Pagani Enthusiast Uses A Zonda Revolucion To Divide His Miami Condo (Updated)

What do you do when simply driving a Pagani Zonda isn’t cool enough? You do what this avid Pagani fan and collector did and hang up a Zonda Revolucion (shell) in your living room. Obviously.

The man in question goes by the name of Pablo Perez Companc and he owns both a rare Huayra BC and a Zonda Revolucion “Black Minion” specifically for track use. He’s clearly such a big fan of the iconic Italian hypercar that he decided it would make for the perfect art piece.

The son of Argentina’s wealthiest individual, Companc uses a Pagani Zonda as a living room divider in his $8 million oceanfront Miami condo. In fairness, it’s not a fully working car, but rather an empty Zonda shell — which explains why the windows are fully tinted.

In an Instagram post, Companc explains that the Zonda in his living room “is just a work of art” that “structurally will never be able to receive an engine or the entire mechanical part. I would never condemn Black Minion to being locked in a living room. Race cars are for driving.”

Given that Pagani Zondas are somewhat rarer than VW Golfs, getting hold of a bodywork surely wasn’t easy. However, we assume that Companc and Horacio Pagani know each other and that made it more simple for the billionaire’s son to get hold of a Zonda carbon fiber shell.

Something harder to accomplish was transporting the Zonda bodywork into the condo, as cutting it into smaller pieces was definitely not an option. According to Curbed, installing the vehicle was done with the help of an exterior crane that lifted the Zonda into the air and through the condo’s balcony doors.

Once the bodywork was inside, it was rotated in a vertical position and fixed into a custom aluminum and carbon fiber stand. If anyone doubted the fact that Paganis were works of art, this should settle the discussion once and for all.

This isn’t the first time an Italian exotic has been strung up on a wall. Perhaps most famously, the Lamborghini museum in Sant’Agata has had a selection of the brand’s models hung up as art pieces over the years. When we visited the facility in 2016, a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, complete with its engine, was displayed.

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  • ace_9

    It clearly does not have an interior, because all windows are just black covers. It also does not have a windscreen wiper and front tow hook. And much more is missing for sure. It does not make any sense to hang up complete car like that. It is just a way how poor people interpret rich people decorations and stuff…

    • Reichstag

      The owner is a car enthusiast. And he also owns others Pagani Zonda in his garage. Hes not only a poor or rich. Hes an enthusiast who wanted to apreciate the beauty of his favorite car, from a diferent angle. From one of the best ones. From up. At the same time, he solucionates some architectural internal problem of privacy between bedroom and living room. Architectural needs and car, are not a new mix. The Chrysler building at Manhattan is car inspired. From 1930. You can also google about STREAMLINE ART DECO, and MASERATI GARAGE AWARD to find more about car and architecture entusiasts together can create.

      • ace_9

        Like I care what are the hobbies of ultra-rich people… I was just saying that he certainly did not just hang fully functional car up there, because some people here in the discussion were foolishly assuming that it is a working zonda with all the internals.

  • fabri99

    So…he ruined a Zonda to make “interior design” out of it?

    • ace_9

      Yes, sure… Why not take an ultra-rare hypercar (practically a guaranteed investment), gut it out and make a decoration out of it? Sorry, but you don’t sound very clever… If the owner is not completely stupid (which I doubt), then he just bought a shell, preferably with some structural or other defects and them some exterior parts necessary to make it look like a complete car.

      • Axiom Ethos

        You really lack perspective. People will do whatever they want if money can afford it. And that could very well mean putting a really expensive car as a wall decoration. You may think that’s ruining a precious investment, he may be making enough money that it doesn’t matter if it makes sense or isn’t practical. It’s appealing to them in that way and if they can afford to do it, they just might. There’s plenty of people who do way dumber things with their money every day on every level.

        • ace_9

          Care to give an example of way dumber things? And I on the other hand think that people (including you) lack perspective. But in the opposite way. It’s like seeing a nice 10 year old S class and thinking the person must be very rich. Then someone sees a zonda used as a wall and it surely has to be a driveable car, because the person must be very rich and rich people are stupid and like to waste money and they have so much of them, they don’t care. That is also the reality, but not for a people who are really rich. I don’t consider some stupid youtube spoiled kids with supercars bought from their parents money as rich people. They are what I call… ehm… “nouveau riche” ? I don’t know the term in english. There is a difference. And I can assure you that rich people are not wasting these kinds of money. Several thousand dollars, yes, no problem. But millions? Come on… and I lack perspective…

    • Reichstag

      No. Its only a shell. Created specially for that place. He also owns an expensive car collection.

  • europeon

    I’m very harsh with “collectors” that buy cars they never drive, only to store and have them displayed as art, but this particular case kinda makes sense.
    As far as I understand he has another couple of Pagani’s cars, so I guess he bought this thing more along the lines of making a donation/financially supporting his favorite car manufacturer, and that really gives him the right to have it displayed as a piece of art.

    • ace_9

      I cannot believe how stupid you all people are 😮 I mean, you REALLY BELIEVE that the owner took a perfectly good Zonda Revolucion and put it like that in his apartment? But why am I so shocked… many people believe that the Earth is flat. Aren’t you one of them, btw. ?

      • europeon

        Go back to school and learn to read.

        • ace_9

          So now suddenly: “I’m very harsh with “collectors” that buy cars they never drive, only to store and have them displayed as art”, does not mean that you believe the car was driveable? :DDD

          • europeon

            As I said, go back to school and learn to read. When you’re done (if ever, because I suspect you are one of the 20% of the population with anIQ below 85), come back and read the second paragraph of my post, but until then… welcome to my ignore list.

          • ace_9

            I read your whole post and nothing in it suggests that you didn’t think it’s a fully functional car hanging in some apartment. You just excused the stupidity of it in a way of a “gift” to the manufacturer. I understand that you also (like many others) believed it was a full blown hypercar used as a decoration by someone unbelievably rich. But it would make more sense to burn some millions in front of a crowd. You could be reasonable and accept that you made a harsh crazy assumption, but instead you are insulting me and irrationaly try to put a different meaning into your post.

          • alexxx

            To be honest,my first thought when I saw this Pagani hanging was also “I hate when people buy such cars and never drive them”…
            But then…the article suggested that it is probably a zonda with it’s powertrain removed…so it’s not like it was a big secret…right…
            P.S. I find european to be one of the better commentators here and obviously that speaks for itself…

          • europeon

            Awww… Thanks 🙂

          • alexxx

            Nothing personal,just honest truth…😉

          • ace_9

            Sorry, but your last sentence seems to me like your opinion of the commenters here should be taken very seriously and is objectively the truth, Mr. “I like europeon (yes, thats actually his nick), he is the best here and THAT speaks for itself!”. The articles here are often quite stupid and harshly stitched together, if you didn’t notice that, then you are just naive and should not criticize me when I scream at everyone to not believe any bull…t on the internet…

          • alexxx

            Of course,you don’t have to take anything seriously and surely it’s not objective truth…but it might be a good indication…for example,if 10 people say something nice about some person,you should at least consider that it actually may be truth or there is some kind of truth about it… wouldn’t you agree?…
            Secondly,I am not criticizing you for anything,you are absolutely right that articles are badly stiched together and often misleading on purpose…I have been screaming also,that majority of things on internet are bull…
            I can acknowledge that you have a good realistic thinking…I was just bothered (just a little bit 🙂) that you started splitting hair with European because you choose not to believe him or thinking that you know better his thoughts than him…
            Sometimes,somewhere you have to just believe someone…
            P.S. I never said he is the best,just one of the better…

  • john1168

    IF this is a functional car, I think I’d rather drive it…

    • Reichstag

      Not functional, sure. Just a shell inspired, built for art.


  • Erzhik

    This isn’t an actual car, just a shell with nothing inside. Specifically created as an art piece. The owner has his original Revolucion and drives it on track regularly. Use common sense people, it will take you far in this world.

    • Vassilis

      There’s no common sense with rich people and their cars.

      • ace_9

        Actually, there is. Most of them buy such cars to keep them nicely stored in garages and letting them slowly increase value.

        • Vassilis

          Which is completely nonsensical.

          • ace_9

            I don’t think that not wanting to damage or wear out a rare and seriously expensive car is nonsensical. Some people prefer to drive them, but for most they are a collection item and they want to keep them in pristine condition. If I would have several such cars, I would also not drive them. Maybe only once or twice on closed circuit. But on normal roads, I would use something much cheaper and less exclusive, with more reasonable insurance and driving costs.

          • Vassilis

            I understand why they do it but for me it’s stupid. It’s a waste of good engineering and effort to own a great car and not drive it.

  • goodieman gold

    So the other side of the room is just looking at the underside?

  • Harry_Wild

    Money is for enjoyment! This is an example of this! LOL!

  • Astonman

    love it! Modern art.

  • “A comment on Drive Tribe suggests that it is a full-blown Zonda Revolucion that’s simply had its powertrain removed.”

    I’ve seen the comment and the person doesn’t even provide evidence or source. In fact the sound of the comment that you guys referring to reminds me on one of those Youtube comment.

    • Reichstag

      Wrong. Its a shell specially built for art. By Horacio Pagani, the Ceo of Pagani automobili, who is a friend of the apartment owner. Both them are argentinian.

      • Do you need to reply everyone’s comment from THREE (3!) MONTHS ago, when the news broke out and we had no idea the story behind it.

  • Given that Revolucion is produced in really small numbers, it wouldn’t be that hard to actually check all the car registry. My sense clearly suggest that the car was indeed just the body, probably a replacement in case something happened to the original or that the owners request another body for this purpose.

  • I did know one instance that someone actually take a rare car and hang it as a piece of showcase, 1 customer in Middle East ordered 2 One-77, while the other one is for his usage, the other one is hang inside his house, with the engine and transmission being taken out and displayed separately.

    Given that there are only 77 cars were made. You might expect this to be over the top. But most people forgot that One-77 was one tough car to sell and AML reluctantly takes this request.

    • ace_9

      But I bet he did not hang the One-77 on it’s side like this Zonda. It would damage the parts over time. I guess, that he just had it parked inside his house instead of the garage with the rest of his supercars. It is practically the same as having it in a garage, but it might gather a little bit more dust and it could be more exposed to UV light. So it’s not that unbelievable.

      • There are no photos of course but the description literally said “hang it in the wall of his house”. The thing that they remove is the engine and transmission. I assume so does the electronics so it will become like one of those engine less concept cars.

  • ace_9

    Because people don’t listen to anything else than a straightforward rude and aggressive shouting. And it is almost not possible to do that with a driveable hypercar, because no rich person on earth would buy such a car without thinking of it as an investment or for driving it. There is simply no way to just let it hang in a wrong way (it would probably get damaged over time), make unnecessary complicated holding support for all that weight and keep it like that. It would be a complete waste of money. I mean even from the one photograph everyone can see, it’s not a fully functional car, so I wonder how can anyone even think about such possibility?

    • Julien Lachemoi

      I am sorry but have you never seen the big collections of rare and exclusives hypercars of any and every carmaker in the world collecting dust or even sand on the street by some ultra rich Arabian Prince ?
      Not every rich person uses its money wisely and makes sure its investment is taken well care off.
      Now I’m not saying this guy actually put a complete car on the side but I would not be surprised if he did.
      People are dumb, with or without money.

      • ace_9

        Dragging forgotten supercars into this is such a nonsense… They ARE NOT just parked on the street. Nobody owns them anymore, because the owner is dead, on the other half of the earth or in prison. I cannot believe this… Today, everything is accessible on the internet and you all still believe in fairy tales.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    Perhaps “Pablo Perez” is really a certain West Midlander whose last name is Hammond, and that Zonda Revolucion wasn’t originally there on purpose. 😉

  • Ary Wisesa

    Well, he clearly can do whatever he wants with his money. It is perfectly legal to hang whatever car you purchased legally on the wall, or even if you want to break it into pieces and scatter the debris to the ocean… (Well as long as you make sure first that the debris doesn’t pollute the ocean…)

    He must have made money with very hard and extremely smart work I presume, because you simply cant make millions dollars if you stupid, so it is his right to do whatever to please himself. I dont see any difference between hanging a multi million dollar painting or sculpture or a huge platinum block or even this one. For the owner, it’s simply his statement of artistic taste.

    He has no problem at all. Perhaps the problem is only some people whose chronic envy can’t stand other’s success and wealth.

  • exeptor

    I went over his Instagram and he has an actual Pagani Zonda Revolucion which he called Black Minion. There are a lot of picture of this car. Also there is a car (probably just the shell) called Dark Minion. Is some of the posts he mentioned “I’m going to Italy for the final assembly” but this could be just assembly of the shell and not the entire car (Dark Minion). Here is a pic which might answer some questions:

    I think that he use it as a wall for some bedroom compartment :).

    • Reichstag

      Do you know who is the guy on the picture?
      A: The apartment owner
      B: the PAGANI AUTOMOBILI ITALY C.E.O and designer.

      • Matt Johnson

        Horacio Pagani

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Cause that’s what you do when you are a billionaire and DRIVING the latest whim is no longer fun.

  • LeStori

    Does not even look impressive stuck on its side. A position it was never meant to be seen on a regular basis.

  • technoreaper

    What a dirtbag.

  • Stephen G

    Why wouldn’t this “son of Argentina’s wealthiest individual” do something to help the poor people of Argentina rather than throwing money away? Sounds like a Republican.

    • Well you can ask the same people in NY, London, Dubai and so on. Not saying I defend this guy but clearly it’s biased is it.

    • Reichstag

      Why wouldn´t you do something to help the poor people of Africa?…

      • Stephen G

        If I was the son of the richest man in Africa then I would.

  • Hoe

    It looks like a showroom instead of a house…
    Aren’t there better and better looking options to divide rooms?
    What a waste of money and what a bad taste…

    • Reichstag

      Some showrooms, sometimes, looks better than houses.

  • Six_Tymes

    its amazing and all, BUT how does one come from Argentina and have so much wealth? Oil money???

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