BMW X3 Driver Too Enamored With Range Rover Velar To Notice Large Dip

An E83 BMW X3 driver noticed a white Range Rover Velar and wasn’t able to take his eyes off it until it was too late. The German SUV hit a dip in the road and caught some serious air before coming down.

Of all the silly things you could do in traffic, getting distracted by another car has to rank pretty high up. Sure, the Velar is widely regarded as a great-looking SUV, but taking your eyes off the road while also driving through a school zone is a little hard to justify.

According to the video’s description, the driver of the X3 was doing between 45-50 mph (72-80 km/h) in a 45 mph (72 km/h) zone, yet you only need to look at what happens to his car in order to see that he was clearly going to fast for that particular patch of road.

As for his justification of what happened, it went a little something like this: “I am traveling 45-50 mph in a 45 when I see a nice-looking Range Rover that I have not seen before. Turns out to be the Range Rover Velar, which I have seen once before, but not in that color. I am not too familiar with this road and do not see the dip until it’s too late.”

He goes on to say that after the “crash landing”, he pulled over to check for damage and found that his already-busted muffler was hanging a bit lower. To put it plainly – he got off easy, especially since losing control of your car (especially one with a high center of gravity) in a situation like this, is not inconceivable.


  • Ken Lyns

    Hold my beer and watch this!…

  • dufonrafal .

    He should sue the city, it’s hard to see (especially by night), there is no marking, and he is doing the speed limit

  • Philip George

    Velar isn’t that much of a good-looking car. What in it was he looking at to engross his attention so badly?

    • MultiKdizzle

      I think its pretty stunning. Oh well.

    • Shobin Drogan

      In comparison to Jeeps, audis, bmws, jaguars, some Mercedes & lexus SUV models, id say its well ahead of the pack in terms of design.

  • roy

    Jlr should use this as a promotional video. ‘So good looking that it is dangerous for other drivers’

  • Harry_Wild

    These BMW owners do the silliest things!

  • badcyclist

    I have enough experience with BMW drivers to mock them, fear them, hate them, and generally give them a wide berth.

    That said, I have hit my share of road dips that I didn’t see until too late, so I officially give this guy a pass.

    But why would anyhone voluntarily put something like that on the internet? Yeah, I suspect I know the answer to that question.

  • benT

    A DIP IN THE ROAD?????????????
    slow news days- funereal..

  • Rich Money

    great article

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