2019 Suzuki Jimny Isn’t A Jack Of All Trades But A Master Of Off-Roading

In a market dominated by high-riding vehicles, Suzuki has just launched an all-new Jimny – and not a moment too soon, as the third generation it replaces has been with us since 1998!

Size wise, it belongs in the subcompact segment, but unlike the rest of the competitors out there, the 2019 Jimny has a ladder frame chassis, long suspension travel, a low-range gearbox, sufficient ground clearance and a four-wheel drive system, which make it a peach off-road.

And it really does go pretty much wherever its driver points it, regardless of the ground surface, as proved in WhatCar’s review. However, if you treat it like you would any other subcompact crossover out there, you’ll be disappointed.

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That’s because it’s an old-school off roader rather than a high-riding hatchback like the rest of the bunch. So, the vague steering and noticeable body lean will set the limit at the twisties, whereas on the highway the tiny engine is barely adequate and quite noisy.

Then there’s the interior, where the all-new Jimny may look funky, but has quite a few scratchy plastics, a cramped rear bench that barely sit two adults (who probably won’t talk to you afterwards) and a tiny boot.

That’s a lot of negatives and they will rightfully dissuade most customers. The thing is, the Jimny was designed by Suzuki to go further off-road than, say, a Nissan Juke or Peugeot 2008, and this it does very well. Thus, while it’s not aimed at the majority of buyers, but at a small niche that will appreciate it for what it is. After all, that’s how its predecessor managed to stay in production for a startling 20 years.


  • ME

    Just bring it to the US already with a larger 4 cylinder motor, more comfortable seats and better sound detenting materials. As mentioned before, this may come to the US as a Toyota.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      So you keep saying.

    • sidewaysspin

      I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait 25 years to import one from Japan.

    • dolsh

      I love this truck, and would like to see it here like many, but all the reasons you just gave are likely the reasons it won’t. I suspect that all the people that never take their 4×4’s off road would rather pony up for a Wrangler. FCA will certainly ensure the financial incentive is there.

    • I’ll just say this again.

      I look at the link you provide and I do little digging of my own.

      The forum you mention is literally someone just say that there maybe a rumor of Jimny come to US as Toyota without providing any source.

      Then I look up at other link, which is clearly a fansite of Jimny, they quote an article of a dubious Game/Tech/Cars (Yes interesting combo) news site that clearly didn’t provide a link beside “News from Japan”

      So I took the liberty to do some search in Google Japan with some translation, and I couldn’t find any online article about it.

      Ifyou google it, all you get is a talk in forums or sketchy unknown news site and they provide no links beside the site I mentioned above.

      Also that site seems to keep repeating the news of Jimny badged Toyota every month without new info and keep insisting on rumors.

      So yeah it’s hard to believe, even for automotive rumors this is just too far fetched.

  • jason wu

    I wonder how Renegade compares to this vehicle in terms of off road capabilities. Subaru should make a car like this in US with their extensive awd technologies.

    • ME

      They sell the XV but a small boxy up right ute would be perfect!

    • I don’t think renegade can do off road as much as the Jimny, instead of bespoke design, renegade is 500X in another body.

      Subaru does made good off roader, but they rarely do retro product as with other manufacturer.

    • Bob

      There’s a review on the tube; Range Rover v Jimny. The previous gen though but check it out. If the Renegade can do that then respect to it.

  • Bo Hanan

    How did they get that Yeti to talk? And who knew they had a British accent?

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      I didn’t even know there was a British accent!

    • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

      Gingers who grow long bears have a tendency to join ISIS.

  • Karl

    Nice truck in desperate need of two additional doors


  • Six Thousand Times

    Still cries out for a fun convertible version.

  • At least they can still carry on the off road capabilities of original Jimny, it’s probably not the best car overall but it excels where it needs to.

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