Motorcyclist Flies Over The Trunk Of A Toyota Camry After Crash

Motorcycles and stupidity are a bad combination and that’s especially true when you’re talking about crotch rockets.

Details are limited but this particular clip reportedly comes from the United States and it shows a man with a baseball bat talking to someone on a motorcycle. The person on the bike then takes off and pops a wheelie.

This is where things take a bad turn as the motorcycle crashes into a Toyota Camry that is parked alongside the curb. The motorcycle appears to hit the rear door or rear quarter panel but regardless, the crash sent the rider flying off the bike, over the trunk and onto the concrete.

While we can’t see the impact damage, the crash was severe enough that the rear passenger side tire was pushed on top of the curb. The car’s wheel cover also comes off and it appears that the tire might have been punctured.

As for the rider, they’re seen on the ground in a lot of pain and struggling to get back on their feet. A handful of people arrive to check on the injured person and presumably contact police.

There’s no word on the rider’s condition or any charges that they are facing but the original uploader said the motorcyclist was “speeding and driving crazy through the neighborhood.” Her neighbor is the one seen in the beginning of the clip and he approached the rider with a bat to tell them to knock it off.

This probably wasn’t the best call and it’s not surprising that the motorcyclist wanted to get away from an angry person carrying a baseball bat. While two wrongs don’t make a right, the uploader says police weren’t interested in checking out the video even after being asked twice.

  • willhaven

    n00b without a disciplined right hand lol

  • Alfa Giulia QV

    I have to know what state this was in.

    • Thunderbolt

      blue state.

  • D3X

    The guy walking … “nope, none of my business”.

    • Bo Hanan

      I guess his realizing is something…

  • Paul

    I want to see what the joy boy did to the Camry he hit

  • jaykit

    This reminds me of a scene from any Tarantino movie.

  • Zandit75


    Serves himself right. D1ckheads like this give the rest of the riding community a bad wrap.

  • A Toyota…..Carmy? What?!

    • Letterhead

      Also, flys??

  • robotlogic

    He hit so hard it knocked the hubcap off the opposite side of the car, ouch!

  • Vassilis


  • GobbleUp

    What a dbag friend who walked away.

    • JGreen

      The lady friend didn’t seem to care when he hit the car, then came around and seemed to be angry with him. So maybe they were fighting and he hit the car in anger.

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