Tesla Model S Shooting Brake Is Ready To Start Wagon Its Tail

The Tesla Model S has a surprising amount of cargo capacity. If you need more, you need look no further than the Model X crossover. But if what you really wanted was a Model S wagon, you’re in luck. Because one such creation is ready for its big debut.

Designed by Niels van Roij and constructed by RemetzCar, the Model S shooting brake was commissioned by Dutch collector Floris de Raadt.

“The idea was to translate my Tesla Model S into a dynamic and sporty yet elegant Shooting Brake, rather than creating a car with maximum luggage space,” said de Raadt. “Niels van Roij Design developed several options for the conversion, focusing on premium design combined with limited conversion costs: thus making coach building available for a larger group of connoisseurs.”

The same outfit that built a hearse based on the same, RemetzCar kept the core structure of the electric sedan in tact, right down to the crumple zones. But it developed a new tailgate, with a rear spoiler and hidden wiper and brake light. It also fitted a bold strip of chrome to make it look that much sportier. And it painted this first example in a gold-flecked green.

This won’t be the only example it will make, though. Following its debut next month at the International Concours d’Élégance Paleis Het Loo in the Netherlands, RemetzCar will build as many as 20 units. That is, assuming enough customers step forward with cash in hand.

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Location shots by Luuk van Kaathoven, studio shots by Mayster

  • Jay

    Would look a lot better with out all that chrome in the back.

    • salamOOn

      they needed break down that massive C-pillar somehow….

      • Jay

        More metal or glass would’ve been fine imo.

  • TheHake

    Looks damn nice. But it’s a station wagon, not a shooting brake.

    • rodriguez256

      What’s the difference? Too be honest I have never been able to figure out what a shooting brake is. Real question by the way.

      • TheHake

        A Shooting Brake is a station wagon with 2 doors, not 4.

        • rodriguez256

          Oh ok, that makes it a lot easier to identify. Why the name though, if I may ask?

          • TheHake

            In the olden times the “wagon” type car was used to carry hunters (shooters) with their equipment and whatever they shot. The “brake” was an old term for cars (which was carried over from buggies used to break-in horses). Nowadays it’s just a funky name for sporty station wagons as there are few (if any) real shooting breaks being produced.

          • rodriguez256

            Thank you, I honestly would’ve never known that. I’ve seen the term on here so many tones but was afraid to ask without looking like an amateur lol if that makes sense.

          • TheHake

            Nobody knows everything (except Google). And I’m sure you know other stuff that most on here don’t, so it’s ok to ask! 😉

          • rodriguez256

            Lol thanks

      • ProtectOurHeritage

        Examples: Ferrari FF, Reliant Scimitar GTE and Volvo 1800ES.

  • ProtectOurHeritage

    I guess those who rely too heavily on Tesla’s autonomous features will be pleased to hear this company also does a Tesla hearse.

    • bxniels0

      They don’t have autonomous features. They don’t seem to even have AEB. That’s the problem. But yes, a complete package.

  • mikes

    looks like they replaced the front bumper in the process too (too bad), this appears to be a pre-autopilot car. The color is seriously pretty

  • stelvio
    • TheHake

      Agreed… but in this case it actually goes pretty well with the BR Green.

  • Autoexperte
    • Six_Tymes

      yeah, the rear lights are pretty much the same

      • Autoexperte

        and the British racing green and British locations for the shooting

  • It’s not cheap though, I heard the conversion cost 200k GBP+, beside the base Tesla.

  • Autoexperte
  • wait a minute

    If you google Tesla shooting brake there seems to be more out there.

    • Ah yes this is the work of UK specialist Qwest. Funny story, the owner is a dog lover and complained that his dog don’t like the cramped Tesla boot, he tell his friends who owned the company and just propose why don’t you make an estate out it, and he duly agreed. This one is cheaper though, only 70k GBP.

      Also annoyingly, this car is also called shooting brake.

  • Six_Tymes

    looks good

  • TheHake


  • SteersUright

    Looks awesome. Job very well done.

    EDIT: just saw that massive slab of chrome on the side window treatment. No way. That has to be redone and far better integrated into the car’s original design. From the front to the rear window you can actual see a big difference in thickness in the window chrome treatment. C’mon guys…

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