BMW 8-Series Coupe Software Can Be Updated Via Your Smartphone

The long-awaited BMW 8-Series Coupe is officially out of the bag and on first impressions, it appears to be everything we were hoping for.

Featuring a sexy and evocative design, as well as two impressive powertrain options, the 8-Series Coupe will certainly leave some Mercedes executives sweating. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the 8-Series is its new ConnectedDrive software, detailed in this video.

If 8-Series owners have a smartphone with an NFC chip, they’ll be able to simply place their phone alongside the door handle to gain access. Once their phone is placed on the wireless charging pad, the car can be started. However, this isn’t the most important aspect of ConnectedDrive.

With the 8-Series, BMW has introduced a seamless over-the-air update system for the vehicle. When new software is released, owners can use WiFi to download it on their phone. The car will then connect to the smartphone the next time it is turned on and will pre-install the new software. It then just takes 20 minutes for a full installation before it’s good to go.

As recently as last month, BMW Group’s head of digital services, Dieter May, said the automaker was still finalizing its strategy for over-the-air updates.

“We are still working on our strategy. We are deciding which pieces of software can be updated over the air and how – at home using your local LAN or using the SIM embedded in the car,” May told Automotive News Europe.

  • Mike anonymous

    So I just wanted to maintain a few important things here.

    #1, Has no one noticed that the vehicles being shown are the M8 & the 8-Series With the M package. The Normal Version (which has a different front end and different belt line color/accent.). The Normal version of the vehicle has yet to be shown by the company

    #2, When he says at home, the beach, or the club,.. He’s not at home, he’s definitely not at a beach, and surely not at a club (a good one at least).

    #3,… this may come in conflict with #1 but hopefully you will all agree with me on this. There are 3 versions of the 8 Series. The NORMAL coupe (the regular model) has NOT been revealed or shown yet (at least in any official photographs). The M package 8 series has been shown off currently. And the M8 (the true M8, has also yet to be shown).

    I’ve put the 3 next to each other so you can see the difference.

    Anyways, just though I should put this up here amongst all of the 8 series news. I will wait to see the normal version of the 8 Series, but to be honest, so far I am quite disappointed in BMW. I don’t care what kind of numbers the vehicle can do, or what it’s nunbrgring ring time is, or any of that. This vehicle (to those who loved the 8 series during it’s last and previous generation during the 90’s), is NOT (at least in my personal opinion), a worth update to the 8 series and is disappointing to say the least when it comes to this vehicle. This is NOT a proper 8 series. I didn’t come here to rant or anything, just point out some things and state my personal opinion.

    I’d love to hear what you all think about this.

    • Honda NSX-R

      Which one of these pics is the M8? I think I’m seeing two of the M850i and 1 regular 8 Series.

      • Mike anonymous

        The One on the upper left it the Regular 8 Series. The One on the upper right is the M850i, and the M8 is on the bottom.

        The reason I think the one on the bottom is the M8 are is due to some additions (Typically seen on BMW “M” vehicles) to like the “M8-kit” it has (seen in the lower front bumper)

        I tried to circle them here. The difference can be seen (usually) in the lower “bumper” area of the vehicle facia. Please excuse my bad and uneven “circling”, I’m not the best at it. Hopefully this helps 👍

        • Honda NSX-R

          I can see the difference now, it’s got the bigger front lip. Thanks for pointing it out! But it seems like they also have the same wheels…interesting

  • Autoexperte

    Toyota won the 24 hours of Le Mans with great lap times
    Why is this site just advertising VW and not reporting on Le Mans?

    • Alfa Giulia QV

      Will you stop? They’re going to get to it. Jeez. You’re being a baby.

    • Matt

      It’s not a motorsport site, but we know, you love Toyota.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Yay!! Oh wait, I’m not even in the market for a new 8 Series, why do I care? :/

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Is it gonna need updated often? So now cars are becoming just drive-able wifi devices.

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