Used Jaguar XE Models Are Finally Affordable, But Should You Buy One?

When it comes to depreciation, it rarely hits harder than it does in the automotive industry, which is already charging us way too much whenever we buy retail.

Let’s take the Jaguar XE for example, which is still a relatively new nameplate. It’s only been around for three years and has spent the better part of that time holding onto its value surprisingly well, based purely on its novelty factor and brand image. Fair warning, overpriced cars are a bit of a pet peeve for me.

I actually welcome anybody to explain to me why, as recently as last year, you would have spent nearly twice (TWICE) as much on a used XE, as you would have on an F30 BMW 3-Series. Sure, the Jaguar would have less miles on the clock but unless you want to throw your morals out the window, there’s no way you can justify dropping $30,000 on a car that’s in no way better than the previously mentioned Bimmer.

Now, depending on where you live, you’re bound to pay different prices for a used XE, which thankfully got with the program in recent months. In fact, used XEs have depreciated in similar fashion to the W205 C-Class, which is interesting.

But since the BMW 3-Series is often considered the benchmark when it comes to premium sports sedans, I feel as though we have an obligation to judge any (newer) competitor by the F30’s standards, retail or not.

You can finally talk yourself into buying the Jag

Trust me, I’ve driven the XE and while there are several aspects I like, such as the front 3/4 styling, dashboard design and the driving dynamics, to go as far as to call it superior (a strong word) in any way to the 3-Series is more than a stretch. They’re comparable, and that’s actually a compliment to the Jaguar.

So if you really want one, know that you can now start picking them up for under $30,000 in the U.S., under £20,000 in the UK and just over €20,000 in Germany. They’re still more expensive than an equivalent 3-Series, but now at least the debate makes sense.

In the meantime, check these three cars out:

Reasonably priced XE 25t in the U.S. – 31,000 miles, $24,000
Reasonably priced XE 20d in the UK – 35,000 miles, £16,000
Reasonably priced XE 20d in Germany – 52,000 km, €22,800

On average, they haven’t been driven all that much, and once you factor in the badge (some people really love Jags) and that mean-looking exterior, well, you should understand what I meant by the debate making sense now. It’s a justifiable purchase by comparison to the cheaper F30 3-Series, and sometimes that’s all you need in order to pull the trigger and hand over your hard earned cash.

To be fair, I did notice a few downsides with the XE, such as the how the infotainment system isn’t as snappy as what you get in rivals from BMW, Audi or Mercedes, or how you don’t exactly get ample knee room in the back. Another issue I have, although this is strictly personal, is with the rear end design. Unless your XE features a red exterior, those massive bulbous taillights will stick out like two sore thumbs. It’s the exact opposite of sleek. I think they should have went with thin taillights like on the F-Type, but hey, nobody put me in charge.

In the end, this piece is just about spreading the world. Until recently, the Jaguar XE stood heavily overpriced on the used car market. Now, it’s priced similarly to an equivalent MY Audi A4 or a Mercedes C-Class – great news for any Jaguar enthusiast looking to land one as cheaply as possible.

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Photos: Sergiu Tudose / CarScoops

  • Carenthusiast

    No, thanks

    • Dr Strangefingger

      I agree. No way.

  • LeStori

    In the UK there are 1027 approved used Jaguars XE for sale. 17 Cars per million people. I looked at the Australian figures and there are exactly 23 approved used XE Jaguars for sale. Less than 1 car per million people. We are spoilt for choice in Australia….

  • Nordschleife

    I would say no overall but I do like the XE. It’s another vehicle where without the right wheels it looks extra cheap.

  • Pankaj Tayal

    I totally agree with your point about xe’s rear end design it is out of sync with overall design of the car . Largely due to those ugly rear lights . But to me whole package is not anywhere near the German compition except driving dynamics .

  • Kash

    The 3 series used to be considered the benchmark in performance, not pricing, and just because the price of a C-class or XE, or whatever other car doesn’t follow the 3’s doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it just means supply and demand is not with the 3-series. If people are willing to pay the price for the C-class or XE that tells me the demand is there and people prefer those cars over the 3 series, at least when it comes to the used market.

    Times change, as does the status quo and it seems that has changed long ago, even the G70 is getting glowing reviews as it gets prepped to hit US showrooms, some have even gone as far as to call it the car with a chassis better than any German sled on the market today, and the car the Germans used to make, namely BMW. The compact luxury sedan market has become a very hectic grab for sales, where every brand wants to offer the best car they can, and a lot of brands are offering cars better than the 3 series and C-class. Even the Kia Stinger is being put above some BMW’s and Audi’s in recent reviews.

  • brn

    No. I’m not buying a used 3-series either. I don’t want the headache of either.

  • TheHake

    Bugger this. When is the F-Type becoming affordable???

  • SteersUright

    A Jag on the outside and a Corolla on the inside. When will Jag learn? With a name like Jaguar people expect it all to be beautiful, the engine sound and performance, the interior, the exterior…

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