Fight Over Car Leads To Man Stuck On Hood Of Mercedes Traveling 70 MPH

Just when you thought Florida couldn’t get any crazier, a video has surfaced showing a man on the hood of a Mercedes traveling at approximately 70 mph (112 km/h) on I-95.

According to CBS Miami, the incident occurred on July 24th at around 8 pm local time. The video doesn’t provide much context but, it was filmed by Daniel Midah who told the station, the car was being driven by a women who was also talking on her phone. If that wasn’t dangerous enough, it appears the woman was also talking to the guy on the hood.

Midah went on to say the situation blew his mind as he’s “never seen anything like that.” He also noted “The strangest thing of all, is that both rider and driver seemed calm – like it was no big deal.”

Midah reportedly called 911 and gave police the Mercedes‘ license plate number. This apparently helped them find the people involved.

This being Florida, the craziness doesn’t stop there. Local 10 interviewed Junior Francis who was the 22-year old man filmed on the hood of the Mercedes C-Class. He is 24-year old Patresha Isidore’s “on-again, off-again boyfriend” and also the father of their five-year old child.

According to Francis, they jointly own the Mercedes and both needed to use the car on Sunday night. Isidore reportedly rushed to the car to take it, so Francis jumped on the hood in an effort to prevent her from driving away.

Isidore had other plans and drove off with Francis on the hood. This promoted Francis to call police as he held onto the hood for dear life. There’s no word on how long Francis was on the hood, but he eventually got the keys out of the ignition.

Police caught up to Isidore and arrested her for exposing a person to harm. Interestingly, Francis didn’t want to press charges and refused to provide a sworn statement.

Note: This video contains mature and offensive language


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