New York City Decides To Totally Ban Cars From Central Park

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that cars will soon be banned from Central Park.

Beginning on June 27, all roads through Central Park below 72nd Street will be a no-go zone for vehicles, with the exception of Parks Department vehicles and those used by emergency services, including the police.

The decision to ban cars from the iconic park, visited by 42 million people last year, forms part of the city’s efforts to reduce traffic accidents and air pollution in the area, The New York Times reports.

“This was not the purpose of this park, to be built for automobiles. Literally, it was built before there were automobiles. It was built for people. There’s gonna be a kind of peace and sense of security that wasn’t there before,” de Blasio said.

Mayor Wants To Improve Pedestrian Safety

New York introduced a previous limitation on vehicles in the park in 2015 which prevented drivers from accessing the northern part of the park.

De Blasio is also heading up the Vision Zero initiative which aims to improve street safety. Between 2013 and 2016, pedestrian and traffic fatalities in New York have declined by 28 per cent under the initiative.

“Vision Zero is working. The lower speed limit, increased enforcement, and safer street designs are all building on each other to keep New Yorkers safe,” de Blasio said in January.

“Now we must deepen this work. Not even a single tragedy on our streets is acceptable, and we’ll keep fighting every day to protect our people.”

  • Dr Strangefingger

    About time… should have done this 40 years ago.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I’d say this is a good decision. There’s too much traffic there anyway. Along with that, air pollution and traffic accidents would be reduced so that’s good too.

    • ChrisInIL

      Air pollution and traffic accidents will be reduced in the park, as traffic is shifted outside the park. Since traffic outside the park won’t be reduced, air pollution and traffic accidents in Manhattan won’t be reduced. Higher traffic outside the park may even increase air pollution as travel times increase due to the extra load. Accident rates may also increase due to higher vehicle counts.

      • Honda NSX-R

        Good points

  • SteersUright

    Why aren’t their major garages outside of most big cities for commuters and then electrified mass transit within to cut pollution/smog, and make them much more walk-friendly? There’s so much smog in most of the worlds biggest cities that on bad days you cant even see the sky. imagine what’s going into your lungs, etc.


    • Moveon Libtards

      New York City is an over-hyped trash bin.

    • dumblikeyou2

      Yes, but it fortifies De Blasio’s bend over and take for the libs persona. By the time his term is over, the city will have been fully transformed into NEW YORK DISNEY


        • dumblikeyou2

          Nah, it’s still a libby town but on a whole other (queue the circus music here) level.

          • DO YOU LIVE HERE?

          • dumblikeyou2

            Since birth. Do you?


          • dumblikeyou2

            The actual interesting part of this conversation is that I don’t remember your comments always in CAPS all the time. Why you SCREAM?

          • BAD EYESIGHT.

  • PK

    good! i mean there’s no need for a car in a park in the first place.

  • Moveon Libtards

    If New York is so forward thinking why did they just decide to do it now?

    The city is a mess…

  • Bash

    I read about it few years ago.

  • Craig

    Now the gunshots and screams for help will be heard like never before.

  • TheBelltower

    With the bike lanes now taking up so much of the useable space, there needs to be an aggressive effort to limit the number of commuter cars entering the city. If you don’t live in NYC, people entering the city should have to pay a small fortune to bring a car into Manhattan.

  • Blanka Li

    Too bad the same dedication isn’t spent on the subway system.

  • Born and raised NYer

    This is stupid. The city wants to decrease traffic but doing this only increases it just like how closing lanes to build these islands did. For the dumb people complaining about the pollution.. Guess what idling cars and trucks do when sitting in traffic? For pedestrian safety? Must be a joke right because they don’t even care about themselves with their faces buried in their phones. An alert pedestrian is a safe pedestrian. Walk like how you want drivers to drive. This is the big city, you cannot walk around here mindlessly like you did back home on your daddy’s farm.

  • Nordschleife

    I don’t this is going to last. They tried closing down State street to cars a few years ago and that lasted maybe 2 years. In an already crowded city you are going to take main artieries for traffic management away. Good luck.

  • Leo

    he needs cars to take down the enemy’s helicopter and F-18

  • TheHake

    And he’s AIMING for those people! 😀

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