Jeep Wrangler ‘Call Of Duty’ Special Is Fitted With Humongous Wheels

Yes, we are very aware that Jeep has an entirely new Wrangler out, but this special edition model steps out of the ordinary.

Based on the previous iteration, it’s called the Wrangler Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Special Edition.

That’s quite a long name indeed, but that’s because Jeep launched it a few years ago to celebrate the launch of the popular shoot ’em up video game.

Back then, the SUV featured special graphics on the front fender and spare tire cover, a front bumper with built-in winch, a custom hood, locking differentials, two-speed transfer case and live axles. So, in theory, it could conquer some steep slopes.

Special embroidered seats that add the ‘Call of Duty‘ logo can be found inside, along with a numbered dash plate.

So, why is it here again? Well, that’s because it has received a few other upgrades, signed by Brians Motorsports in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Also known as BMS Offroad, the tuner fitted this Jeep with custom green LED headlamps and roof-mounted light bar, and “other suspension modifications”.

Finally, they added a set of 26×14-inch Forgiato Ventoso-T wheels finished in black and neon green shod with 37-inch tires. While they do look eye-catching (but not necessarily beautiful), we can’t help but wonder how this thing rides on those rims.

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  • Six_Tymes

    Its crazy cool, I enjoy looking at it. BUT, I would not want it as my own to drive

    • Dr Bjorn Von Strangefingger

      More like call of dookie.

      Just because you can, ain’t a license for you should.

  • Oh God, is it own by Florida rapper or Californian celebrity or something.

    • Bash


  • Marty
  • Auf Wiedersehen

    “Jeep Wrangler ‘Call Of Duty’ Special Is Fitted With Humongous Wheels” and rendered utterly useless.

    • Emoto

      Exactly. This is an urban crawler, not a rock crawler. Yuck.

    • flyfish

      I see “Ass Clown” when I look at this. Ridiculous.

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