New Suzuki Jimny Disappoints During EuroNCAP Tests

The 2018 Suzuki Jimny only managed to secure a 3-star EuroNCAP rating during recent safety tests, which is a very disappointing result for a brand new car.

During the frontal offset test, the Jimny’s passenger compartment was extensively deformed, particularly around the door frame. Meanwhile, the dummy readings indicated good protection for the knees and femurs, but poor protection for the driver’s chest.

In the full-width test, “rigid-barrier impact protection of the head of the rear passenger dummy was rated as weak,” while protection for the chest of both driver and rear passenger was marginal.

Yet, the worst part in all of this was the insufficient pressure in the driver’s airbag, which meant that it eventually bottomed out, allowing the dummy’s head to impact the steering wheel.

As for the crossover’s standard autonomous emergency braking system (AEB), it apparently “showed weak performance in tests of its pedestrian avoidance in daylight and does not operate in low light. The system cannot react to faster-moving road-users like cyclists.”

Here’s what Matthew Avery, director of research at Thatcham Research had to say about the Jimny: “The Suzuki Jimny’s performance in testing betrays its ostensibly rugged exterior. As a completely new vehicle, it should offer far more protection to drivers in the event of an accident. Its safety technology did not perform optimally either. The youthful audience the Suzuki Jimny has been designed for deserve better in terms of passive and active safety.”

Overall, the all-new Suzuki Jimny still comes off as a relatively modern product, featuring the likes of a touchscreen infotainment display, all-wheel drive (with a low-range option), climate control, cruise control and the previously mentioned AEB system. Should it have done better during crash tests though? Undoubtedly so.


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  • Christian

    So what…. I don’t buy a car to crash it anyway…

    • Stephen G

      True that, but unfortunately you are surrounded by a-holes that are not paying attention to what they doing.

      • Christian

        True, that is way some cars get five stars…

  • Six_Tymes

    Oh, this is a big let down. damn, i had such high hopes, maybe they can improve the following year?

  • sidewaysspin

    They killed the jimny people in Europe won’t buy it now.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus


  • Bash

    This shouldn’t be surprising. It’s a small car after all.. physics/logic, you name it! And it has a proportion of a Kie car. This alone should speak to itself.

    • Matteo Tommasi

      Hyundai i10 gets 5 stars, other small cars get 4 because of the lack of AEB but are good in thecrash stats

      • ace_9

        i10 has 4 stars. And there are many others that have 4 or 3 stars.

    • mihsf

      All small cars in Europe get 5 stars. When it’s only 4 stars, that’s mostly because they lack some of the latest driver aids, but are structurally perfectly safe.

    • brn

      Crash test ratings don’t account for relative physics. It’s too bad. They should.

  • Stephen G

    I wish the Renegade looked more like this.

    • Matt

      I’ve seen the new Jimny on the streets, it’s actually quite bland. It has an appealing boxy look, but it also lacks any interesting details and you know it’s a cheap car.

      • Stephen G

        I like it because it looks like a Wrangler. It does look cheap but I was shocked to see the price.

        • Matt

          Edit: it certainly looks better with the optional flared guards and wider track on the EU-spec models. The ones I saw did not have the guard treatment and looked a bit half-baked.

  • nastinupe

    Why hasn’t the Wrangler been tested yet?

  • Ilbirs

    Rain gutters, rough looking boxy body and crashes like it was made from paper. The Eighties are back with the new retro look Jimny.

  • Bullsh*t Jimny
    I hope it won’t be sold in the US for good.

  • Vanishing Boy

    The newest ’00s vehicle to get, I love the Jimny! If I die, I die.

    If they want safety, get a tank instead!

  • ace_9

    It’s not that bad, considering following cars from 2016-2018 also have 3 stars without optional safety pack:
    DS3 2017
    Fiat 500 2017
    Ford Ka+ 2017
    Kia Rio 2017
    Kia Picanto 2017
    Opel Karl 2017
    Suzuki Swift 2017
    Suzuki Baleno 2016
    Suzuki Ignis 2016
    Toyota Aygo 2017

    And Jimny is not suitable for out of town (certainly not highway) driving anyway. It is best used in offroad conditions or cities with heavy traffic. And the risk of high speed crash in such environments is not that high.

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