FCA Recalling 4.8 Million Vehicles Over Cruise Control That Might Not Turn Off

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling approximately 4.8 million vehicles in the United States as the company has determined an “unlikely sequence of events” could prevent the cruise control system from being deactivated.

According to the automaker, someone has to be driving one of the affected models with the cruise control system activated. The system would then need to increase the speed of the vehicle at the same time there’s a short-circuit in a “specific electrical network.” If this occurs, the driver may discover they cannot cancel the cruise control system.

While this would be pretty scary, FCA says drivers can overpower cruise control acceleration by using the vehicle’s brakes. The company also notes drivers can shift the car into neutral and then brake accordingly. Regardless of which option is used, cruise control will be cancelled once the car is put in park.

In a statement, FCA’s Chief Technical Compliance Officer and Head of Vehicle Safety & Regulatory Compliance for the NAFTA region said “Notwithstanding the extraordinary circumstances that must exist before a customer would experience a problem, we are taking this action because we are fully committed to vehicle safety.” Mark Chernoby went on to say “We have a remedy and a widespread network of engaged dealers who are preparing to deliver service.”

FCA will be notifying customers next week and the company recommends that owners don’t use the cruise control system until their vehicle has been equipped with updated software to correct the problem. That being said, the company is unaware of any injuries or accidents related to recall even though affected models have clocked over 200 billion miles (321 billion km).

The recalled vehicles are equipped with gasoline engines and automatic transmissions from the following models years:

2015-17 Chrysler 200 sedan
2014-18 Chrysler 300 sedan
2017-18 Chrysler Pacifica minivan
2015-18 Dodge Challenger coupe
2014-18 Dodge Charger sedan
2014-18 Dodge Journey CUV
2014-18 Dodge Durango SUV
2014-18 Jeep Cherokee SUV
2014-18 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV
2018 Jeep Wrangler
2014-19 Ram 1500 pickup
2014-18 Ram 2500 pickup
2014-18 Ram 3500 pickup
2014-18 Ram 3500 cab chassis
2014-18 Ram 4500/5500 cab chassis

FCA also notes additional vehicles are being recalled in Canada, Mexico and other markets. The recall also affects the Fiat Fremont which is a rebadged version of the Dodge Journey.

  • TrevP

    Come on FCA. Get your shit together.

    • LeStori

      Software glitch. Seems to have been found in “simulation” testing. If you think that any modern vehicle with computers systems is bug free then …

      • TrevP

        I understand its a software glitch, and there are several reports of it actually happening. So I am not sure what you are trying to insinuate. It was just a funny comment, or at least I thought.

    • brn

      FCA has their shit together.

      FCA has long had a brake override system. They had the same acceleration issue as Toyota (used the same parts), but it was mitigated by the brake override.

      Also, you’ll notice a short circuit is required as part of the condition for this specific issue.

    • Ed Ward

      Chrysler is too busy being sabotaged by Fiat ( in the name of Alfa Romeo and Maserati) to get their shit together.

      • LWOAP

        Too bad. I stole their money now deal with it. While your precious 300, Challenger, and Charger rot, I’m going to be unveiled soon in a new coupe version and maybe a liftback. U mad?

        • Ed Ward

          Lmao, who’s buying your trash? No matter what Sergio do, no one will buy. Oh, and I’m a JAGUAR Guy, I’m never mad, I’m too happy enjoying British machinery.

          • LWOAP

            Lmao, who’s buying your trash?

            More people than those buying the outdated POS over at Chrysler and Dodge. Cry moar though. Your tears soothe me. 🙂

    • LWOAP

      No. I like breaking down repeatedly and given you headaches. 😉

  • aaronbbrown

    Do not buy a Chrysler unless you want you and your family to die.

    • ChrisInIL

      That’s FCA’s new tag line across all brands.

    • Six_Tymes

      obviously its not driving itself, but not much different from a autonomous uber system

      • Sébastien

        Well Pacifica are the base for Phoenix Waymo’s fleet 🙁

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