1993 Audi S4 Is A Seriously Modified Fossil Find From A Long-Gone Era

If you remember early 90s Audis, then you might be familiar with this car, a 1993 Audi 100 S4 (or Ur-S4), from a time before the Ingolstadt-based automaker started naming their saloons the A4, A6 and so on.

This example has apparently been fitted with a lot of modifications. Visually, it’s been wrapped in Traffic Grey to cover up the poor condition of the black paintwork. Not exactly a strong selling point, but then again, potential bidders on Bring a Trailer might not mind all that much.

Other exterior mods include the tinted windows, clear front turn signals (for a more European aesthetic), HID headlights (one doesn’t work) and amber auxiliary lighting. A mixed package, sure, but we’re still leaning towards calling it an interesting purchase, especially since it also comes with adjustable shocks, custom coilover setup, 18-inch wheels (from a B7 S4) and a set of Brembo 8-piston calipers sourced from a Lamborghini.

Cabin is all business

Inside, you’ll find black leather seats, an Audi Eurosport steering wheel, suede headliner and door panels, AEM wideband air/fuel gauge, boost gauge, Kenwood CD player with Rockford Fosgate speakers, LED cabin lighting and a fire extinguisher.

While the a/c is said to be working, the blower motor is described as noisy, which can be very annoying and will probably need fixing as soon as possible.

As for the 2.2-liter inline-five engine, aside from having 175,000 miles (281,635 km) on the clock (which stopped working last year) and being mated to a B5 S4-sourced 6-speed manual, it also features a Garrett GT3071R turbo, 440cc injectors, custom intake, K&N air filter, fuel pump relay kit, turbo-back exhaust, new spark plugs and more.

There’s no word whatsoever on its output, but in stock form (which this example obviously isn’t) the single-turbo five-pot churned out 230 PS (227 bhp) and 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) of torque. Right now, the highest bid stands at $5,000, and the auction ends in three days.

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  • Ian McCabe

    It’s not a S4!

    • designer_dick

      Yes it is. Before the A6 model name was introduced in 1994, the sporty derivative of the 100 was called the S4, with the smaller, Audi 80-derived model being called the S2.

      • True. However what the article should have said is that this model is what you consider to be an A6 today.

      • TheHake

        Yep. The facelift of the Audi 100 actually became the first A6. And I’d still LOVE to have the 80 derived S2. The (also) 80-derived station was the first iconic RS2.

    • Chris Beck

      what is it then? inform us lol

  • Bash

    Not exactly my cup of tea.

  • roy

    The interior of design reminds me of a few modern Lexus models…..

  • Hoe

    Who would buy such an old crappy thing? In fact, how many glorious mythical Audi are there in history? None, just none… why this? Engineering maybe?
    And now Porsche has to deal with them…
    I wish Porsche would have bought VW, as it was going to be…

    • Matt

      Heard of ur Quattro? RS4? What are you even talking about ‘Porsche has to deal with them’?

      • Hoe

        Matt, I said mythical cars, not marketing cars.
        How many Porsche have an Audi engine developed? I mean, developed.
        I’m not again people buying Audi cars, at all, I like some of them. Quality ride/handling and interiors are up to the mark, but there’s not such an Audi hall of fame….

        • Matt

          Can you really compare Audi to Porsche though? Up until recently Porsche ONLY made sports cars. It’s pretty easy to have a ‘hall of fame’ when every car you build is made to go fast and beat Ferraris.

          Audi makes family cars. Even their best performance models were based on regular cars. Not really fair to compare the two brands.

          • Hoe

            Ouh, VW, owner of so many brands…, has a very mythical car: the Beetle.
            Why do you mix mythical with sports?

          • Matt

            It depends on what you consider ‘mythical’. That’s open to interpretation.

          • Hoe

            Yes, very much true, but mythical is not only sporty, it can be, but not only

        • Daniela Wolf

          Dude – almost all engines that Porsche uses today are developed by Audi. 😛

          • Hoe

            Just the opposite!
            And, as you know that much, why has Audi been using VV12, not V12??

          • Daniela Wolf

            All diesel angines and almost all petrol engines except the boxer 😛

          • Daniela Wolf

            + all further electric engines Porsche will use , too are developed by Audi alone so what ?

            Even the new premium platform is made by Audi.^^

          • Hoe

            Come on Daniela, now Audi is the tech box for VAG?
            Petrol, diesel and electric engines + new platform developed by Audi?
            What else? Also MMI?
            Also the engine of VW Touareg V10 TDI was Audi, right?

          • Daniela Wolf

            Audi sells twice as much engines as they use for their own production 😛

          • Hoe

            But the conversation here was going on development, not on which VAG locality engines are produced

          • TheHake

            And which Porsche uses the W12?????

          • Hoe

            Who said there’s was a Porsche VV12?

        • Mike anonymous

          I would beg to differ. For me it was the Original first generation (before any facelifts or updated versions) R8. Specifically the 2007 – 2009 Model Years (based on the 2003 “Audi Le Mans quattro Concept”). I would put that specific version of the R8 in the “Audi Hall Of Fame”.

    • Chris Beck

      just look at the museum in Ingolstadt, full of mythical audis, and thanks to the fake news in USA the production numbers are more rare than any other manufacturer for this era.

      • Hoe

        The Audi Museum, another section of marketing… there are 579085433579075468997 times more interesting car museums, in Germany but not only

    • TheHake

      The S1 Quattro is not mythical? The RS2 is not mythical? The 200 IMSA was not mythical? If those are not, what is????????? They CHANGED the world. Literally.

  • b_digital

    Good find for 5K, if it can run reliably

  • THE GOOD OLD DAYS WHEN THE BREAK LINE BETWEEN THE BUMPER AND THE FENDER WAS BLENDED IN AND NOT A SCAR UP THE SIDE. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/971e3721e6ebf0c2c4a39d51b14cdc5928e25e098757489b41b59d106f9b50e3.jpg

    • europeon

      Repeat after me (it’s fine if you do it in caps): re-pair-a-bil-i-ty


        S C R E W
        O F F.

  • pcurve

    have a soft spot for one of these… especially in stock form.

  • I don’t get it… we had an Audi 100 and an Audi A6, they were exactly the same.

    • Matt

      So then they just changed the badge? Like how the Mercedes ML became the GLE – still fundamentally the same car.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    From a time when Audi still managed to make anonymous cars with a bit of personality (oxymoron intended). Now only the first applies.

  • Haywood Jablowme

    I just exploded into my palm.

  • TheBelltower

    Even though this is from a time when Audi was practically insolvent, these were some of my favorite cars. Very rare, and only for those who were in-the-know.

  • XtremWize

    Seven months ago I bought this full equipped 1995 Audi A6 2.8 V6 from an old man in super condition with just 56.000 Km (34.797 Miles) on the clock for just 900€ (1.030 USD)


  • This is equivalent to an A6 today. The article should state that, despite more recent German cars unintelligible labeling.

  • KAG25

    Looks like it has some nice mods and the bidding is at 5k

  • Hoe

    1- VW joined two VR6 engines, they were in a hurry to make something out of Audi (make it a real rival of BMW and MB). Time for development and cost dramatically reduced.

    I forgot to mention how much larger were 7 series and S class compared to A8…

    2- Audi knew how to do 5-cylinder engines at those times. That was all.
    3- All tech (not only engines) and design required to make Audi something decent came from mother VW, a-l-l, just all, all.
    4- Does anybody remember the single frame on VW Magellan? Single frame was stolen by VW from VOLVO! VW planned to use it as per Magellan concept, but marketing decided to give it to Audi to gain presence kind of. Mama VW.

  • TheHake

    Still gorgeous.

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