Female Hyundai Exec Accused Of Pressuring Female Aides To Pour Drinks And Dance For Senior Male Staff

With the global #MeToo movement showing no signs of slowing down, a female Hyundai executive in South Korea resigned after being accused of pressuring her female subordinates to entice senior members of the staff.

According to the Yonhap news agency, the accusations came from a female employee who claimed her colleagues were specifically asked to attend a drinking party with senior men and pour drinks, as well as dance with men at a karaoke session – men that could influence the female executive’s position within the corporation.

In a statement, Hyundai said that these reports did not reflect the company’s views and policies.

“We will take appropriate actions on any irregularities or breaches by individuals within the company that do not ensure equality in the workplace.”

Since January, the #MeToo movement has gained a lot of momentum in South Korea, with multiple prominent figures getting accused of sexual misconduct. However, with South Koreans generally hesitant of shining a light on these types of issues, there are a lot more anonymous accusations than direct ones.

Autonews states that neither Hyundai nor Yonhap identified who the female executive was. Based on regulatory filings, Hyundai only had a total of three female executives among its 298 executives by the end of last year.


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    They were pooring the drinks ?! 😮 How could they ??? Poor drinks…

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    What! A WOMAN involved with sexual harassment or other women! How is that even possible! Everyone knows only MEN do that!! #hertoo?


    She went total sellout…and tried to render other subordinate women trivial to any serious contribution(s) to the company.I see her working the angle. Way to represent for “the sisterhood”.Good riddance.

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    A women fucks things up. Hyundai, next time know what you’re doing.

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