2019 Subaru Ascent Is, Deservedly, One Of The Hottest Models On Sale Today

Subaru’s first-ever eight-seat SUV has been a long time coming, but now it’s finally here and, apparently, it’s got off to a good start.

The Japanese automaker has been taken by surprise by the huge demand: it sold 4,000 Ascents two months before the vehicle even arrived in showrooms. No wonder, given the great value for money it offers.

For a base price of $31,995, buyers get a massive three-row SUV that comes fitted as standard with a 260-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (yes, it’s got standard AWD when most of its rivals don’t), EyeSight Driver Assist, a three-zone automatic climate control and much more.

It’s also got 19 (!) cupholders, and Doug DeMuro goes through all of them in his detailed video about the Ascent. As expected, he finds other corks about Subaru’s biggest model, such as the Lead Vehicle Moving Monitor function that alerts the driver when the car in front drives off.

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As you can imagine, the Ascent is immensely practical and versatile. But is the driving experience typical of a Subaru? Well, the reviewer says the Ascent is not sporty at all and complains that the steering feels really vague. The acceleration is decent, but it goes without saying that 260 horsepower can’t do wonders with an SUV that tips the scales at 4,430 lbs (2,009 kg) in base specification.

Overall, the Ascent is a very straightforward vehicle and maybe that’s why people are going crazy for it — and why DeMuro says it’s one of the hottest models on sale today.

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  • one of the hottest models? its another generic looking crossover PLUS its a Subaru, so the styling is overbearingly boring/bland.

      • first of all i was quoting the title. second of all read my comment again and tell me where i said it was ugly. i said it was boring and bland. not ugly, sweetheart. sorry, to offend your love for such a boring brand. :)

        • Oh, now I see... You just didn't understand what the title means. "one of the hottest models on sale" in this context means that it sells very well, not that it looks hottest :)
          And I also get why you didn't understand my comment about the car not being ugly. I was thinking, that you were suggesting, that it is a bland car and should not be selling so well. So I pointed out, that people buy cars to suit their needs and looks is not very important and this subaru cannot be called ugly, so the looks of it would not discourage anyone looking for this type of vehicle. Basically, I just suggested, that it is not so ugly or bland, that it would be a decisive point for someone looking for a 7 seat SUV.

  • Some moron was complaining somewhere on Facebook that his new Ascent was only getting 16 mpg and there must be a problem with it. Ummm it weighs well over 4000 lbs, it's AWD, it's a turbo, and not a hybrid. What did you expect???

  • As a Subaru fan I'm not sure what I should feel. I'm like umm yay Subaru for making a car people want, but at the same time I keep yearning for a cool new Legacy.

  • You can change the name to this website and call it "Dougscoop". He is everywhere, but he's not for everyone. A little bit is fine. Twice or three times in the same website, with that squeaky voice and the dumb opinions tend to bore a bit. I can avoid watching his videos of course...but when you mix interesting cars with boring reviewers and put him all over the place it is a hard choice. I'd like to hear about the car. Just not from him. I guess i'll head to Youtube.

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