Jaguar’s Considering Developing An Electric Hypercar

Jaguar may be known first and foremost as a luxury automaker. But along the way, it’s been known to produce some sports cars. Supercars, even. And maybe a new electric hypercar, if the latest reports come to fruition.

“EV is a very elegant solution for an automobile, and that’s transferable from something that’s a city car all the way up to a hypercar,” Dave Shaw, the engineering manager behind the new Jaguar I-Pace, told Motoring. “I think, personally, moving forwards, once people accept that actually there’s more benefits that come with an EV rather than negatives, why would that not work in a hypercar?”

The history of mid-engined Jaguar supercars dates back to the XJR-15 developed with Tom Walkinshaw Racing in the early 1990s. It packed a 6.0-liter V12 in the middle of an industry-first carbon-fiber chassis, and yielded just 53 examples.

Once Jaguar Sport was done with the XJR-15, it moved on to the legendary XJ220. Though initially designed to incorporate a V12 and all-wheel drive, the finished product ended up with a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 driving the rear wheels. It was still one of the fastest supercars of its time, and Jaguar produced 281 of them.

Its mantle laid unclaimed until the company, now under Tata’s patronage, revealed the C-X75 concept in 2010. It was designed to accommodate an advanced turbine hybrid propulsion system, but was subsequently redesigned around a high-specific-output 1.6-liter twin-charged inline-four hybrid powertrain. But aside from a handful of prototypes – some of which were used in the James Bond film Spectre – it was never put into production.

There’s no telling what Jaguar might do with a purely electric hypercar this time around. But the costly platform atop which the new I-Pace is built was designed to be highly scalable, and Jaguar’s been gleaning valuable electric-performance expertise in Formula E. Here’s hoping that if and when the electric hypercar does arrive, it’ll prove worthy of the supercars that came before.

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  • BruceWayne

    No thanks

    • Eythan Aldrich

      then take the bus then -_-

  • I doubt it will happened, Nice halo car yes, but it would be too expensive for Jaguar.

  • LeStori

    The world is awash with supercars, hypercars and SUVs. A hyper/super car idling down the road at 70mph/110kph, which is the legal max speed where I live, is a sad sight indeed. All that power and grip just wasted. A laughing stock on 4 wheels. Almost as bad as driving a SUV.

    • Moveon Libtards

      Almost as sad as the uneducated morons who buy a Tesla only to realize it is all hype and full of quality problems, crash prone, and catches on fire every now and then…

  • Infinite1

    If the C-X75 concept was going to be too expensive to build, then I doubt an electric hypercar would be lucrative for Jaguar to build and sell

    • It was more of Jaguar afraid that they had another XJ220, there are a lot of serious buyer *for* C-X75 concept, which had bladon turbine on it, of course like XJ220 it gets canned in favor of 1,6 litre turbo (albeit developed by Williams) and let’s be frank, even there are petrolheads that would buff on hypercar with small engine. Amazingly more XJ220 parallel appears in form of 2012 recession, which makes a slump in luxury car sales.

      • Infinite1

        I didn’t know that, thanks for the info. I agree with a hypercar with a small engine myself but that’s just me, as long as it performs the way it should to keep the hypercar status.

        • Yeah exactly, I actually found the small engine to be engineering marvel, and Jaguar did ended up making 5 prototypes and let media test it. They are all love it, but in one hand it’s probably the best that C-X75 didn’t end up in production.

          • Infinite1

            It’s beautiful car that you can tell was meticulously designed. What’s your take on why it’s better off not being produced?

          • In my opinion at that time Jaguar is still not financially stable, I had to give a nod to Tata on how they manage JLR but they made a great decision and decide to invest the money to F-Pace, XE and i-Pace.

            I also think that hybrid hypercar market at that time is quite saturated, out of 3. Only LaFerrari that is sold out after their announcement, McLaren need some times to fill the order books and Porsche as well (Although Porsche produced double of P1 and LaFerrari). Then here comes Jaguar, who despite crack history at building hypercar, came out with 1,6 litre turbo hybrid. Definitely tough act to sell to rich petrolheads wannabe (Yeah ironically, I think 1/2 of hypercar buyer is not a proper petrolheads)

            We could also compare it to Aston with One-77 in the same period, it looks great, got heritage, it has (at that time) the most powerful N/A engine for the road and it drives perfectly. Yet they are having tough sell selling them.

            So that’s my take on why it’s probably a good decision for them.

  • Moveon Libtards

    So where is it?

    Reminds me of Tesla STILL promising the Model 3. Yup, sure, ok…

  • kachuks

    How the hell did Bautista fit in that thing?

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