Is The Bugatti Divo Really Worth Twice As Much As The Chiron?

When it comes to ridiculously expensive exotics, the time a car like that spends at the top of the food chain is always short lived. Just think about those “poor” Bugatti Chiron owners who have to face the fact that an arguably more desirable, more agile and more expensive version of their hypercar will soon hit the streets.

We’re talking about the Bugatti Divo, of course, the bespoke version of the Chiron hypercar that brings more of everything: wilder looks, better agility in corners, as well as exclusivity. If you’re not sure how can a car possibly cost €5 million ($5.8 million) before taxes, the following video presentations from Pebble Beach may help you understand.

The attention to detail is mental with the Divo, which features a bespoke carbon fiber bodywork with an extreme aerodynamic kit, unique front and rear treatments with brand new headlights and taillights, as well as a highly-personalized cabin. One look at it is enough to realize this is a different beast to the Chiron.

And yet, the two models share a lot of things, including the 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 engine that continues to deliver 1,500 PS (1,479 hp), the chassis, and most of the technical part. So when you think of it, the Divo is still pretty much a Chiron below the surface, only it costs twice as much.

Does that make sense? Well, if you’re Bugatti it does, but otherwise we wouldn’t be so sure. All customers get is a more handsome car (why didn’t the Chiron look like that in the first place?), more fun behind the wheel (not that the Chiron doesn’t like corners), less weight (although saving 35 kg/77 lbs on a 2-tonne car isn’t much), and a greater sense of occasion (only 40 will be made).

You can decide for yourself whether the Divo is worth all the hype by checking out some of the videos filmed by vloggers at Pebble Beach.


  • annon

    it is indeed a huge change design-wise versus the Chiron but the Vision GT would still be my preference

  • Merc1

    To 99% of the world, NO. To the people that can afford this easily, YES.


  • TheBelltower

    Yes it’s worth it. Because it’ll be worth more in a year. Compared to the Divo, the Chiron is mass produced. A Bugatti with a limited run of only 40 is a near guaranteed investment.

    • DR.FUNK

      Hmm…I not ready to use that “g”uarantee word when talking about positive ROI on Bugatti’s

  • Dude

    If I was a billionaire I’d buy it

  • Christian

    I bet you could sell it for the double, if Bugatti didn’t sue you…

  • Axiom Ethos

    As if any Divo owner is going to care one penny about your offer ahahaha.

    • exeptor

      Of course not. The same way they don’t really care for the car itself.


  • Bob

    For investment purposes? Probably. As a road-machine to sip, swirl and savour? I’m not so sure.

  • Astonman

    I saw the car at Pebbles and I prefer the Gran Turismo Vision GT. There are some beautiful details on this car. My favorite area is the rear, especially the tail lights with individual rectangular lights – something you would only see on a concept car. They didn’t chicken out and went for it.

  • Marty

    Looks like the designer put the finished design on his desk and then accidentally scribbled all over it when he was on the phone. Now get that eraser out and clean it up!

  • Dennis James

    I would still get the Chiron, this is too overboard design-wise.

  • Fabrizio Binacchi

    Aesthetically much more
    beautiful and aggressive than Chiron but honestly it seems madness to
    ask 5.8 million dollars for an “elaborate” version of the “sad” sister. I
    think that the sales of the Chiron are not going as they had expected
    and they ran for cover with this even more exclusive version. Underneath the project perhaps did not convince even the “potential” customers. P.Š. can anyone lend me $ 5.79 million? 🙂

    • Actually you’ve be surprised on how sold out Chiron were, there are currently 2 years waiting list and in early of the year they confirm they had 300 orders already. They will make Gran Sport version most likely when the Coupe allocation runs out.

      And I actually heard the reason behind Chiron Sport, apparently is a way for customer who can’t wait for their Chiron to be able to get a Chiron earlier, since Sport production somehow concurrent with “regular” Chiron.

      Why Divo exist? It’s easiest way to make money, rebodied a car and slap special stuff in it. We have to remember that Winkelmann used to be in Lamborghini.

  • I was hoping something as extreme as VGT, so this came up rather disappointing, and it’s as worth as people who buy this for investment purpose.

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