Magnus Walker Has Gas And Porsche DNA Pumping Through His Veins

In the world of Porsche enthusiasts and collectors, few are as recognizable as Magnus Walker, also known as the Urban Outlaw.

Born in the UK, Walker always had a fascination with Porsche and emigrated to the United States to follow his dream. He set up a successful clothing brand, dubbed Serious Clothing, and following years of hard work, the money started to roll in. This marked the moment he started to assemble a remarkable collection of Porsches.

Walker recently teamed up with the crew from the CSR Racing app to discuss his love for Porsche and the 4-minute video below is well worth a watch.

One of Walker’s most recognizable 911s is a 1971 Carrera T. The car was modified to resemble a ’73 Carrera RS and over the following six of seven years, was driven at hundreds of track days. Walker now has a collection of 25 various 911s worth roughly $25 million and has become a regular at the world’s biggest automotive events.

This clip is just the latest in a series of mini-doc’s being filmed to promote CSR2 and celebrate the 70th anniversary of Porsche. Last month, retired Australian racing driver Mark Webber was interviewed and shared his love with the German brand. Upcoming episodes will feature Akira Nakai and Bruce Canepa.


  • benT

    “Magnus Walker Has Gas …………..”

    Don’t we all.

  • Howfarr

    Magnus needs a shower, a clothes wash and a haircut

  • Not that I have thing against him, but really I’m kinda bored to hear the same story about him.

  • Howfarr

    Given the CHOICE I would too. But since its not a clause of his income, he’s just doing it to make some sort of statement

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