Mark Webber Discusses His Time At Porsche And Love For The Brand

Whereas some Formula One drivers are totally happy driving rather boring cars on the streets, ex-Red Bull driver and WEC champion Mark Webber loves to drive fast street cars.

During his time at Red Bull, Webber made no secret of his love of Porsche and when he retired from Formula One, it was only fitting for him to start driving for Porsche’s WEC programme in the 919 Hybrid.

Webber now serves as a development driver for the German automaker’s road cars and during a promotional video for the CSR2 racing app, had the chance to discuss his time racing for Porsche and the love he has for the brand.

The Australian driver’s love for Porsche started when he was just 18 years old and drove his friend’s 911 for the very first time. Since then, he has driven and owned many of the fastest Porsche’s ever produced, including the 997-generation 911 GT2 RS and a bespoke red and white 918 Spyder.

In his new role at Porsche, Webber has had the opportunity to drive and help fine-tune the latest 911 GT2 RS and the driver-focused 991.2 GT3 RS. The former of these held the production car lap record around the Nurburgring for roughly 10 months and delivers an almighty 690 hp from its twin-turbo six-cylinder engine.

Talk about living the dream…


  • Earl Scheib

    I find his brand love rather creepy and inappropriate.

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