Honda CR-V Smashes Into Two Stationary Vehicles On Texas Freeway

An accident that took place late May 2018 in Conroe, Texas, saw an out-of-control Honda CR-V smash into two stationary vehicles occupying the freeway shoulder.

Even though we don’t know what caused the crash, we’re all aware of the dangers faced by motorists who pull over on the shoulder, for whatever reason. Ideally, you’re supposed to be able to stop and fix issues such as flat tires, or perhaps wait for a tow truck if you’re unable to repair the car yourself.

The thing is, you’re still in a vulnerable position, especially if someone loses it or is distracted and, thus, unable to stop in time. Besides, an emergency warning triangle can only do so much.

Here’s what happened, in the words of the person who submitted the dashcam footage:

“A motorist pulled onto the shoulder of I-45 in to change a flat tire during the morning rush hour. While waiting for assistance, the motorist of the disabled vehicle was sitting on the concrete barrier next to his vehicle. An out of control vehicle came crashing into the rear of the disabled vehicle pushing it back onto the freeway. Luckily the stranded motorist was able to jump out of the way at the last second narrowly avoiding being crushed in the collision. The vehicle who rear-ended the stranded motorist continued on down the shoulder to rear-end another motorist who had stopped to help the stranded motorist.”

The fact that it was rush hour could indicate that perhaps the person driving the CR-V was in a hurry and attempted to overtake all first lane vehicles by climbing on the shoulder, unaware there were multiple stationary cars there.

It’s a good thing nobody was currently working on fixing that flat tire at the moment of impact – and close to a miracle that no one was hurt in the double crash.

  • Thunderbolt

    You call that rush hour ?, damn, should have come to Southern California and experience the real rush hour.

    • kachuks

      I love Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

    • Moveon Libtards

      Yup, “environmental California” and its massive traffic jams and smog…

    • Ron

      They wouldn’t have been going fast enough in SoCal rush hour to cause a scratch.

  • Moveon Libtards
  • bloggin

    I bet it’s because they had AutoPilot on at the time!!!

    Oh wait…it’s not a Tesla. Dang…could it really be the driver’s fault??

    • LeStori

      Other cars do not need autopilot to create accidents. They just use the standard Organic Intelligence system “installed” in most cars.No need for fancy electronics at all.

    • Six_Tymes

      No, its autopilots fault anyway. lol

  • LeStori

    Out of control or trying to use the service lane to pass stopped cars?

    • Alfa Giulia QV

      I’m going to assume the latter.

      • Jay

        Yep, definitely doesn’t look out of control to me.

    • Infinite1

      Using it to pass stopped cars or cars that were driving too low for the driver

  • Six_Tymes

    Take the driver licence Away from that idiot

  • Bo Hanan

    Female driver-
    She saw the car (with no tail lights) on the shoulder and assumed it was moving.
    She thought “I’ll do what they’re doing.”
    She never saw the people sitting on the barrier
    She never saw the car in front of the Civic with lights flashing.

    • Ron

      All while texting her bestie and checking her makeup.

  • The safety rule is that you keep very far away from your parked, disabled vehicle. The reason for this is the exact reason that occurred. Distracted or idiot drivers could hit your car, and you with it, also flying debris or your car could hit you from the impact. Those people waiting outside their Honda Civic are lucky to be alive.

  • TheBelltower

    If you have a flat, drive to the next exit. Stopping on the side of a highway that has a concrete barrier is the dumbest thing you can do.

  • danno

    There was a bang just before the CRV appears – like a collision before the main event. Wonder what that was?

    • NissLover

      Exactly what I heard and am wondering. You can see the guy sitting on the barrier wince when he heard that noise and thats when he looked up and saw the CR-V just about to hit the Civic. Seems something happened before, maybe the CR-V hit someone else as well. The dashcam driver isn’t telling the whole story.

  • NissLover

    It actually seems as if the CR-V may have clipped the dashcam car… just as you hear the sound preceding the impact with the Civic, you kind of see the dashcam car jolt ever so slightly.

    Also way to go rubber-necking in the dashcam car, who slowed almost to a stop unnecessarily after the cars ahead picked up speed.

  • NissLover

    I live in Houston and I rarely see anyone pass on the shoulder, can’t even recall a specific scenario. It looks like they were using the should to buffer under hard braking to avoid smacking the car ahead of it, but had time to get back in lane once they realized a car was stopped on the shoulder. I seems the CRV driver just wasn’t paying attention and swerved to avoid hitting the car with the dashcam and unfortunately didn’t know why traffic was slowing. But kudos to the dashcam car for rubbernecking and coming almost to a complete stop when the traffic ahead of him had picked up.

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