Biker Films Himself Doing 189 MPH, Cops Found Out And Jailed Him

Police in the UK have jailed a man who filmed himself riding his motorcycle at 189 mph (304 km/h) on a dual carriageway.

Last week, authorities released video of 26-year-old Adam Campion recklessly riding a selection of motorcycles throughout the country. One particularly shocking clip shows him riding one-handed at 189 mph while filming the stunt on his mobile phone, The Independent reports.

Police caught on to Campion’s antics after searching his home in Nottingham Park when he was linked to a stolen motorbike after its registration plate was found in the trunk of an abandoned car. After looking through Campion’s laptop, hundreds of videos of bikes riding dangerously were uncovered.

Some of the videos showed Campion riding through red lights and doing wheelies on public roads.

Campion plead guilty to five charges of dangerous driving and one charge of assisting an offender in the retention of stolen goods during court proceedings on Wednesday last week. He was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment.

In a statement, Ashfield District police commander said Campion’s sentence was satisfying.

“The illegal and dangerous use of motorcycles is a massive issue to our communities and although this investigation was immensely complex and time-consuming, the result in court has been satisfying. I hope this prison sentence will make those who think it is acceptable to put themselves and others in danger by driving dangerously think twice.”


  • Mr. EP9

    Serves this moron right.

  • Emoto

    Who was injured by his antics? If nobody, then jail is absurd.

    • ChrisInIL

      Requiring that incredibly stupid and dangerous behavior must injure someone before jail time is considered is absurd.

      • Emoto

        Balance the punishment against the actual harm that his actions caused. That is how crime and punishment are supposed to work.

        I could see a large fine, and loss of driving license. Nothing more.

        21 months in jail doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It means you lose your job and your house and your car, etc. All because his actions “could have” (a statement contrary to fact, if you are keeping track) caused harm. In short, a person’s life is ruined because of a victimless crime. Nobody was hurt or adversely affected. No injuries, no traffic accidents, no deaths, nothing.

        The authoritarians demand their pound of flesh.

        • chuck2

          >Campion plead guilty to five charges of dangerous driving and one charge of assisting an offender in the retention of stolen goods during court proceedings on Wednesday last week. He was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment.

          Your argument is moot. He plead guilty. You should have his lawyer I guess. Activities like this cause others to take evasive action increasing hazards. And while no, he didnt have that issue, its important to occasionally make examples of idiots.

          • Emoto

            I view the stolen goods charge as prison-worthy (if that is a word). In my quick initial scan of the article, I missed the part about him pleading guilty and the stolen goods thing. I thought this was just about him riding like a moron.

          • chuck2

            > I thought this was just about him riding like a moron.

            Well, as often is the case with some who dont have the best judgement, other violations are also found..

          • Emoto

            Certainly can be true quite often.

          • chuck2

            Someone [i]from law enforcement[/i] (and actually, I have heard it from more than 1) dont do two things wrong.. One you can possibly get away with.. if they find 2, they ant giving you no break – bc they effectively (probably rightly so) conclude you have little regard for laws.

          • Emoto

            I’ve heard the same thing from LEOs who are friends of mine.

    • Pedro Pereira

      If I shoot a gun in your direction and miss, then I shouldnt go to jail either right? Cause nobody got hurt….

      • Emoto

        Punishment for attempted murder is one thing. Punishment for negligence is another. If you were strolling across a private shooting range, perhaps you’d be charged with trespassing. So, it depends.

    • drc

      If you read through the article, you would see he was arrested for being involved with a
      stolen motorcycle.

  • G82FS

    Only thing that would have made the story better is if he would have crashed and never been able to ride again. Someone this stupid will do it again…

  • drc

    200 MPH wheelie? Ahhhh… Not happening, ever.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Nice wheelies.

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