Adam Levine Samples Porsche Mission E Concept, Moves Like Jagger

Porsche aficionado and singer/songwriter/Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine recently got the chance to drive the Mission E, and despite feeling as if electric vehicles in general lack “a soul”, he was extremely impressed.

Unlike Mark Webber, who drove a Mission E prototype at the German automaker’s test track in Weissach, Levine experienced the concept car, which looks a lot more spectacular.

At one point, he asked the driving instructor sitting next to him about how much power the car is putting down, and didn’t exactly get a straight answer. In reality, it’s over 600 HP thanks to the two electric motors, not unlike those used by the 919 Hybrid race car.

The Mission E concept is allegedly able to get from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than 3.5 seconds, while offering more than 500 km (310 miles) of all-electric range.

Once the production car arrives, it will act as a direct rival to the Tesla Model S, with rumors claiming that there will be an entry-level version with around 400 HP as well as a mid-level one with 536 HP. If that’s true, then it’s quite possible that the flagship model will indeed produce in excess of 600 horses.

The Porsche Mission E is expected to go into production sometime next year.

  • Six_Tymes

    good fun advertisement


  • S3XY

    And it won’t look anything like that.

    • Matt

      It will look like the Mission E Cross Turismo which Porsche revealed at the Geneva motorshow.

  • TheBelltower

    Love the car. Hate the desperate marketing. Adam Levine… really? Clearly there’s some marketing director at Porsche who gets the moistees over this guy, and worked it into a campaign so she (or he) could meet him. Because he makes no sense in this.

  • Bash


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