Cadillac To Introduce A New Model In Detroit, Hints Future Halo Vehicle Could Be An EV

The 2019 North American International Auto Show doesn’t kick off until January 14th, but that hasn’t stopped Cadillac President Steve Carlisle from revealing the company will introduce an all-new model in Detroit.

While it is natural to assume the vehicle would be the all-new CT5, Automotive News reports the model will likely be a three-row crossover. Expected to be called the XT6, the crossover will slot in between the smaller XT5 and the larger Escalade.

Spy photographers caught the model back in April and previous reports have suggested it will ride on the long-wheelbase version of the C1XX architecture that underpins the Buick Enclave and Chevrolet Traverse. This will enable the model to be significantly larger than the XT5 and offer room for up to seven people.

Engine options remain unconfirmed, but both the Enclave and Traverse are available with a 3.6-liter V6 that produces 310 hp (231 kW / 314 PS) and 271 lb-ft (367 Nm) of torque. It is connected to a nine-speed automatic transmission which can be paired to an optional all-wheel drive system.

While the various models will likely have a lot in common, the XT6 will feature unique styling inside and out. Spy photographers haven’t caught a glimpse of the interior quite yet, but exterior photos show the crossover will have a prominent grille, a rakish windscreen and a relatively flat roof. The prototype also had an upward sweeping beltline, a dual exhaust system and a tailgate-mounted rear spoiler.

Carlisle wasn’t ready to talk about the upcoming model, but he didn’t drop a few hints about the brand’s long-rumored flagship. The executive told the publication it’s “hard to say” if Cadillac needs a flagship or halo model, but noted alternative powertrains are interesting and electric vehicles offer “really good performance.”

Carlisle stopped short of confirming plans for a production model, but he suggested a halo or flagship vehicle would eschew the traditional CT and XT badging. As he explained, “special cars should have special names.”

Cadillac is playing coy on details, but General Motors has already announced plans for a “Lux Low Roof” electric vehicle that appears to be a coupe. Several months ago, images of a mysterious Cadillac coupe appeared in patent filings and the model had the same shape as an electric coupe that was teased in October.

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Spy photo credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for Carscoops

  • no25

    the spy shots make it look like a Hyundai and a Range had a baby. I know I can’t judge when it’s wrapped in camo so much, but it does not look very Cadillac-like

  • caddy45

    At least the tail pipes are real lol

  • ejd1984

    Carlisle stopped short of confirming plans for a production model, but he suggested a halo or flagship vehicle would eschew the traditional CT and XT badging. As he explained, “special cars should have special names.”

    Maybe Cadillac should use a special naming designation for an electric halo car:

    Electric Touring

    The Cadillac ET


  • Paul

    It looks kind of like they’re chasing the Volvo SUV wagon thingy with this design. I do like what I see though.

    • Joe E

      I think Cadillac’s styling direction is headed in a Volvo / Mazda direction – not to say they’re copying those brands, but their general styling is in the same vein, especially in terms of proportions. And IMO that’s a good thing, as I think Volvo / Mazda / Cadillac styling is the most handsome of the current styling directions we’re seeing.

      • Astonman

        They’ve had this design for awhile. I saw a render on this truck probably around 2015. – maybe even earlier. It was reported they killed the project because they feared it would cannibalize the sales of the short base Escalade. It looked like a 7/8 scale version of the Escalade. It was meant to go after the customers who took the GL because it fit a lot of passengers without the size of the Escalade. If they kept to the drawing, it will do well.

  • SteersUright

    Cadillac needs a radical overhaul. They need new design mantra and language inside and out. They need to poach top Audi, MB, and BMW designers, engineers and executives and finally put out a product on par with the Germans. Right now the only area where Cadillac can keep up with them is in unreliability metrics.
    I just saw an XT5 pass me today. What a geriatric, dull, and unexciting design pretending to be edgy. Perfectly matched the 70-something year old driver inside it. The ATS has always looked like a poor knock-off, and the CT6, while the best looking of the bunch, is as long as a land-yacht and hardly a beauty either. At least they have that kick-ass new turbo V8 to play with. Now make some sexy cars to throw it into!

    • Enter Ranting

      Audi, Mercedes and BMW cars are woefully styled these days, saddled with anonymous looks and pointless styling gimmicks like giant fake grilles. Cadillac needs to produce the beautiful and distinctive concepts they’ve been teasing since the Cadillac Sixteen.

  • Joe E

    Great news to hear that halo vehicles will have their own names. It makes sense: give the mass market models mass market names because those buyers don’t care anyway. Make the halos something truly special with proper names. It’s a simple solution that makes sense. While I don’t think they necessarily need to bring back legacy names (and many should stay dead, like Brougham), I do think it would be cool to see a bad-ass Eldorado come back .

  • Rocket

    Absolutely nothing excites me about another FWD 3-row GM crossover. The RWD competition, including the Aviator, is going to shit all over this thing.

    • diesel_vdub

      Someone should pull a Cimmaron out of the junk yard and remind them of what badge engineering can do to a brand.

      • MarkoS

        Not really Badge Engineering, Platform Sharing is a modern fact. This should have probably been a new RWD/AWD architecture though. GM could easily get down to 4 or 5 platforms without badge engineering.
        Heck a scalable FWD/AWD, RWD/AWD platform is possible these days.

    • performante

      The thing is, GM doesn’t have a RWD architecture to support a RWD SUV, aside from the full-size platform (Tahoe, Escalade, Yukon, etc.). GM has said Alpha cannot support a CUV/SUV. Omega, might be a different story, but no word as of yet.

      While I do agree with you, I can’t judge a vehicle that doesn’t exist yet. I’ll reserve judgement when Cadillac unveils the XT6.

      As for future vehicles, Cadillac will move to RWD vehicles – relative to what is needed/best for that segment. Please reference GM’s VSS architecture plan.

      • MarkoS

        This probably should have been the introduction of a new scalable and flexible RWD/AWD platform that served everything from the Colorado, Blazer and Camaro to most Buicks and Cadillacs.

  • charlotteharry57

    Oh goody, ANOTHER CUV.

  • MarkoS

    We will see when we get a peak at the final product, but I have to wonder if Cadillac was asleep behind the autonomous wheel when the Aviator Concept came out. Then again we have yet to see the production Aviator. For Caddy this better be good or Lincoln will be eating their lunch. With a new Escalade on it way, I don’t think they have much to worry about there, they have that formula down. That new RWD architecture though, that should have been GM.

  • Enter Ranting

    Oooooh! A Cadillac version of a Chevy/Buick SUV! How exciting, Cadillac! Standard of the world stuff, there!

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