Road Rager Attacks Female Driver, Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Road rage is an interesting phenomenon.

Every now and then, we all get a little annoyed at what other drivers do around us but for the most part, that annoyance passes in a few seconds. For some motorists, however, even the most mundane thing can trigger a wave of fury and quite often, this turns into violence. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case here.

You’ve probably seen a recent road rage video we posted of a man getting knocked out cold with a single punch by an angry motorist. Seeing him flop to the ground unconscious wasn’t easy to watch. This video is a lot more satisfying.

The following incident happened in the U.S. and apparently started when the driver of a black Volkswagen Passat brake checked the Mitsubishi Lancer behind him. The video starts from the moment the brakes on the Lancer locked up and it sent smoke into the air.

Wait for it…

At the next traffic light, the Passat owner jumps out and tries to smash the side window of the VW. Thankfully, a pair of male motorists who witnessed the incident shoved the man back into his car, preventing him from potentially spiraling out of control and trying to hurt the female Mitsubishi driver.

It’s unknown if the Mitsubishi driver did something before being brake checked but even if she did, it certainly didn’t warrant this kind of response and it’s rather satisfying watching the man get a taste of his own medicine.

Have you ever been subject to an angry motorist’s fury? Tell us your stories below!


  • Adilos Nave

    Maybe, I mean, hypothetically, maybe the lady shouldn’t have been driving like a jerk. Not saying the guy had a right to try smashing the window in but it’s difficult to say the driver of the Passat was 100% at fault for this. If you have to slam on your brakes so hard that you spew out that much tire smoke, then you’re probably driving like a jerk and deserve what’s coming to you. Tailgaters deserve to be brake-checked.

    • javier

      nah …brake checking sucks period

    • TheBelltower

      I think we might have missed something that prompted the video. The “putting all of our lives in danger” comment suggests that the guy was at fault.

    • Status

      Brake checking is an easily overturned excuse in court, as any prudent motorist would never check their brakes even if they were being tailgated. You NEVER brake check when anyone is behind you, especially if they are tailgating. You will be found at fault, even if you have video evidence of them rear-ending you.

      • Adilos Nave

        What if a squirrel runs out in front of you? You tap on the brakes and the asshole that’s driving one foot off your rear bumper plows into you. How on earth could that possibly be your fault? If you hit the car in front of you, IT’S YOUR FAULT due to following too closely for conditions.

        • D3X

          I think we found another road rager that brake checks.

          • Adilos Nave

            Yes, following so close that I can’t even see your headlights puts me and my passengers in danger of getting crushed. Call it road rage, but it’s a simple gesture to let the person tailgating that I’d appreciate them backing off. Nothing makes my blood boil more than someone riding my bumper when there is absolutely nowhere for me to go and I’m doing nothing wrong.

          • D3X

            Has nothing to do with brake checking. Stop looking at the rear view mirror and drive.

          • Adilos Nave

            I’m not going to change your mind and vice-versa. But if you ride my bumper and are driving aggressively, I’ll brake check you every time. And then you can have a fun time explaining to your insurance company why the accident happened in the first place.

          • D3X

            You realize if you brake check and cause an accident, that you’re actually at fault? I would be rocking a Dashcam, and I’ll gladly send it over to my insurance company.

            Stop brake checking. Period.

          • Status

            If you keep brake checking other drivers, each time you do it will be consequential evidence of your aggressive and non-prudent driving. If the tailgater is driving aggressively, you don’t respond with aggressive driving of your own. I’m sure you were told once in your life that two wrongs don’t make a right.

          • Galaxium

            Seriously, stop this. Motorists like you are the reason why I have a dashcam.

            Brake checking someone to cause an accident would make YOU at fault, especially with video evidence. It would show you’re intentionally endangering others on the road for your own distorted sense of justice. Just because someone else is unsafely driving, doesn’t mean you respond equally.

          • LeStori

            I guess you like being rear ended. A safe driver knows how close cars are around them so that what they can react appropriately. When there is a fool driving too close to me, and I cannot change lanes so that they can have their next accident with someone else, I have to increase my distance to the car in front so that can brake gently to allow for stupidity.

          • Status

            And if you can’t exercise caution and pull over to let the tailgater go, then you can’t call yourself a safe driver, can you now?

            After all, you yourself admitted that “A safe driver knows how close cars are around them so that what they can react appropriately”, and I would put to you to tell us all what is more appropriate: to brake check a tailgater, or to pull over and let them go?

            You can’t counter the poor driving of others with poor driving of your own.

          • Perry F. Bruns

            I’ve got news for you. The rear view mirror was put there for a reason. Admittedly, sometimes it’s best to change lanes to let clowns like the Passat driver be passholes, but telling someone to stop looking in the rear view is only appropriate if they’re doing it so often they aren’t looking through the windshield.

          • D3X

            That’s exactly what I’m telling him to do, seems to care about tailgaters and brake checking rather than appropriate safe driving.

          • Perry F. Bruns

            Oh. Never mind. Carry on, then.

          • Status

            Then why didn’t you pull over and let them pass rather than sitting there and stewing over it? Don’t you have any interest in protecting you and your passengers from their poor driving?

            I hope you’re not one of those drivers who think that letting another motorist force your hand is an admission of defeat.

          • Galaxium

            I agree.

            If someone is driving aggressively against you, JUST LET THEM PASS for your and others’ safety. Maybe they’re in a rush for something.

            I find that nearly all the people who brake check are guys. Probably those with extremely short tempers and feel like they’re getting attacked if someone is riding a bit too close behind them.

        • Status

          If someone is following 1 foot from your bumper, you pull over and let them go.

          If you still insist on brake checking someone, or even playing the non-conditional “squirrel or deer ran out in front of me” bullshit excuse, you would still be at fault as it wouldn’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the person behind you was tailgating. All the police and courts would see would be a rear-ender, the tailgater’s story of your needless and endangering brake checking, and with nothing to corroborate your squirrel story.

          Whats more likely in a judge’s eye? Someone aggressively brake checked, or a squirrel ran across the road. Most people aren’t even aware when they hit a squirrel, and (for me personally) you’d never be the wiser until someone told you that you had run over a squirrel.

          Road-kill isn’t illegal, but brake checking is, especially if you’re trying to interfere with the flow of traffic or endanger someone else’s life.

          • Adilos Nave

            I can’t believe you actually think the police and lawyers/courts would ever say that the person being rear-ended is at fault. Pretty darn sure that’s NEVER happened in court. But you go ahead and believe that bullshit. Will be fun to see you write a big, fat check to repair my car after you smash it.

          • Status

            After you brake check me and endanger the lives of others, my video evidence will stand in my favour. It always has.

          • Adilos Nave

            Again, please share with us prior court cases. Would absolutely love to see them. Why is it when there is a 3 or 4 car pile-up on the highway that the person gets cited for hitting the car in front of them after they themselves have been rear-ended? That’s how insurance claims always work. You hit the car in front of you, it’s your own damn fault. Every single time.

          • Status

            I found another one that is classified as a crime, and if apprehended, the man would be brought before the courts for his brake checking actions that endangered the lives of others drivers.


            You’re not even trying to look for evidence of things that would disprove your ideals, and it must be because it wouldn’t be comfortable for you to do so; and at the thought to being wrong about something you hold dear.

          • Perry F. Bruns

            Honestly, the brake-checking was the least awful of the Highlander driver’s actions in that article.

          • Status

            It still lends credence to the impression that brake checking isn’t done as a preventative act, but as an antagonistic one.

          • Perry F. Bruns

            Fair enough. And I’m not saying that a driver being tailgated shouldn’t just change lanes to get the dangerous idiot in front of them for a good clear shot–err, view. 😉

      • ace_9

        Keep telling yourself that.

        • Status

          I don’t have to. I’ll have the video evidence of their negligence, and all they’ll have is a ridiculous and unprovable story of an squirrel crossing the road.

          Besides, the law here says that if you’re being tailgated and you feel unsafe, you’re obligated to pull over and let them pass. There is nothing in the code about brake checking, and nothing in the legal code that could pass as prudent road behaviour.

          That, and unless you’re driving some hopeless American barge car from the 1970’s without ABS or disc brakes, there is no reason to brake check any car anymore.

          • Adilos Nave

            You also have the video evidence clearly showing you are already in the wrong by following too closely and obviously driving in an aggressive manner. I’d love to see a court case example. Feel free to dig one up. Until then, I’ll brake-check the hell out of you if you ride my bumper while I drive following the laws. If I’m driving the speed-limit or higher on a twisty 2-lane road and you’re right on my bumper, how on earth could you possibly say in your twisted little mind that I’d be at fault? What if a kid’s ball bounced out into the road? Still my fault that you plowed into me? I just don’t understand your logic so please explain.

          • SmartAss💁🏾‍♂️

            You better selectively pick who you brake check. Going through the rest of your life with no teeth isn’t cool.

          • Adilos Nave

            Nah, just carry a baseball bat and 9-iron in the back. I’m not the person driving aggressively and putting other people in danger either. A brake-check generally works at telling the neck beard to back the hell off. I know two wrongs don’t make a right but at the same time, I’m not just going to sit back and accept behavior like that. If my letting off the gas or down-shifting one friggin’ gear causes you to nearly crush the back of my car, don’t you think that’s maybe following too close? If not, then you’re the problem.

          • SmartAss💁🏾‍♂️

            We do live in a gun happy society. Not to mention there are probably more people that can kick your butt and take those tools from you. Look at the douche in the road rage video from about 6 months ago that got his bat taken from him. It’s just best to let it go.

          • Adilos Nave

            It’s a shame so many cowards out there have to hide behind their guns whenever disagreements come up. That’s never going to change unfortunately. As I’ve grown older, I’ve really tried hard to not let things escalate to ever brake-checking. I’ve probably only done it once in over 10 years but was simply pushed beyond what any sane person would accept. Again, hilly and twisty mountain road, going a bit over the speed limit and goon is right on top of me. I can’t pull over or anything so finally gave him a nice tap. And you know what? He backed off.

            Think we’ve exhausted this comment section today!! To those I disagree with, that’s fine. Simply different viewpoints and I respect yours if you’ll respect mine. Be careful out there. All that matters is that you arrive at your destination safe.

          • Status

            Well, if you’re going to be armed and actively looking to get in a fight with other drivers by brake checking them, perhaps you’ll end up like this person:


            Really, there isn’t a single case that can excuse brake checking, as in all 3 of the links I’ve posted show that those who brake check are aggressive drivers who should have their driving privileges and their licences taken away.

            Oh, and the offender was only trying to ‘teach him a lesson’. That kinda shit won’t hold up in court, as I’ve told you before that you can’t respond to bad driving with your own bad driving.

            You want to play tough guy on the road and then turn into a sissy when confronted with the prospect of being at fault for your actions negligent actions, be my guest, and then try to justify your actions in court.

            You don’t teach others lessons on the road. The courts do will, and they will be only to happy to make an example of you.

          • Status

            That’s the thing. You have to prove the unsafe following distance. Since, as printed on your side mirrors, “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”, the brake checker is more likely to over-estimate the distance of the behind them, and as you’re already said you’re eager to do so, be more prone to cause an accident.

            Like I said before, you can’t counter the poor driving of others with your own poor driving. It doesn’t work like that, and since your attention is supposed to be on whats ahead of you, brake checking to cause an accident to those behind you would put you squarely at fault.

            On top of that, you supposed to pull over if someone is tailgating you. It’s the law.

            As for a case that’s before the courts, it didn’t take any effort on my part to find one:

            If anything, the above link and this blog post video shows that those who do brake check are being the aggressor, and that you can’t counter poor driving with poor driving.

          • Adilos Nave

            So I’ve looked at the two articles you shared and the first one definitely doesn’t match up to what you’re claiming. The guy was flying down the road at crazy high speed and then swerving in front of people and then braking. Obviously, he was already in the wrong before ever applying the brakes. Piss poor example there, buddy. The second one is more of the same. I urge you to simply google “rear-ended, fault” and see for yourself how it’s nearly 100% always the following drivers fault. Your examples are akin to a burglar trying to charge the owner’s of the house they’re breaking into for them getting cut by window glass.

  • Christian

    I like the part “WHAT YOU DOING, SHE IS ASIAN!”

    • kachuks

      She wasn’t just any type of Asian lady, she was a “f***ing” Asian Lady, lol. I’m sure the guy didn’t mean it that way but that’s what came out.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Well those two fine chaps certainly cooled the situation with their witty and urbane comments.
    Not that I’m condoning anyone hitting another person’s car.

  • LJ

    She’s a fuckin’ Asian lady. Fantastic.

    • LeStori

      Yep. If she wasn’t an Asian lady then all bets are off. Not sure why the ethncity of the woman was so important to this fellow. A thing for Asian women?

  • LeStori

    Lets use our phone to film whilst driving. That’s safe. And presumably the only reason this guy helped because he has a thing for Asian women other wise why would you makea comment about the ethnicity of the female driver?

  • cooper

    Old man needed his knees kicked in sideways.

  • cooper

    100% change that old man is a trumpkin.

  • Knotmyrealname

    Errrrr, is that guy videoing using a mobile phone while driving????

  • Emoto

    I slow down for tailgaters, LOL!

  • Adilos Nave

    You had to break the cardinal rule of leaving comment boards anonymous in order to hopefully get your flawed point across. Bravo, asshat. I’ll be the bigger man here and say you are right about one thing and that is that slamming on your brakes for absolutely no reason at all is definitely a punishable offense. And making two wrongs doesn’t make a right. But the part that bugs me is that you seem to think riding someone’s bumper and driving extremely aggressively lets you off the hook should you run into the person even if all they did was let off the gas. Your own actions lead to the crash. We simply don’t agree on this. It’s not like I go around slamming on my brakes for zero reason but I’ll give a slight tap to illuminate my taillights should someone be following far too closely, thus putting me in harm’s way. You can think what you want and you aren’t changing my view on this subject. I’m not changing yours and that’s fine. Just don’t tailgate me and we are perfectly OK. At least we both love cars. Peace.

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