2016 Fiat Tipo Underperforms During EuroNCAP Tests [w/Video]

Fiat’s latest-generation Tipo underwent safety tests by EuroNCAP and was awarded 3 stars based on standard safety equipment, and 4 stars when tested with the optional safety pack.

EuroNCAP tested the Tipo under their dual rating system which allows two separate star ratings for the same vehicle. The base rating indicates the safety of the car when fitted only with standard safety kit, whereas the second rating can reflect the absolute best the model can do in terms of optional extras.

The Tipo secured a 4 star rating thanks to its optional safety pack which comes with a Forward Collision Warning system with Auto-Brake, though it was not designed to mitigate pedestrian crashes.

“The Tipo is marketed as a functional car which maximizes value for money. However to maximize safety, and to bring the car up to the protection levels offered by its biggest rivals in this segment, consumers should not pass over the safety pack,” stated EuroNCAP Secretary General Michiel van Ratingen.

During the Adult Occupant tests, the Tipo excelled at protecting its sensor-wearing passengers from lateral impacts, though it didn’t do as much for them during the Frontal Full Width test where measurements of chest deflection indicated marginal protection of the chest.



  • No Surprise Here

    Fiat makes roach cars. They’ll destroy Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep.

    • psiqtas

      101% agree!
      Btw. they’ll destroy their makes too…

    • Matt

      Yeah ok…

    • autostocks

      Mmm hmm

  • DMJ

    Hey Fiat, why not offer the safety pack as standard? It would be cheaper than bad publicity. It’s a pitty, because this car is actually very good value for money.

    • autostocks

      I don’t see any bad publicity here. What’s wrong with letting people decide if they want to buy the extra safety or not?

      • DMJ

        Bad publicity is a new car sold in Europe to have a disgracefull 3-star ranking. If you still have doubts, read the title of this article, the news article IS the bad publicity. And, regarding your question, 90% of the clients have no idea about the safety record of the car they buy and usually, they dont enjoy dying or gettting hurt due to an optional safety-pack that probably they dont have a clue that exists. They assume that the car is safe, just like any other car lauched recently in Europe , including Fiat models (like the 500X), or even smaller cars like Renault Clio.

        • autostocks

          I don’t agree it’s bad publicity. I also don’t agree that 90% of customers don’t thoroughly research the cars they buy.

          • DMJ

            Great argumentation that you have!

          • autostocks

            You’re pretending to have facts. I’m not pretending. I don’t agree with your opinion about the publicity, and I don’t agree that consumers are clueless (which you present as a fact, but is actually your opinion). What else do you want me to say?

          • DMJ

            I’m pretending to have facts? Well, it’s still better than saying “I dont agree, I dont agree, I dont agree” without any support. At least you make me laugh.

          • autostocks


  • Deckard_Cain

    Typical FCA. They can make the Giulia the safest car in the D-segment and then make a underpar car in the C-segment.

    • Skip

      Nice user name… you play path’s of exile? a worthy successor..

    • autostocks

      Two different brands, two different price points, two vastly different target markets.

  • Vishwas

    Fiat is far better when compared to Toyota, suzuki, Honda and chevy and Ford

  • Bob

    Highly disappointing that a company that needs survival like FCA can still sign off an inferior car.

    • haudit

      Why? It’s a car primarily designed for developing markets where buyers either don’t want, or aren’t willing to pay the expense of top of the line safety features like Europeans are. Renault’s Dacia brand produces cars at a similar price point with similar crash test results, and I don’t see anyone bitching, whining or moaning about them doing that.

      • TheHake

        It’s not! It’s sold in all European countries.

        • haudit

          Being sold in Europe doesn’t necessarily mean it was designed for Europe, not unlike the Ford EcoSport, which is sold in Europe, but was designed for South America, or the Nissan Micra, which is sold in Europe, but was designed specifically with developing markets in Asia in mind.

          • TheHake

            Well, it’s a POS.

          • haudit

            Thank you for that thoughtful analysis.

          • TheHake

            I’m very disappointed in this thing. It’s supposed to replace the Bravo, which was sporty and nice, although unreliable. Like you said, it looks like a car made for Brazil, but they are trying to smear it off on people in Europe. I think it will fail if they don’t cut the price.

          • haudit

            If it fails, it’ll be the latest in a long line of C-segment FIATs to do so. They haven’t really been competitive in the segment since the original Bravo and Brava, which were launched 21 years ago.

          • autostocks

            Don’t buy it then.

      • Bob

        Okay, so what I’m reading is that two wrongs do actually make a right. The Fiat is okay because Dacia has also recently built an unsafe car? A higher rate of death is okay because others are doing it too? It was okay for Stalin to contribute to the death of millions because Hitler had also done it?

        Pursuant to this, do you know that people in developing countries also actually die just like people in Europe do? Does this mean that a higher rate of death is better when you’re poorer?

        At the price point of a Tipo, based on UK pricing, people can buy a VW Polo which has a five star rating so price isn’t an excuse in this instance. Why are we justifying mediocrity then?

        • haudit

          It’s not unsafe. It’s a million miles removed from the death traps most carmakers foist on India and South America. It’s just not in the top flight of safety compared to most European cars.

          • Bob

            Yeah sure, it’s not as bad as, say, a Datsun GO which had 0 stars but again we are trying to justify mediocrity by comparing something unacceptable with what should be ruled illegal.

            Instead, why aren’t we comparing this car to other cars that can be bought for similar money with 5 star safety ratings? It’s when we juxtapose the death rate of a 5 star car versus a 3/4 star car that we come to understand the problem. Even if one more person died in the comparison, is one life not worth saving in place of trying to justify mediocrity?

            If it’s a matter of price really, are ergonomic factors such as a few black bumpers, door handles, steel wheels and such not a better compromise to make compared to a human being’s life? Shouldn’t we be holding manufacturers to a higher standard when it comes to matters of life and death?

            You sound like a reasonable person, hence you must have people you care about. Would you still feel the same if your mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter or anyone close to you died simply because a manufacturer couldn’t implement existing technologies to ensure people had a greater chance of survival? If you care about the people close to you then I guarantee you that someone in a developing country shares the same sentiment about the people close to them.

        • autostocks

          Get off your high horse. All kinds of vehicles are produced at all kinds of price points. The government publishes this independent data so consumers can make an informed decision. If they want more safety, they shouldn’t buy this car. It’s as simple as that.

          • Bob

            High horse? Am I acting superior by suggesting that we should care a bit more about people’s lives and prioritise them more somehow? Please explain.

          • autostocks

            I already explained. Let consumers make their own choices. The government measures and publishes the safety data. Consumers aren’t being duped, they are in fact being given a choice.

          • Bob

            You didn’t answer how I’m acting superior though.

            That aside, there’s a drive behind why such information is measured and published, that is to highlight cars that are found wanting from a safety perspective. At the price point of this particular car, there is no reason why safety had to be compromised when other manufacturers are able to do better.

            It’s the same reason why Datsun can’t sell their Go in Europe; because the Go doesn’t even reach minimum safety requirements from a legislative perspective. It’s irresponsible to allow manufacturers to even make cars that are more likely to kill. It’s something we should rightfully shame them for up to a point, and thoroughly disallow beyond that; human life isn’t something we should take lightly.

          • autostocks

            Thanks for looking out for us all, big brother.

          • Bob

            That’s so weak. Well cheers, I’m done.

  • fabri99

    And that’s how you destroy any chance of success of a perfectly valuable car.

  • psiqtas

    E-NCAP is overrated long ago…

  • psiqtas

    Did they make a car for drivers or morons?

  • Skip

    Click bait was misleading.. not really fair to FCA, though I’m no big fan.

  • emjayay

    No side air bags, even in the extra cost for safety stuff version?

  • TheHake

    That Tipo is a POS if I ever saw one!

    • autostocks

      You already posted that. Anything more helpful to add?

  • Eric D

    While back I stated how unsafe Fiat automobiles are and I accused a living in the past. As I stated before pretty but shitty.

  • PhilLC
  • max

    Its not unsafe at all. Euro ncap are full of shit now. They include auto braking as part of the occupant crash safety even though it has nothing to do with crash safety. All the new safety ratings are very misleading. That fiat would of got a 5 star rating only 3 years ago

  • Bash
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