end caps, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, a retuned version of the brand’s Magnetic Ride Control system, and other chassis modifications. In other words, if you were looking to set a quick lap time, this is the ZR1 you’d want to have.

Now we should address the elephants in the room, which are the massive exhaust pipes that are sticking out of the rear end of the ZR1. No, this isn’t some aftermarket system that adds an additional 20 hp. It’s a silencer that tones the ZR1’s exhaust down. The Nurburgring, after all, has a noise limit that everyone has to abide by.

We really hope that Chevrolet is gunning for a quick lap time around the track, as we’d love to see what the American brute can do against the best from Europe.


  • john1168

    GET SOME!!!

    • john1168

      I have no doubt the new ZR1 will break the 7 minute barrier on the Ring. I’d bet the Z06 would get closer to the 7 minute mark if GM changed that big and high drag rear spoiler for a more efficient rear wing and installed improved cooling for the engine and supercharger.

      • They did do those things to the Z06… the result is called the ZR1, lol…


    If they do set a lap record they better hope it stays because the Aventador SV Jota is going to be gunning for them as well. I’m also certain Mercedes-AMG Project One would have a go at that lap time. If you’re going for bragging rights you better be ready.

    • eb110americana

      When you are top of the heap, people are always going to try to knock you off. The Aventador will surely prove a force to be reckoned with, but a track king is hard for me to believe from such a battleship of a chassis. The bar is just so high now, I don’t see an Aventador mixing it up with the GT2 RS. The AMG Project One is another animal entirely. There would be no shame for the ZR1 to be toppled by such a purpose-built track machine. There is time though, so the record (if achieved) would stand for long enough.

    • From marketing or fanboi point of view, it wouldn’t matter. They would always make an excuse on why the time is relevant, in ZR1 case they will say that this car is the best bang for your buck, or that old school brute beat European complicated engineering. That is why I stop caring about this track time.

  • Wouldn’t be surprising, more ammunition for marketing people and unfortunately the fanbois.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      I know…like the ones that put Nurburgring decals on their bumpers

  • Bo Hanan

    Cartoonish styling?

    • raikkonen

      I know…the faster the corvette, the more ridiculous it looks…

      This ZR1 looks like a Pontiac Fiero-based Ferrari replica from the 1980’s

      • No it doesn’t… you’re on crack if you think the ZR1 looks like a Fiero-based Ferrari replica. You do understand that the Fiero, and most Ferraris for that matter, are rear mid engine cars with entirely different proportions than a front mid engine car like the Corvette.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Vettes have become interesting cars.

  • robotlogic

    Those pipes are just crazy. They should of told all the people bitching about the noise too bad, if you don’t like race car noise then don’t buy a house next to the Nurburgring Ring, DumbA$$.

  • Bullitt2605

    They might as well go for the fastest they already have the ugliest.

  • getoffme

    Still couldn’t beat a GT-R. bwahahaha

    • Got a source on that? I’ve seen just about every 2019 ZR1 related video out there, and I have yet to see a GT-R and a ZR1 pitted against each other. Sure, the GT-R may have a quicker 0-60 time, which isn’t surprising considering it’s AWD with a Dual Clutch transmission, but I highly doubt it could keep up with the ZR1 through the twisties, and I guarantee that the ZR1 has a higher top speed, which is 212 mph for a standard ZR1, and 202 mph for a ZR1 with the ZTK package.

  • From what I’ve come to understand, those pipes on the exhaust aren’t there to quiet down the exhaust… they are there to cheat the decibel restriction. The audio sensors to detect cars that are too loud are on the right side of the track, so Chevy added those pipes to point the sound away from the audio sensors, as they know the car’s exhaust exceeds the decibel limit when the exhaust is in race mode.

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