Watch: Road Rage BMW Driver In Texas Is A Real Tool

A very unusual road rage incident occurred this past week in Austin, Texas, where the driver of a silver E90 BMW 3-Series reportedly hit two cars, ran through a barricade and temporarily made his escape.

Luckily, he was later apprehended after crashing his car, and taken into custody. Witnesses seemed shocked at the man’s behavior, who at one point can be heard screaming: “She needs to move her car, she needs to move her car.”

“He didn’t seem stable. I don’t know what was going through him at that moment but it was really scary because he was trying to push my car through the intersection,” says a woman who got rear-ended.

According to her, the whole ordeal kicked off on Wednesday at 8th and Guadalupe in Austin, that’s where her car was first hit. Then, she says the BMW driver made contact with her SUV again at the intersection of 4th and Guadalupe.

The man went on to honk for five minutes continuously, before backing up, hitting another car, slamming into a barricade and taking off, as reported by Fox46.

“When he finally was able to make a getaway, he did it in a really dangerous way that was kind of swerving and he could have hit a pedestrian or a bike rider,” said the woman.

“His tires are burning out. I mean, you can just smell it. It smells toxic in the road and his car is leaking fluid and this guy is going at it… beeping, honking on the horn non-stop. It was very clear that he was amped up on something, his eyes were bloodshot red. He’s just pretty oblivious to the whole situation. He’s looking at me, right in my eyes and I’m like dude, seriously? So it was very clear he was just not there. He was definitely under the influence of something,” added another witness.

In the end, the man was thankfully arrested before he managed to really hurt someone. We suspect that being charged with leaving the scene of an accident will be the least of his worries.


  • TrevP

    BMW drivers…..

    • PK

      as a bimmer fan myself. i feel embarrassed….

      • TrevP

        haha yep, I actually have an X3 in my garage. I am also embarrassed.

  • Moveon Libtards

    The Liberal bastion of Austin driving a European car says it all.

    Definite tool..

  • DanSemering

    The car that stop it look like a Audi Q5 / Q7

    • TrevP

      its a Q7

  • Knotmyrealname

    It was just MICHGO going out for a drive…..

    • G82FS

      It is not often that I literally laugh out loud at internet posts, but this… Comedy gold!

      • Knotmyrealname


    • BlackPegasus

      😆 I hope he responds to this.

    • PK

      umm gdragon michgo? xD

  • Alfa Giulia QV

    And then people wonder why BMW drivers get a bad rep.

    • PK

      i know right! bmw drivers are like the philadelphia eagles fans! nothing but arrogant and rude!

  • Bob White

    Another American high on opioids.

    • TrevP

      True. This wouldn’t happen on weed

      • Bob White

        Totally agree. I’ve never seen a person on weed start a fight in a bar.

        • TrevP


          • LJ

            I’ll never get the fascination with weed.

          • TrevP

            Have you ever tried it?

          • LJ

            Never had any interest to.

            I had friends who smoked, and it just made them more lazy than they already were.

          • TrevP

            I can understand that. But maybe you should try it for yourself and then you can see what all the fuss with it is about. I use it for back pain and it cures a hangover when needed. If you do some research its amazing how beneficial it actually is. Try not to base an opinion because your friends were lazy asses when they used it. Not everyone is like that.

          • LJ

            No, I get it. To each their own. I’ve seen the medical studies about how it helps pain and anxiety in certain individuals, which is great. I’m lucky that I don’t deal with chronic pain, anxiety, etc. to rely on it medically.

            I’ve never smoked cigarettes, but I’ll have a beer every now and then. I guess my curiosity stems from people needing to alter their reality that makes me wonder how life is for them.

          • TrevP

            Yea that makes sense.

  • rodriguez256

    I’d say that would be worth at the very least a permanent driving band for this guy.

  • Navy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    WTF? Lol

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Ehh, he was just trying to do a burnout.


  • GobbleUp

    D bag.

  • cooper

    Texas values at their finest.

  • LJ

    Maybe he had to shit.

  • BlackPegasus

    Agreed. He needed a good mob beat down. That douchebag punchable face he has makes it easier.

  • Harry Nimmergut

    This is bad, but the worst one I’ve seen recently was on the ABC World News last night. In Calif., the moron that kept slamming into a CRV with his ancient Trailblazer, then getting out and stomping out all the windows of the CRV. He’s in jail, hopefully for a very long time.

  • Christian Wimmer

    This guy does not represent me; a BMW driver.

    And I also use my blinkers and my cooling system is still original! 😉

  • Six_Tymes

    Mental case driver in an old 3, nothing new really. lol

  • Shobin Drogan

    Dude what is up with USA and people driving high, I feel like this happens twice a week.

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