Second-Gen Ford GT’s ‘Cool’ Doors Are A Royal Pain In The @ss

Supercars must have cool doors; that’s the rule most of us grew up with, witnessing companies like Lamborghini, McLaren and even Ford putting out the most impressive door designs in the industry.

Whether you prefer scissor, butterfly or gullwing doors, or even that strange door-with-part-of-the-roof thing Ford used in the GT40 and the previous GT, you must admit that having an impressive way of enter/exit is essential, especially when you’re eight years old at heart. The only companies that could escape this rule were Ferrari, because everything Ferrari is supposed to be cool, and Pagani, because the Zonda is still the most supercar of them all.

But some of these impressive door designs just don’t work in real life, no matter how cool the story behind them is. That’s the case with the Ford GT, which paid so much tribute to the original GT40 that used the same, motorsport-derived design.

You see, the reason for the doors to actually feature part of the roof stems from the necessity of having enough clearance for the head of the driver with the helmet on, and with the original GT40 being just 40 inches tall, every little bit counted as a win.

That is of course a great story and will definitely give you valuable bragging points at the pub. However, in the real world of crowded parking lots and tight garage spaces, the doors of the Ford GT will lose their “cool factor” really fast and make you hate them instead because of how impractical their design is.

Doug DeMuro points that out in his latest video, demonstrating how he should be always on the look out for the doors of his Ford GT trying to decapitate him on a sunny day.


  • vaybach khan

    So, only more ridicules thing is to buy this car…
    which he did earlier..

  • Bo Hanan

    Dear Doug,
    You own a Ford GT- shut up and drive it!


  • Mark Seven-Ultranine

    So speaketh Jay Leno’s long lost younger brother …

  • disqus_6YPfWl1zlL

    What is ridiculous is how hard he tries to make it look so difficult. Oh poor him.

    • ace_9

      Maybe, just maybe, he really just makes it look difficult, because it is his way of joking about it? But I don’t know. I’m not an angry american loading my shotgun on the porch every time when somebody suggests something negative about the hero supercar for the masses (which costs as much as any exotic supercar btw.).

  • Matthew Daraei

    Isn’t it the first generation of Ford GT? Why the title mentioned it’s the second?

    • ace_9

      They are probably considering GT40 as first generation.

  • Mr. EP9

    Here’s why Doug DeMuro is incredibly annoying….

    Ok, seriously anytime you buy a supercar you will have to make compromises or there are things you have to get used to compared to ordinary passenger vehicle.

    • ace_9

      You should start advising people buying such cars. You are so wise and Doug and other supercar buyers are so stupid they don’t know what they are buying.

      • ksegg

        Lol, you have a bizarre love for DeMuro. The fact is he IS annoying. Dude is a complete cheeseball, and it’s because he’s annoying that he was able to build up such a large amount of subscribers.

        Because if learning about cars is really what you wanted to watch, there are far better channels/people for that.

        People watch DeMuro as a guilty pleasure, to mock the stupidity of it all. If I wanted to learn the ins and outs of say, a 991.2 GT3 and understand its performance, track abilities, etc., the last person I would go to is Doug E. Fresh for that info.

        I watch him because I know Mr. Cheesefest is going to ignore all that and try to see if he can fit in the back seat of a GT3, show me what the turn signal stalk looks like, and if he can fart without the passenger knowing.

    • brn

      Um, Doug is having fun with his latest purchase. I’m pretty sure if the doors were really that big of a deal to him, he wouldn’t have dropped $200K+ on the car. He knew exactly what he was getting into.

  • Six_Tymes

    Hey Doug, ill gladly take it off your hands if the doors bother you.

  • ace_9

    I can see that many people don’t get the sense of humor the Doug has 🙂 He is not really complaining or making fun of the car. He is just joking about and exaggerating one of the most annoying features on it. It’s not like he already did not know about the doors before he bought it.

    • Vassilis

      To be honest I’m not surprised at all. Some just love to bash others for no reason what so ever. I find Doug very amusing.

  • Larry Qualls

    Small price to pay for the blessing of being able to drive one of the coolest cars ever…
    So shut up!

  • ShitWorld

    Whiner… if it bothers you that much, I’ll give you my address where you can drop it off. I assure you that I will give the GT all the loving care and insane driving it deserves for the rest of my life. Then when I die, I’ll have it under an inheritance that would forbid the new driver from ever selling it!
    How’s that for a deal?

    • ace_9

      Aren’t you going to bring a flag and a right to own an automatic rifle “for protection” into this? After all, it’s the all american supercar hero for the hard working common american people, right? No one should ridicule your heritage!

      • ShitWorld

        Sure, why not clown! I already own automatic rifles! Just as long as you’re not a dumbass liberal, antifa or cop killing BLM you’ve got nothing to worry about… maybe except if I’m going too fast and I catch you in a crosswalk.
        But I’m sure the GT has adequate brakes, so maybe you’re okay.

        • ace_9

          Funnyyy, funnyyy 😀 I was only angry because you, like many others, didn’t understand that Doug likes his new car. He overreacts and makes fun of some quirks only because it’s his type of humour. He knows very well that slightly inconvenient doors are nothing compared to overall car abilities and features. That’s why he always wanted it and why he bought it. He is an enthusiast, but he does not just religiously admire every car.

          • ShitWorld

            Yeah, I kind of knew that about him, I follow many of his YT reviews and actually I know he’s not going to gift his GT to anybody (unless they have the right price)
            I’m waiting on someone to flip one of Aston Martins Vulcan and have RML make it street legal or weigh the price of the coming Valkyrie AMRB001 which will be street legal. Probably the latter will be the better financially as any Vulcan owner will want premium and RML is about 250k on the mods.

  • ace_9

    You are all ridiculous. This is why I say people are sheeps… You are mindless sheeps.

  • ace_9

    Oh, please tell us more. You are so wise. Clearly you know more about cars than Doug who just bought a 250k$ car to make fun of its doors.

    • Mehdi Cheddadi

      OP is an internet warrior, watch out! he’s gona get ya!

      • ace_9

        He can try 🙂 I was just angry that so many people hated this video from Doug, while he clearly is just joking. It was just a funny video about the car he always wanted and he just bought it. I don’t understand the absurd hate that people are showing.

  • William Ross

    If you can afford that car you can rent a storage unit for all the stuff in the garage.

  • ME

    I think I will stop going to this website. ENOUGH OF THIS DOUG CRAP.
    He is already a rich nerd. I won’t click and give him more youtube money.

  • Matt

    Everyone forgets Jeremy Clarkson did this gag first on Top Gear when he bought a Ford GT.

    • ace_9

      I remember. And practically every reviewer at least mentions the issues with the doors. But people are far from doing only new and original things 🙂 Many younger people also did not see the original reviews and top gear episode with ford gt.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    This guy is getting annoying. He turns obvieties into issues for the sake of getting attention.

  • Rzrlf

    youre just finding this out? its been 10 years. oh, you had to wait for Doug to pretty much do all the work and spoon feed you what to write about.

  • ksegg

    Isn’t that every single one of his vids though?

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