Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Checks Out Virgin Hyperloop One

Virgin Hyperloop One, backed by Richard Branson, recently demonstrated its full-scale Hyperloop system to a Saudi Arabian delegation including Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud.

This latest test was showcased in a YouTube video but the company has yet to say whether or not it reached any milestones during the tests.

In December, the Mojave test site saw a full-scale pod reach speeds of over 240 mph (386 km/h). As impressive as that feat is, it is still well below the 670 mph (1078 km/h) top speed the company intends on its completed Hyperloop traveling.

The company, created shortly after Elon Musk first proposed the Hyperloop in 2013, has proposed a series of Hyperloop tunnels throughout Saudi Arabia. One of these tunnels could run between the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah and slash travel time to just 76 minutes compared to the 10 hours needed by car. A tunnel between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi is also a possibility.

Branson has big dreams for Musk’s vision

Up until October 2017, Virgin Hyperloop One, then known as Hyperloop One, was operating through private investors and leading the charge to make this new form of transport a reality. Eager to play his part, entrepreneur Richard Branson announced a significant investment in the company towards the end of last year that included a name change and saw him take up the position of chairman.

At the time, Branson said the Hyperloop will act as the perfect middle ground between trains and airplanes.

“As a train owner, I felt this is something that I want to be able to operate. At the moment our trains are limited to 125 miles an hour.

“There are consumers, for instance, that would love to go from London to Edinburgh in roughly 45 minutes. And that will be possible.

“You can have a pod outside your office that you and your colleagues can jump into. The pod can self-drive to the top of the tunnel. It then goes down the tunnel. It connects up and off you go at 600, 700 miles an hour up to your destination, going faster than an airline,” Branson said.


  • manuel

    Hyperloop San Francisco to LA now! 45mn instead of 7 hours. Imagine spending Trillions of US Dollars on US Hyperloops instead of losing Middle Eastern wars. Los Angeles to Las Vegas :15mn. one way

  • Honestly, the only reason this is a news in automotive site is because of Elon Musk connection is it?

    Unashamedly, I keep politics and cars but that Crown Prince is a power hungry psycho.

    • javier

      he’s like a cartoon character headchopper, beyond evil

    • LWOAP

      You got it.

  • TheToadPrince..~~ToadSquad

    Can women go in or do they need a man to be with them
    hahahahhaha stupid saudis.

  • The Madman

    The jealousy in the comments. Criticize what you can’t have nor able to reach, I love how minds think. Keep it going Saudis, you will get hate regardless of progress. Hopefully the Hyperloopone would be finished soon in Dubai as well.

    • Status

      What hate? The Saudi’s are an abysmal theocratic monarchy well beneath the standards of living of even the worst western nation. It’s not enviable, nor something worth emulating.

      • The Madman

        Arrogance at its finest. Keep at it. Have a wonderful day. This is funny!

        • Status

          It’s not arrogance. They believe in a god. They have the most to lose.

          • stallion999

            what if after death you find out that your right.. there isn’t a God .. what will you gain?.. actually you won’t even find out according to your theory.. but on the contrary what if after death you find out that there is a God .. who will have the most to lose ?

          • Status

            You’ve just described Pascal’s wager, and your kind of thinking was dismissed years ago.


            “You should believe just because you may be wrong” amounts to a threat, but more accurately, it tells people to believe just because they should, without any reason or substance. It advocates for blind and accepting faith, and doesn’t ask that you stock any kind of value in your religion.

            After I die, and how billions of other people died, we all gain nothing. Death is a chemical disintegration on a molecular level. There isn’t anything waiting for me, you, your ancestors, your distant ancestors. Since the brain at that time is disintegrating, whatever someone experiences at death is likely the absence of oxygen and tissue damage.

            Since we have no way to test and prove that a god, devil, heaven, hell, or even an afterlife exists, there’s no reason to believe it exists. If someone does believe, then they’re only doing so out of a promise of paradise or the threat of hell.

          • stallion999

            If everything was so clear .. it wouldn’t be called Faith/Belief would it .. I just brought this as is.. a logical “wager” .. and since “both the existence and non-existence of God are impossible to prove by human reason” there are no obligations on both of us and you calling that there is no God would not make you any different than a Religious preacher.

      • stallion999

        I’m a Saudi and my standard of living exceeds the top best western nations. I don’t know what you are referring to but don’t talk on our behalf

        • Sure keep beating your woman and enslave foreign worker, keep bankrolling groups to wage war in Syria and Yemen. Please let the so called royal family spend all your country wealth for themselves. And most importantly, keep the illusion that you are country based on principle of religion while you are following corrupt so called Royalty who doing *rgies, drinking alcohol and surround themselves in wealth while the country is suffering.

          • stallion999

            What are you talking about.. Here’s another person telling me that I beat my wife and enslave workers.. Are you seroius?! I don’t know where you are from but I’m willing to bet that there are more wife beating cases in your area and I’m willing to get the stats if you do.. As for workers there are entire institutions for their rights not to mention their embassies and yet you seem to talk about them as if they were kidnapped. As for war just as the US raised war in Iraq to “defend itself” Saudi Arabia did the same – only in Yemen- and imagine if Iraq was instead of Mexico geographicaly how would the US act .. you also forget to mention that Saudi Arabia is also the biggest provider of humanitarian aid in those countries and is a refuge to millions from them. Another person in the comments is upset that we believe in a God and your say is that this is an illusion and that the Royals drink alcohol ! Who told you they were Saints .. No one is but either way it won’t make you happy so stop trying to believe that you know what makes us happy.. Have you ever visited Saudi Arabia ..If you ever think about visiting Saudi Arabia I’m offering you a free stay for as long as you wish so that you can do interviews with women and workers and come back with facts next time.

          • Yes I’m serious, I can take that you are urban and more educated Saudis so you probably won’t aware but woman’s right still a major problem especially in smaller cities, and don’t fool me the whole woman can drive thing is just a PR stunt by MbS to attract foreign investment.

            Because it is a modern slavery, not only KSA but almost whole Gulf Arab countries, yes you guys need cheap labours because otherwise no one will do those dirty job, but the awful living quarter, no medical insurance, passport being held and salary that only been given when the contract is done is common and real problem. It is easy to forget since they are Saudis, but if people ignore this fact than this practice will go on. And EU nor US is too busy kissing MbS feet to care.

            Please, we all know the reason, you Sunnis are just too afraid of Shias. And funnily both of you is fighting for no clear reason than some old division, not that I support of those crazy Imams in Tehran but Saudi intervention is even worse, you guys can’t achieved your goals, adding more casualties and draining your precious oil based economy to the ground.

            LOL wow I really feel pity on how isolated Saudi people are, most of refugees are in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Most GCC countries didn’t even care about them, only taking those who has money and send the leftover to neighboring countries and to EU to become their problems.

            The problem remains the Kingdom, as long they still exists KSA would still be the same, and MbS is not a reformer, just a power hungry psycho who only care about his clan and his wealth.

          • stallion999

            Do you even listen to yourself .. I don’t know what’s happening in my country because I’m educated !!!
            What kind of argument is that !! There are laws and rights for women and workers… When you say dirty jobs what are they?! It is a mandatory law that they have medical insurance and no one can hold their passport it’s illegal and their payroll must be provided by law .. Infact you can not get a worker without providing them with medical insurance and their permits will not be processed without doing so and I myself don’t have medical insurance because I’m entitled to free health care..
            No we are not afraid of Shias or anyone else for that matter but we know what they are up to and we will not sit there waiting for it .. Look at all the countries the Shias intervened in and what they have become (Iraq-Syria-Lebanon-yemen) we just want to be a normal prosperous country that’s our goal ..but ofcourse your going to say we will not acheive it .. All they want is destruction..

            Saudi Arabia has over 2.5 million Syrians living in it with 141 thousand of them receiving free education and over 1 million Yeminis with 285 thousand of them receiving free education

            Anyways, here I am .. a normal Saudi citizen inviting you for a free tour and stay even though you seem too shy to tell me where you are from .. Maybe you’re too civilized for facts.. I rest my case

          • Status

            An invitation to Saudi Arabia is something I would look down upon. It would be an insult to travel to a country where there is a still a heavy sectarian religious divisions that is predicated (in your own words) by a body of religious people of which “All they want is destruction..”

            This kind of thinking is why there will never be peace in the middle east. The quran is a contributing cause to the mess, and from it no regional peace can come.

            Even Ireland, with their violent sectarian past, is a much more beautiful, more peaceful place to visit than Saudi Arabia.

          • stallion999

            You’re a person of reason and experiment yet you “look down upon it” that says a lot doesn’t it.
            And when I said they wanted destruction I was referring to the Shia Governments.. The whole Shia belief is a stuck political contradicts itself and contradicts Religion itself.

          • Oh well someone need to read my words again, I said since you are educated I was hoping you would be open up to facts.

            And thanks for the invitation, been there not once but twice and not exactly keen on going there again.

            And it’s a fact, GCC countries aren’t known for their treatment for foreign worker. Look it up yourself, but of course you would think that its all false, all foreign worker lives happily there but that is the fact because I saw it with my own eyes.

            “All they want is destruction” so supporting Al-Qaeda is a way to avoid it? Then KSA is as destructive as those Shia in Tehran, also ever heard of a town called Al-Awamiyah? You don’t have to go to Syria to see destruction, just look at a town within Saudi Arabia, it was destroyed to pieces by your own Army, just because they suspect that Shia population there being unloyal to the Kingdom. They kill their own people and razed their own city, the Sauds were no better than Hezbullah and IRGC.

            Lol according to UN, Saudi Arabia only received 500.000 refugees from Syria, and I would believe reputable international organization than heavily censorsed Saudi Media or their officials.

            Given that you didn’t addressed some of the fact that I gave to you, it seems you realized that what I said it’s true. It’s a matter of time before Saudi people realize that their leaders are nothing but a corrupt people.

            Lastly I will give you this hadith.

            أَفْضَلُ الْجِهَادِ كَلِمَةُ عَدْلٍ عِنْدَ سُلْطَانٍ جَائِرٍ أَوْ أَمِيرٍ جَائِرٍ

          • Status

            I’m not upset that the Saudi’s political system is built on the believe in a god. That’s a disadvantage of the Saudi political system is that they don’t like to be reminded that you can easily undermine their system by pointing out the holes and hypocrisies in their religion.

          • stallion999

            Hypocrisies are in Humans and human nature .. not Religion .. that’s like saying math sucks because you failed a math test..

          • I would go to Saudi Arabia, but up until now it was the toughest country to gain access as a tourist. It seems there is a shed of light that this will change, but for now, it’s easier for me to go to North-Korea..

        • Status

          Saudi Arabia’s HDI is ranked nearly 40 positions lower than the best western nation. You’re a liar, and I will speak on your nations poor standard of living as easily as I will speak of the inferior bronze age religion on which your nation’s foundation is built.

          • stallion999

            I spoke about my standard of living .. I’m entitled to free schools, universities, health care and we don’t have income tax. This is for all Saudi Citizens .. HDI index doesn’t mention how many homeless people there are in those “best western nations” but I can tell you there is not one homeless person in Saudi Arabia .. you can speak all you want and live your golden age and I will live mine..

          • ” but I can tell you there is not one homeless person in Saudi Arabia”

            Tell that to Shia Saudi or non Arab decent Saudis.

  • smartacus

    Virgin is such a misnomer.
    These two q-baits aren’t
    even virgins to each other.

  • stallion999

    who was killed again ?! I don’t think being confined for investigation in the Ritz Carlton is torture..when you say bankrolling don’t throw it like that .. provide evidence.. again .. facts please

    • Prince Masour bin Murqin, Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd.

      Confined for investigation then you get hung upside down then get a beating does sound like torture to me, and we all know that MbS even flown mercenaries to torture this people. In case there is Saudis who refuse or leak the story.

      Then what you gonna called supplying arms, training and intelligence to Jabhat Al-Nusra or know known as Tahrir al-Sham, which is still is part of Al-Qaeda Syrian branch. And this is a facts that your Saud controlled media won’t tell you.

  • stallion999

    Still you just keep rambling nonsense with no evidence..
    The whole term “Wahabbism” was unknown to Sunnis was first used by Shia journalists and picked up by the rest of the media and your just following them .. as for the refugees, the entire population of Saudi Arabia is around 32.6 Million with 12.2 Million foreigners that comprise 37% of the population and the criticism will not stop .. when I give you facts you call me obnoxious .. If I look down up anyone I wouldn’t be talking to them .. I tell you that we are moving forward peacefully and want to be a normal prosperous country and you don’t like that.. I’m guessing you prefer chaos in the name of revolution .. Iran tried that .. where is it now and what are the standards of living for it’s people ?

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