Is $65,000 Crazy Money For A 2019 Ram 1500 Truck?

If you’re in the market for a large, full-size posh pickup truck, the 2019 Ram 1500 definitely fits the bill, but how much should you pay?

At the upper end of the Ram 1500’s range you’ll find the $65,000 Limited model. No question, that’s a lot of money for a regular day-to-day pickup, but when you stop to consider all the features and functionality that come with it, you might just find yourself Googling your closest Ram dealer – or at least that’s how Doug DeMuro feels.

Inside, you’d expect this truck, despite its premium price tag, to have both nice soft materials, as well as hard, cheap plastics, right? Well, not really. Apparently, interior quality on the Ram 1500 Limited is excellent. It almost seems as though there’s leather everywhere and everything features stitches. Even the floor mats are half rubber, half carpeting, for a best of both worlds type of thing.

Other cool (…DeMuro’s favorite word) things include the massive 12-inch portrait style touchscreen infotainment display, the separate buttons for turning on/off your front/rear parking sensors (clever for when towing a trailer) and a great deal more.

On the move, DeMuro found the Ram 1500 Limited to ride just like a luxury SUV thanks to its air suspension with five different ride height settings. He also said that the transmission was smooth and that the cabin is really quiet, unless you really feel like unleashing the truck’s 5.7-liter Hemi V8.


  • charlotteharry57

    To answer the question posed…YES!!! Like CUVs and SUVs, pickups have become WAY overpriced, due to demand…Econ 101. The big question is – when the economy tanks, will all these overpriced vehicles be returned to dealerships due to inability to pay for them? Happened in 2007-08. Folks have WAY too short a memory. And are basically stupid.

    • Justin Spencer

      Doesn’t that comes down to smart financial planning on the individuals part more than anything? It’s no different than buying anything else for $65,000 that you can’t really afford!

  • blue adidas

    $65k to look like a total redneck? This is a lottery winner’s wet dream. No thank you.

    • Mike Sinyaboot

      Ummm, millions of people work for a living and make good money. Ford is on pace to sell 1 million F150s this year and they average $50k. Don’t be mad that others can afford nice things while you drive around in your rusted, 20 year old Miata.

      • blue adidas

        A Dodge Ram is trashy. I don’t consider this to be in the category of “nice things.” I would gladly take a nicely preserved 20 year old Miata over this.

        • Mike Sinyaboot

          While I am not a fan of previous generations of Dodge Rams, this new model is on a different level. It is good looking and in higher specs, a luxury car. A 10 year old Ram is not in the category of “nice things” I suppose. However, it is moronic to say this new Ram, that has the same tech as any number of full on luxury cars, is not a “nice thing”.

          Besides, you are completely ignoring why these luxury pickups exist…..Millions of people have jobs. Jobs in various trades. A lot of these people make a good living. They drive decent distances between jobs and they want to be comfortable. I recently switched jobs and I am debating the switch from an S3 to one of the big 3 pickups. I can’t afford both a daily driver and car for fun. A fully loaded Ram would be a nice compromise. I would much rather keep my S3 but that may not be in the cards.

          I wonder how a person would transport all of their tools and job materials in the back of a well preserved Miata. While I don’t mind Miatas, the MX-5 RF is a good looking car, it is a completely useless automobile. Its not a bad second car but that is it.

          • blue adidas

            I don’t really own a Miata and would never suggest that one could take the place of a pickup. Keep your S3. Awesome car. Or consider a SQ3. Though if you need to haul lots of stuff, the F150 is an incredible pickup. I’ve talked myself into, and then out of a Raptor several times. But the Ram is the first choice of the brodozer, coal burnin’ class of guys. It’s always been a dumb looking truck with a fake-semi appearance… and the “RAM” name doesn’t help. The new one still has that stigma. The gaudy decorative interior stitching should have been left in the 1972 cordoba where they found it.

      • GT

        I’ll take the Miata please.

        • Perry F. Bruns

          What’s the towing capacity?

          • GT

            Your mum

          • Perry F. Bruns

            Well, she weighed about 50 kg when she died…that was over a decade ago, so she’s probably a skeleton by now…so figure about 20 kg.

            For a Miata, that seems about right.

    • cbATL

      I come from a Dynasty of White Trailer Trash and this truck is on my vision board.

  • Mike Sinyaboot

    The thing is, no one will ever pay $65,000. This segment is very competitive with the big three (Ram, Ford, GMC/Chevy) looking to increase sale numbers every year. Ford has already sold nearly half a million F150s this year. Because of this, all 3 of them have significant discounts on every single truck.

    See the image below of one of my local dealerships. They are already offering nearly $7k off a brand new $66k Ram. I would bet that you could get them to bring that number to $10k. These new high spec trucks are full on luxury cars with almost every current luxury feature. The prices are actually extremely fair for what you are getting.

    • BlackPegasus

      Yeah, it’s even better to wait 12 months for more discounts on this thing.

      • Mike Sinyaboot

        Very true, especially if Ford continues to sell F150s in record numbers. Also, the new Sierra and Silverado arrive this fall. That will push deeper discounts.

  • Research Janitor


  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    Coupe or Sedan for me until the zombie apocalypse and then I can take a real SUV from the road to run

  • Paul

    Yes. All because of popularity most likely.

  • kane lee

    Yes it is, that’s way too much for a truck, especially for a 1500, that truck should be going for like 20 thousand not 65, what a RIP off, and then you guys wonder why the auto industry is sinking, this is why, it’s just plastic, metal, glass,.and rubber,. So how much for a 2500, haundred thousand, and how much for a 3500 , like 120 thousand, you guys are a fuckinf joke, and they dont honor their warranties..

    • Matt

      Should be $20k? Let us know when you’re back in the real world.

      • Doodz

        Im thinking 38k.

      • kane lee

        Matt it costs only 2500 haundred to make a 1500, it’s all automated, it’s a rip off, the mark up is like 400%, if you want to play their game and pay 65 thousand for a1500 truck, go ahead, your the one being taken.

        • Mike Sinyaboot

          Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. $2500 huh? I feel bad for you as I didnt think it was possible to be this removed from reality. This new Ram in entirely new. Fiat Chrysler spent well over $1 billion developing it. They recently had production issues which cost around $300 million to fix. Those costs are significant and need to be accounted for in each and every truck along with all the components.

          I realize you are most likely trying to be a jokester so my point is moot. However, if you are serious, yikes.

  • Bo Hanan

    Where did the missing $25K go because I see a $40K truck.

  • Craig

    The nicest truck made!

  • atomicbri

    For one, you will never pay MSRP on any of these trucks. These trucks are now America’s luxury vehicles. And what I mean by that is that these type trucks are today’s Cadillac Broughams. When I lived in Texas it seemed like EVERYONE owns a full sized pickup. Either it’s the second vehicle in a family or the main vehicle for many. People there I talked to about this said that imports and all were junk and that they loved the way they could haul items and tow things (mind you it’s also fashionable there to own one). So to these people that have money and want American, this is what they gravitate towards. They want luxury but want the trucks utility.

    • Doug Haner

      That’s a copout. The vast majority of these quad cab half-ton trucks have never had anything hitched to the back or hauled anything more than shopping bags in the bed.

      Plenty of people want trucks like this and they obviously sell, but for me that’s way too much for a truck. I’d spend $25k on an older truck an $40k on a used Cayman S if I needed a truck and had a $65k budget.


  • White lives matter

    Yes 65k is crazy for any Chrysler/Dodge except the hellcat/demon. Don’t want either but recognize the value.

  • BlackPegasus

    Doug with his crappy camera angles again. 90 percent of his videos are trained on him NOT the actual features of the vehicle he’s reviewing. It’s frustrating to watch.

    • Bo Hanan

      I agree. He’s also trying to push out so many videos that the quality of them has dropped. He should tell owners to clean their cars (and engine bay) before he arrives to film.

    • Doodz

      Its the selfie generation.

  • Craig

    Considering what you actually GET it would be easier to argue [far easier – I think] that this RAM is worth $65,000 than a typical $65,000 car.

  • Matthew Boyd

    I always wondered why trucks cost so much. Still don’t know.

  • kachuks

    Did his usual sarcastic commentary about interior features. But couldn’t hide how much he was liking that test drive.

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