VW Still Not Sure What To Do With Ducati

News about a declining relationship between the VW Group and Ducati has been circulating for years now. The motorcycle firm was acquired by the VW Group in 2012, however the two brands have since struggled to find synergy.

In 2015, following the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal, VW was reportedly considering selling Ducati, only for then Audi CEO Rupert Stadler to declare “Ducati is not for sale,” a year later. More turmoil followed last year as the group struggled to figure out whether or not they should part ways with the Italian company.

Now, according to Autonews Europe, current VW Group CEO Herbert Diess is looking into either merging Ducati with one of its rivals, or perhaps enter some sort of an alliance. The reason continues to be a lack of synergy with the group’s other businesses, as reported by German daily Handelsblatt.

“I can imagine a combination or a partnership with other brands. Ducati as a motorbike icon business within the Volkswagen Group is not sufficient,” stated Diess, who became the group’s CEO back in April.

As of now, VW has yet to find a long-term solution amid its internal power struggles.

Last year, VW wanted to sell Ducati as part of an asset review, which could have raised the group’s cash reserves by as much as 1.5 billion euros ($1.8 billion). While the sale failed to go through, it seems as though VW isn’t giving up on shaking things up as far as Ducati is concerned.

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  • benT

    keep it..

    • Philip George

      sell it.

  • TB

    Sell it. VW has enough going on right now trying to rebuild their image somewhat due to that emissions thing. It’s not fair for Ducati to be stagnant during this time. VW really doesn’t have anything to offer Ducati so hand it off to an organization who does.

  • charlie bear

    VW only bought Ducati to make Audi looks like BMW with its lineup. (BMW has its own motorcycle brand). Now they realize its worth nothing. Better they sell it to someone who cares more about motorcycles and get busy doing are supposed to do.

    • Daniela Wolf

      VW bought Ducati ? 😛

  • sidewaysspin

    You need passion to know what to do with a brand, vw only worries about profit, fortunately they didn’t get alfa romeo.

  • Dennis James

    Just don’t sell it to the Chinese…

  • EyalN

    to make profit out of a motorcycle brand they need to be like honda. make anything from 50cc and up. and i don’t thing a 50cc ducati scooter is a good idea

    • Shane

      The thing is Honda comes with a Honda price tag and Ducati comes with a Ducati price tag. I don’t seem them making a 50cc cheap enough to be honest. Plus even Though Ducati has been getting better with reliability they’re intervals will still carry a Ducati price tag.

      • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

        Both of you forgot about Yamaha and how beneficial it is to Toyota and the amazing relationship between the automobile and motorcycle

  • kachuks

    F*** it.

    • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

      Learn from relation between Honda motors & Honda motorcycle
      Or most obvious
      Toyota & Yamaha

  • Mr. EP9

    Sell it off to someone who can better take care of Ducati. It’s obvious motorcycles isn’t VAG’s thing and I’d hate for the brand to stagnate and be neglected.


    • Daniela Wolf

      Becaus VW doesn’t own neither Lambo nor Ducati 😛


        • Daniela Wolf

          Audi owns both companies not VW. 😛

  • Six_Tymes

    They should have never bought them in the first place, now they are RUINING the Ducati brand name.

  • OdysseyTag

    One thing I noticed was not mentioned was that the acquisition of Ducati was more of a leveraging excercise more than anything. That’s commonplace between the 3 major German groups.

    BMW has always had a namesake motorcycle division in the same way Honda and Suzuki have had but that speaks more to how these companies were founded more than anything else. Daimler on the other hand has always had a prominent commercial division with it’s Mecedes-Benz trucks and buses spearheading the group followed by the likes of Fuso, Freightliner, Western Star and such.

    The VW Group obviously has incentives to compete in every segment it can, not only to make a case for Audi as premium offering of equal measure to the established two but to also keep it that way. Ducati’s acquisition unquestionably was a way to increase the brand equity and prestige that already exists in the group but also served as an entry point to a third segment of transportation.

    Daimler’s response in acquiring MV Augusta, another famous Italian motorcycle marque was testiment of this. I think it falls in line with how all three of the automotive groups operate (from buying RR, Bentley and Maybach, their presence in Formula One, DTM and Le Man’s and the development of their respective performance wings amoungst other things).

    I do have to say though, I can see Ducati in the Piaggio motorcycle group alongside it’s countrymates Aprilia and Vespa or better yet part of a new group.

  • Daniela Wolf

    VW bought Ducati? When did this happen….
    VW can’t decide anything about Ducati. 😛

  • Daniela Wolf

    Dude Audi owns both companies to 100 percent wtf. ^^


      • Daniela Wolf

        that doesn’t change anything about the company’s structure.^^

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