Camaro Thinks It’s A Mustang, Crashes Leaving Car Meet

Every time somebody crashes while leaving a car meet or any sort of automotive event, it’s actually Mustang drivers that look bad, even when there’s no Mustang in sight.

Unfair you say? We reckon those half a dozen Mustangs crashing into each other leaving that car meet in Dubai a few weeks back earned us at least another year or so of using them as a reference point for these types of incidents.

With that in mind, this white Ford Mustang looks a lot like a Chevrolet Camaro, doesn’t it? It’s uncanny, really. They got the styling right and even the badge – a clear case of blue oval transitioning into a beige bowtie.

On a serious note though, the driver of this sixth-generation Camaro was both unlucky as well as completely irresponsible. The accident took place in Clitheroe, England (just outside of Blackburn), and speed was definitely an issue.

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To make matters worse, somebody in a Kia decided to make a right turn at precisely the wrong moment. In case they actually saw the Camaro when it first pulled out, it’s possible they thought they would have plenty of time to complete the turn before the American muscle car would reach them. No such luck.

As for what resulted from the impact, you can clearly see at least one deployed airbag, severe lateral damage and what we can only assume is irreparable front axle damage. The car was a write off.


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  • Bash



    Why let the Mustang have all the fun?

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    No matter what country, these tool bags are all cut from the same cloth.

    • ace_9

      I agree, they are even choosing similar cars. It’s always something very reasonable and sensible in generic colour. Like this silver kia ceed. They slam the brakes in panic when the others are least expecting it. They are like suicidal deers crossing the road in the night and when they see the lights of incoming car, they just suddenly stop in the middle of the road and the car will inevitably hit them.

      • Ron

        Best response Ive seen in a while. Thanks for pointing out the fact that the Kia driver was the one crossing the line into oncoming traffic. Kia drivers are by FAR the worse drivers on the road here in Florida.

  • LJ

    More Mustangs crash because people actually buy them.

    • Tumbi Mtika


  • Christian

    GOD Please! So ya, its a US car…But don’t be Car-racist, the fact it can’t take a turn…It can!

    • Status

      3/10. Sometimes your sarcasm is a little weak. Back to the drawing board and come back with something good before the end of the week.

      • Christian

        3 is better than 0. 🙂

        • Status

          True, but your sarcasm grades are on a bell curve so it’ll hurt more if you don’t put you back into it.

          C’mon. You got me twice before I caught on.

  • Jay

    It looks like it would’ve been fine but the car it hit was making a left in front of the Camaro. The Camaro driver decided to let it and go around but the other driver changed their mind to let the canoro past but it was too late.

    • ace_9

      That might be the reason for crash. I also experienced this several times, when I was just expecting someone to go out of the way, but they suddenly stopped while blocking me and I had to brake hard not to crash into them. If this was the case, then it really is unfortunate, because nobody would blame some panicking kia driver when there is a speeding camaro involved…

    • MD

      It does look like that’s what happened and it sucks for that guy.

      But he also could have been in a more defensive position if he didn’t drive like an asshat in a camaro. Definitely didn’t have great control as the back end went out on him coming out on to the street.

      • Jay

        Yea I agree with ya there. The turning car didn’t expect the camaro to head toward them that fast.

  • Erzhik

    I mean, it wasn’t the same. The car in front was at fault for turning without making sure it’s safe.

  • Bo Hanan

    Too big for England.

  • TheBelltower

    Why did the Kia turn in front of the Camaro?

  • Tremell

    She was so beautiful. Now deformed for life!

  • Rzrlf

    great, you crashed the only chevy in England

  • Ron

    Why does the Kia driver get off scot free here? The Kia crossed into oncoming traffic and then stopped like an idiot. But lets pick on the Camaro just because its an American muscle car. So tiring.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Did anyone realize probably another car cut into his lane forcing him to swerve on the opposite lane? If so…it’s a quite different story. I don’t understand why stick on “speed is a factor” if somebody cut in on your path invading your lane….the driver on the opposite side has the duty to calculate the speed of incoming vehicles and decide whether he or she can make it.

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