Awesome Thanos Mod For GTA V Comes With Working Infinity Gauntlet

Gaming fans rejoice! You now have the privilege of causing mayhem by controlling the Mad Titan himself in Grand Theft Auto V, and it should be a real blast.

Of course, it’s Ebony Maw who should be making these types of introductions, not us, but you get the gist of it. The greatest ever Marvel villain portrayed on-screen is now available in GTA V thanks to JulioNIB, and he even comes equipped with the immensely powerful, reality-altering Infinity Gauntlet.

In case you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War, fear not, we’re not going to spoil it for you, although it would be a miracle if you haven’t already ran into major spoilers in social media.

But let’s assume you know what the Infinity Gauntlet is and how it connects to the Infinity Stones and the gauntlet wearer. In this mod, it can be controlled using GTA V’s weapon toggle screen, so instead of opting for hand-to-hand combat, a pistol, a machine gun or any other man-made firearm, you can choose between the Reality, Space, Power, Time, Mind or Soul Stone.

By far our favorite has to be the Reality Stone, with regards to this mod. You can use the gauntlet in GTA V to turn people and cars into either drops of water or animals.

Check out the 8-video playlist below to see just how much destruction you can cause with Thanos in GTA V (hint: huge).


  • Six_Tymes

    i dont play the game, but that is pretty neat

  • benT

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    • Status

      Ohh! Someone thinks they’re a digital imagery expert after reading a listicle!

      • Jay

        this dude has a few bolts loose. who rants on something so random? writes like a bot who thinks they pass for intelligent.

      • benT

        computer science since 1972

        • Status

          Nah, I don’t believe that. At best, you assemble computers for people. I very much doubt you’ve touched a dip switch or done any soldering in your life.

          • Jay

            its sad when a person is so whacked out of their gourd they write like a bot down to the copy and paste. I hope they either get on meds or off of them. He is certainly on a spectrum.

          • benT

            ICL 1902T
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          • Status

            Anyone could have googled them, lets see some credentials. Also, lets see some sentence structure. You type like someone with aspergers.

          • benT

            put yours out there.
            In many places on this forum I have clearly stated sources and background.
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      • benT

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    • brn

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      As for GIF, there’s nothing about GIF that favors “drawn images”. It can be shown that jpg compresses better. I can also be shown that GIF compresses better. It depends on what you’re needing to compress. Depending on the number of colors in the image, GIF can be lossless.

      • Jay

        He is the worst kind of moron, one who thinks he’s smart and interjects a random uninformed rant no one asked for;

      • benT

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        • brn

          Limited release in 1990. Full release in 1991. Code was released openly in 1993.

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      • benT

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  • iea96

    This is exactly the content I’ve been expecting from an automotive news source.

    • Six_Tymes


  • Pedro Pereira

    How does this relate to cars?

  • Christian


  • Jason Panamera

    Same thing i read today on BuzzFeed, TMZ and PerezHilton…

  • Infinite1

    Pretty neat

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