Flying Chunk Of Metal Penetrates Car, Nearly Sends Man To His Final Destination

Will our roads ever be 100% safe? The answer is probably “no”, even when autonomous systems are intelligent enough to take over and minimize risks – but even an AI would have a hard time avoiding being hit by this type of debris.

The incident took place Down Under, on a freeway leading towards Melbourne, and it’s hard to imagine any driver (or computer) managing to mitigate such an impact.

As if seeing that large piece of metal come flying at you isn’t scary enough, wait until you hear about what went on inside the vehicle. This is in the driver’s own words:

“I was traveling along the M1 freeway towards Melbourne with my three-week-old daughter in the rear right passenger seat. I changed from the far right to the middle lane and after I had fully entered the middle lane, broken off piece of metal came flying from under a truck carrying logs in front of me.

“One piece [metal] rebounded off the road and into my bonnet and through my windscreen on the passenger side. It then rebounded off the headrest and fell into the passenger side footwell.”

It’s quite terrifying to think what would have happened if there was somebody sitting in the front passenger seat, or if the piece of metal would have ended up in the rear seat, where the infant was.

According to the video’s description, the truck driver failed to stop, although there’s a chance they simply weren’t aware of what had just happened.


  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    it’s hard to imagine any driver (or computer) managing to mitigate such an impact.

    A lead windscreen. Virtually impregnable.

    • danno

      And virtually unaffordable

  • salamOOn

    1. looks like its from that truck. if it was lying on the road, then trucker is a bum…
    2. everytime i see a video from australia/zealand i always wonder why the hell they drive those big heavy rigs everywhere but not in left lane…

    • LeStori

      I am surprised it is not in the right hand lane. It is after all “fast”. Everyone wants to drive in the “fast” lane in OZ. Many years go they had aroad “safety” campaign. They told everone to drive in the slow lane if not passing. Now no one wants to be called slow!

  • roy

    I bet the author had been waiting for a long time to write this title….
    Jokes apart, holy crap. That is really scary.

  • LeStori

    For a man “Flying Chunk Of Metal Penetrates Car, Nearly Sends Man To His Final Destination”, his sobs are more like a woman…

    • bryceee

      It was a women driving.
      Saw this on the local news.
      Need to change the headline.

  • Bo Hanan

    I would NOT be following a truck that looks like that in the first place because it looks dangerous.

  • danno

    The debris is a spring and shackle assembly and looks like it caused the blow out of the truck tire. Freeze the frames and you can see it quite clearly. Looks to be from a light duty truck, not from that transport. Either air bags or much heavier duty springs are used for that type of truck that had the blow out.

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